Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderloo – B) wins 1st and 2nd s-Nat. Montluçon 6.141 pigeons

This weekend the widely discussed tandem Verreckt-Ariën added another candle to the richly filled cake … with their wonder hen ‘Norma’ at the front, the sympathetic duo laid claim to1st and 2nd 2e semi-National Montluçon against 6.141 pigeons … and were also the two fastest against 13.745 pigeons.

A new crown so soon after the provincial victory from Limoges by ‘Frans’, handed over by the excellent BE09-5026759 ‘Norma’. A versatile hen, as displayed with the 1st prov. Chateauroux 1.233 pigeons and12e prov. Argenton 1.133 pigeons as a yearling. In the extreme middle distance in 2011 she won consecutively the 12th prov. Vierzon 2.553 pigeons (1st club 359 pigeons) with 1.302 mpm … the 30th Nat. Zone C Bourges with 1.531 mpm … and this weekend the 1st s-Nat. Montluçon and fastest of 13.475 pigeons with 1.584 mpm. It brings the diamond to a coefficient of 0,65% over three races. The road to the National Ace pigeons semms to have been paved. 

As shown on the pedigree, the victory of ‘Norma’ is just another line under the list of provincial victories credited by the stock couple ‘Den Dikke Lowet’ x ‘Lang Lowet’ … wherefrom the counter stands almost at fifty! Partly due to the fact that in this Montlucon the provincial yearling victory from Louis Verheyen is to thank on mother’s side to the wondrous Verreckt-Ariën basis. ‘Norma’ comes out the top racer ‘James Bond’ and mother is the 1st prov. Gien winner ‘Gina’, out a virtually new stock couple, namely ‘Lichten Dikke’ x ‘Patricia’ (via Patricia Verhaegen). A crossing of full bloodlines to which Patrick and Agy owe their many successes… ‘Patricia’ bred namely a.o.: 

    1. prov. Gien           5.800 pigeons
    1. prov. Bourges        2.300 pigeons
    1. prov. Chateauroux    2.400 pigeons
    2. Nat. Argenton        5.001 pigeons
    3. Nat. Limoges         7.500 pigeons 

In addition to ‘Norma’ other notable second generation descendants are naturally Olympiad pigoen Poznan ‘Olympic Jacko’ and his nest-brother the 1st and 2nd prov. winner ‘Jacko’, 1st prov. winner ‘Tully’ and 8th Nat. Tulle winner ‘White Tully’. 


Winner of the 2nd s-National Montluçon was the hen BE09-5030488 'Francine' ... direct from Frans Versticht and full sister of his star racer '250/06' 


Proficiat !!

Proficiat met de mooie overwinning



Hallo Pascal en harde werkers, vanaf deze plaats mijn felicitaties met deze prachtige overwinning.
en ook nog de 2e erbij.
Menno uit Nederland