Verbree combination (Putten, NL) win all three podium placings in NPO middle distance race from Pt. St. Maxence (8,586 pigeons)

Co and Piet Verbree claim a first prize NPO from Pt. St. Maxence against 8,586 pigeons with top class hen Valita, while also taking a second and third prize with the two yearlings Luna and Sereso, making this race a complete success.

Piet (left) and Co Verbree

Co and Piet Verbree have shown once again to be one of the strongest lofts in The Netherlands, claiming the first three prizes in last weekend's NPO middle distance race from Pt. St. Maxence. This race was due to take place Saturday 3rd of June but was postponed to Sunday 4th of June because of bad weather. The 8,568 pigeons were eventually released on Sunday morning at 9:15am, and the Verbree combination has won the following prizes over a distance of 392km:


Overall result: 9 pigeons 1 / 100. 20 pigeons 1 / 10 and 78% prize 1 / 4

The team has been on a roll all season, with racing hen Alissa becoming 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint in Province 7. We take a closer look at the first three pigeons from Pt. St. Maxence, as well as Alissa, the new Pigeon Champion Sprint.

NL14-1651354 Valita

Valita, 1st NPO Pt. St. Maxence (8,586 p.)

The winner from Pt. St. Maxence (8,586 p.) is the talented Valita, winner of 7 first prizes prior to this race. In 2016 she won a teletext prize with a 3rd NPO Issoudun of 3,498 pigeons. The 2016 pigeon championships show that she is an important pigeon for Co and Piet:

1st Pigeon Champion Natour Region A2   (  240 members)
2nd Pigeon Champion Natour Entente A   (  500 members)
3rd Pigeon Champion Natour Province 7  (1,600 members)

Valita is a daughter of Ruco x Utopia. Click here for her full pedigree.

NL16-1243405 Luna

The second place was won by Luna, a one year old hen from stock pair Rico x Swetlana. Rico comes directly from Jan and Rik Hermans (Pulle, BE), and he is a full brother of their champion Beautifly. The dam of Luna is Swetlana and she is a direct Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL). Swetlana is a daughter of James Bond (full brother of Harry) x Tourske (13th Nat. NPO Orleans 9,040 p. and a 16th Nat. NPO Tours 6,238 p.). Click here for Luna's pedigree. Besides having bred Luna, Rico and Swetlana are also the parents of many other prize winners for the Verbree combination, including most notably racing bird Platino. Here is a look at Platino's most important achievements:

2014 1st NPO Troyes 6,372 pigeons
2015 8th Best Yearling PIPA ranking
2016 2nd Best Ace Cock The Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB

Click here for an overview of Swetlana's most important descendants.

NL16-1243409 Serero

The third place goes to the talented young Serero. He is quite a talented bird, having also won a 14th Peronne (2,963 p.), a 57th Duffel (7,566 p.) and a 3rd Melun (392 p.). Serero is a son of stock pair Vak 27 (Basso x Dimara). Click here for Serero's pedigree. Basso comes straight from Gerard and Bas Verkerk and he is a son of Revenge x Catwoman. The dam of Serero is top class hen Dimara, winner of a 1st 1,386 p., 1st 643 p., 1st 548 p. and 3rd 3,961 p. She was then paired to Basso to become one of the stock pairs (Vak 27) in this loft in Putten. Click here for the most important descendants of Basso x Dimara.

NL151409002 Alissa

We would also like to talk about one of the current stars in the 2017 sprint competition. Alissa has been basketed for 6 sprint races this year, in which she won the following prizes in Province 7 Region A2:

 34th Duffel    3,339 p.
 48th Lessienes 3,409 p.
185th Niergnies 3,211 p.
 18th Quievrain 3,180 p.
104th Peronne   2,773 p.
 66th Peronne   2,963 p.

These results enabled her to become Pigeon Champion sprint in Province 7 (1,600 members). She had an excellent 2016 season as well, judging from her second place in the PIPA ranking for best middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands. Alissa was bred from Astro x Gelena. Astro is a grandson of Den Argenton of J&J Engels, and Gelena is a daughter of Rico x Geralda. Geralda is a direct Koopman pigeon and her sire is none other than the famous Kleine Dirk; her dam is Miss Ermerveen. As you can see, Alissa's pedigree features numerous renowned pigeons from some highly reputable fanciers. Her pedigree can be found here.

More to come

You can tell from their recent results that the team of Co and Piet is in excellent form, and we except them to get some great results in the upcoming one day long distance races as well. The one day long distance is in fact their main goal, this is where they want to do well. This is not a surprise, given their results in this competition in recent seasons. All that is left to do for us is wish them the best of luck this season; we assume you will be hearing from this loft in the near future.

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