Verbree Combination (Putten, NL) knows how to peak

The Verbree combination consists of father Co and his son Piet. Over the past few years the two fanciers have had some fantastic results, with many championships titles along the way. They know when to strike with their pigeons; they are great at peaking at the right time.

Unfortunately it became increasingly difficult for Co to look after his pigeons due to illness. As a result, caretaking and guidance was not what it used to be, which explains why they did not have quite as may top results in 2018 compard to previous seasons. Co: "When I got ill I decided to compete in just a couple of races. That was unfortunate but it is what it is." Without his health issues the Verbree combination likely would have had another fantastic season, with many great results and a number of championship titles.

This team has won the following top prizes over the course of the past three seasons.

Their best results in 2016 Region A Province 7.                                                              

16-apr  St Kathelijne Waver    6,685 p.  153 km.  1-44-108-157-178 etc.                50/20
1-may   Niergnies              5,700 p.  287 km.  2-14-29-42-43-83-171 etc.            49/27
28-may  Peronne                3,792 p.  311 km.  2-76-77-104-115 etc.                 16/11
28-may  Orleans                1,638 p.  550 km.  10-16-32-34-45-53-66-88 etc.         26/13
11-jun  Pont St. Maxence       2,504 p.  393 km.  10-46-82-110 etc.                    12/6
12-jun  Pont St. Maxence       1,159 p.  393 km.  1-2-22-33-34-67-129 etc.             24/13
19-jun  Pont St. Maxence       2,666 p.  393 km.  6-17-55-76-78-102 etc.               30/20
9-jul   Chateauroux            1,116 p.  668 km.  5-16-34-43-45-47-54-55-69 etc.       22/16
24-jul  Issoudun               1,122 p.  646 km.  1-3-4-17-31-32-39-52-54-92-95 etc.   30/15
6-aug   Blois                    764 p.  604 km.  1-23-25-27-28-47-55-80-84-89-96 etc. 20/15

They won the following titles in province 7: 2nd nominated middle distance, 3rd not nominated and 7 nominated one day long distance, as well as 4th not nominated and 1st nominated in the natour competition. They claimed a 4th place not nominated and 5th place nominated in the General category, and they were 4th Emperor General. In addition, they had the 4th and 8th best ace pigeon.

Their best results in 2017 Region A.                                                                                                                                     

4-jun   Pont St. Maxence         3,374 p.  393 km.  1-2-3-6-15-19-20-24-24-31-59-82 etc. 37/29
10-jun  Vierzon Corque           1,605 p.  616 km.  5-8-18-35-44-54-78-81-89-105 etc.    30/14
17-jun  Pont St. Maxence         3,288 p.  393 km.  4-48-51-54-86-93 etc.                30/21
24-jun  Bourges                  1,314 p.  620 km.  3-6-9-10-13-14-20-25-76-114 etc.     24/14
8-jul   Bourges                  1,635 p.  620 km.  1-6-8-15-17-30-32-33-85 etc.         26/15
22-jul  Chateauroux Parc         1,151 p.  668 km.  5-6-17-19-25-26-42-86-89 etc.        24/11
6-aug   Issoudun                 1,018 p.  646 km.  1-9-12-23-24-33-89 etc.              24/10

The combination became 7th not nominated and 2nd nominated in the middle distance in province 7, and they were outstanding in the one day long distance, with a 1st not nominated and 1st nominated. In addition, they were 1st and 6th Pigeon Champion in the sprint, 4th Pigeon Champion one day long distance and 4th Pigeon Champion natour. On top of that, they were 5th General not nominated and 3rd nominated, and 2nd Emperor General and 2nd Ace Pigeon overall.

Their best results in 2018 Region A.                                                                                

5-may   Peronne                 7,494 p.  320 km   7-87-184 etc.             48/26
12-may  Nanteuil                6,214 p.  401 km.  35-43-70 etc.             43/21
26-may  Orleans                 1,671 p.  550 km.  8-11-17-74-80 etc.        20/9
23-jun  Chateaudun              1,122 p.  556 km.  22-34-50-51-76 etc.       15/10
7-jul   Bourges                 1,031 p.  620 km.  6-9-12-17-26-70-85 etc.   25/11
21-jul  Chateauroux Parc          740 p.  668 km.  4-8-26-38-67-71-98-109    20/8
4-aug   Chateaudun                618 p.  556 km.  1-5-7-8-16-23-48          11/7

The combination was also 4th not nominated and 5th nominated in the one day long distance in province 4, as well as 5th and 8th Pigeon Champion.

The Verbree combination is selling the following pigeons in auction:

The two young birds NL18-1620273 and NL18-1620274 come from breeding hen ‘Caprina’ BE10-6297675, and Caprina comes straight from the renowned pair Di Caprio x Dochter Kannibaal of D. Van Dyck. Caprina has developed into a super class breeder for the Verbree combination. The sire of these two young birds is ‘Elco’ NL17-133049, a direct pigeon of the loft of Koen Minderhoud. This pigeon is related to the line of Geeloger x Roodoogje, two pigeons with a proven record. Samanta became the best middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking and the best sprint/middle distance pigeon PIPA ranking, both in 2015. She was also 1st Ace Pigeon in The Netherlands over 10 races WHZB/TBOTB, and she was 1st Ace Pigeon in The Netherlands with 10 prizes over 3,500km 2015 WHZB/TBOTB. On top of that, she was 2nd Ace Pigeon Sprint in the National Topwings Championships.

