Verbree Combination (Putten, NL) continues to win championship titles

The Verbree combination has had quite a success story, and their top bird Olympic Samanta will soon be featured in the upcoming Brussels Olympiad. They have been among the main contenders in the PIPA rankings on a yearly basis as well, having won the title of 2nd Best Middle Distance Pigeon in The Netherlands (4 prizes) this season with Alissa. Their title of Golden Pigeon has been a notable feat as well.

Co and Piet Verbree (Putten, NL)

2nd Best Middle Distance Pigeon in The Netherlands 2016 - 4 prizes

This ranking takes into account your best four results in the races that cover 300 to 499.999km, and that are part of the racing calendar in the province. A pigeon has to be born in 2015 or earlier to get a ranking. NL15-1409002 Alissa, the blue coloured hen of Co and Piet, managed to win a second prize in this ranking thanks to the following top prizes:

Nr. Prijs Vlucht Uitslag Afstand # duiven Coeff
2   Comb. Verbree Putten 1409002-2015   1.1647%
V21 Peronne 2016
M24 2016
M23 2016
M27 2016
Afdeling 07: Midden-Nederland
Afd. 7 Regio A (4781)
Afd. 7 Regio A2 (4783)
Afd. 7 Regio A2 (4783)
320.698 km
392.816 km
392.816 km
392.816 km

Alissa, 2nd Best Middle Distance Pigeon in The Netherlands  2016 (4 prizes) in de PIPA rankings

Alissa was bred from Astro x Gelana. Astro is a grandson of Den Argenton of J&J Engels, and Gelana is a daughter of Rico x Geralda. Rico stems from Rik & Jan Hermans and he is a full brother of top class racing bird Beautifly. Geralda is a direct Gerard Koopman pigeon, and his sire is the world famous Kleine Dirk. The dam of Geralda is none ohter than the renowned Miss Ermerveen. As you can see, Alissa originates from quite a few well-known fanciers and bloodlines. Click here for her full pedigree.

Rico, a top breeder for the Verbree combination

Alissa's grandfather Rico is shown above, and he is an invaluable breeder in the lofts of Co and Piet. He was paired to Swetlana in 2014, and she has been quite an important breeder as well. She comes from the collection of Jan Hooymans.

Swetlana, a top breeder for the Verbree combination

Breeding pair Rico x Swetlana have bred racing bird Platino, and he was one of the eye-catchers for Co and Pieter last season. His most notable result is the title of 2nd Ace Cock in The Netherlands in the WHZB-TBOTB competition. Platino won 19 prizes this season, including a 1st from Point-St.-Maxence of 1,170 pigeons in Region A Province 7 Mid-Holland. Platino showed to be very talented bird from day one, and some of you might still remember his victory in the NPO race from Troyes against 6,372 pigeons. He showed his potential already as a young bird, and he continued to perform well as a yearling, winning the title of 8th best yearling in The Netherlands in the PIPA rankings for 2015. He has now added another title to his palmares, as 2nd Ace Cock in The Netherlands WHZB-TBOTB as a two year old. He is quite a racing bird! Click here for Platino's full pedigree.


Olympic Samanta 

We would like to say a few words about Samanta as well. She needs no further introduction, as we talked about her in detail in a previous report. 2016 has been quite a remarkable racing season for this hen. Based on her results in 2015 alone she got the honour of representing The Netherlands in the upcoming Olympiad in Brussels. Co and Piet bred Samanta brom breeding pair NL05-2159336 Conto and BE10-6297675 Caprina, two highly reputable breeding birds. Click here for the full pedigree of Olympic Samanta. Needless to say, Co and Piet are very proud of their racing hen Samanta.

Olympic Samanta, Olympiad Pigeon for the Verbree combination

Golden Pigeon 2016

The combination won an Olympiad Title this season, but Co told me that they were also particularly proud of their title of Golden Wing in The Netherlands for the "De Duif" magazine as well. They also won the title of "Superstars of the season" in the middle distance in that same competition. This title was won mainly thanks to Alissa and Platino, as well as racing bird Valita. There are not too many pigeon lofts that can compete for the most prestigious championship titles, but Co and Piet Verbree have managed to do so season after season. Congratulations!

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