‘Caprina' is the dam of: 

Fanata' NL13-1852715                              

4th   Fely               2,978 p.      
12th  Quiévrain          7,004 p.      
9th   Niergnies          3,825 p. 

Gracia' NL13-1852716

1st  Noyon                  3,182 p.
2nd  Pont. St. Maxence      1,127 p.
3rd  Feluy                  2,598 p.        

Samanta' NL14-1651260                                                             

1st   Pont St. Maxence        4,331 p.
1st   Feluy                   1,279 p. 
8th   NPO Pont St. Maxence   15,083 p.  
7th   Pont St. Maxence        9,427 p.
6th   Feluy                   1,682 p.
4th   Morlincourt               973 p.                                      

The two young birds NL18-1620203 and NL18-1620204 stem from ‘Marchino’ NL08-1158499 x ‘Shara’ BE14-6070344 (Wim de Troy).

‘Marchino’ in turn stems from ‘Limo’, which is a super class breeder of A. Schaerlaeckens x ‘Cornella’ van C. & G. Koopman. ‘Marchino’ became the best cock in The Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB in 2011.

Marchino' NL08-1158499 won:          

2nd      Nanteuil       2,819 p.                     
8th      Nijvel            3,278 p.                      
10th    Noyon           2,339 p.                         
13th    Epehy           3,365 p.                       
27th    Salbris          8,890 p.       

He is the sire of 'Dino' NL11-1394128

1st     Pommeroeul                          1,799 p.
5th     Nantes Le H.                        7,704 p.
13th    Pommeroeul                          5,832 p. 
11th    St. Quentin                         2,333 p. 

Vitolo' NL 2016-1243234                                  

6th      Pont St. Maxence                  3,347 p.
5th      Pont St. Maxence                  1,510 p.
25th    Quivrain                           3,181 p.        

The young bird ‘Daughter Swetlana’ NL18-1620310 stems from ‘El Camino’ NL17-1810231 x ‘Svetlana’ NL09-1375385. The sire of ‘El Camino’ is ‘Platino’, and this bird has won:

1st   Pont St. Maxence       1,170 p.
2nd   Meer                   1,404 p.
4th   Morlincourt            1,181 p.
10th  Duffel                 8,062 p.

‘Svetlana’ is a daughter of ‘James Bond’ x ‘Tourske’ - a pair of J. Hooymans (Kerkdriel, The Netherlands). The following prizes were won with this bloodline:

1st              Troyes NPO             6,372 p.
3rd              Troyes Nat.           17,156 p.
1st              Pont St. Maxence       1,170 p.

‘El Camino’ is the son of ‘Platino’ x ‘Olympic Samanta’ (a pair of the Verbree combination).

This is Platino's palmares:

1st  Pont St. Maxence  1,170 p.
2nd  Meer              1,404 p.
4th  Morlincourt       1,181 p.
10th Duffel            8,062 p.
10th Feluy             1,682 p.
16th Bourges           1,725 p.
18th Melun             8,062 p.

Young bird NL18-1620316 stems from ‘Platino’ NL14-1651344 x ‘Valita’ NL14-1651354, which is a super class breeding pair for team Verbree. This young bird is related to the pigeons of J. Hooymans, Kerkdriel, Rik Hermans, C. &. G. Koopman and R. Bakker & Sons, which are pigeon lofts that have been highly successful in the sprint, the middle distance and the long distance season after season.

Piet and Co pose in one of their lofts

This is Valita's palmares: 

8x 1st and 3x Teletext           

1st NPO   Pont St. Maxence   8,586 p.
2nd NPO   Issoudun           4,492 p.
3rd       Issoudun           3,498 p.
1st NPO   Quivrain           1,561 p.
1st NPO   Feluy              1,035 p.
1st NPO   Niergnies            433 p.
2nd NPO   Niergnies          5,904 p.
7th       Feluy              2,598 p.

And then we have the two young birds NL18-1620279 and NL18-1620280, which both stem from top class pair ‘Rico’ BE10-6357212 (R.&J. Hermans) x ‘Pappix BE165-3136586 (Ant. Maes).

Rico is a full brother of Beautifly, winner of:

8th  Nat. Argenton 25,583 p.
22nd Nat. Argenton 21,095 p.
25th Nat. Bourges  22,476 p.                                               

Rico is the sire of the aformentioned Platino. Pappix is a granddaughter of the renowned Rudy of Gaby Vandenabeele, paired to Papillon of Ant. Maes.

As you can see, the Verbree combination does have some top quality birds in their collection, with which they have had some fantastic results, and which will continue to deliver in the future. Take your chace to obtain a pigeon of one of these high value bloodlines, so that you too can step up your game.