Van Winkel Jef wins Vichy against 11.081 young birds (2005)

Van Winkel Jef, Tielt-Winge (BE)

Irresponsible liberation Jef says but...

Irresponsible liberation ?

Jef is angry when we talk about the liberation of the liberation of this last national race 2005. Even Jef wins this national race against 11.081 youngsters he is not happy at all with the liberation in those bad weather circumstances of saturday 10th of september. Jef has a lot of friends in "The beautiful France". His friends told him in Reims it was raining cats and dogs around 10am.
The national winner old pigeons and also owner of the fastest pigeon in the race Henri Reyniers reacts more reasonable.
What we can conclude for sure is that flanders had a lot of disadavantages in the weekend, in these kind of middle distance national races, the weather and location is so important to be in the national top.
The eastside of the country and also partially the centre of the country were "The place to be". If pigeons would have been liberated on Sunday, it could have been the opposite result.

Jef motivates his opinion with the big loss of pigeons he had. He basketted 53 pieons, 42 youngsters and 11 old pigeons. Saturday at 6pm only 19 pigeons arrived home, and later in the evening only 21 pigeons in total arrived home. 7 of the 11 old pigeons arrived home before 17.40 and after darkness came one more pigeon arrived. It is certainly not a big disaster for Jef Van Winkel.

Method :
Since 2002 Jef only races hens. The cocks of the 1st and 2nd round are sold. Before the race of Vichy the most pigeons did not loose more than 3 or 4 feathers.

But how do you do this Jef ???

" The method from the Netherlands" Jef replies.
In the middle of March I start to darken the pigeons up to 21st of June. Not completely dark, the big letters of a newspaper are still readible.
The lights are on from 22nd of june until the last race, this year Laon, the week after Vichy, from 5am in the morning till 11pm. After Laon the lights are turned off, the moulting starts very fast, sometimes 2 feathers at the same time.

Most of the fanciers don’t tell the truth...

" In the most of the articles you read about racing youngsters you will have wrong information" Jef says. "They say that the hens are freed in the loft, the ones that start to pair very soon have to go out. People just tell this so you should kill your best pigeons, but that is not true, because those hens that start to pair fast, are the best ones….

All hens are free in the loft, not closed in their box. Two hours before the basketting all pigeons are together ( old cocks with young hens ). After the race they stay together until the day afterwards around lunch time.

National winner Vichy 11.081 p. " 2202082/2005"

Pedigree : Click here

Performance list :
36e Soissons 1137 p.
10e Sens 819 p.
193e Bourges 9310 p.
16e Orléans 190 p.
1st national Vichy

National championship youngsters pigeons 2005
coefficient :
Argenton = 2,9 %
La Souterraine = 2,2 %
Vichy = 1ste 16.32 Hr 2the16.48 Hr.

Generation of "Witten Engels"

2125398/2004= granddaughter"Witten Engels"
1342e bourges 48.553 p.
4e Argenton 23.078 p.
178e La souterraine 16.297 p.
267e Vichy 11.278 p.
13e Orlélans 1168 p.
233e Bourges 21.840 p.

2202066/2005 = granddaughter"Witten Engels"
21e Orléans 2022 p.
41e Bourges 9310 p.
1ste Orléans 1810 p.
15e Argenton 2868 p.
64e Salbris 1143 p.

2202096/2005 = granddaughter"Witten Engels"
32e Momignies 1409 d.
44e Blois 2066 p.
64e Argenton 6585 d.
1ste Orléans 190 d.
15e La Souterraine 4254 p.
3e Laon 303 d.

2202020/2005 = granddaughter"Witten Engels"
22e Soissons 1137 d.
44e Sens 661 d.
16e Soissons 797 d.
48e Sens 819 d.
166 Argenton 6585 d.
35e La Souterraine 4254 d.

2202031/2005 great-granddaughter "Witten Engels"
1ste Soissons 797 d.
194e Bourges 9310 d.
96e Argenton 6585 d.
87e La Souterraine 4254 d.
+- 115e Vichy 11.081 d.

2202147/2005 Same bloodline "Witten Engels"
9e Soissons 1137 p
8e Soissons 797 d.
101e Bourges 9310 d. .

2202050/2005 = granddaughter"Witten Engels"
20e Salbris 1143 p.
3e Laon 303 p.

2202022/2005 granddaughter Simply the best
8e Soissons 1127 d.
25e Sens 661 d.
16e Orléans 607 d.
45e Blois 2066 d.
31e Borges 9310 d.
48e Orléans 1810 p.
255e Argenton 6885 p

2202039/2005 = granddaughter"Witten Engels"
58e Orléans 2022 p.
55e Bourges 9310 d.
347e Argenton 6585 p.
86e La Souterraine 4254 p.
+- 73e Vichy 11.081 p.

2125140/2004 = granddaughter"Witten Engels"
8e Momignies 498 p.
38e Soissons 1022 p.
1ste Toury 244 p.
9e Toury 718 p.
2e Toury 965 p.
11e Toury 740 p.
1ste Toury 244 p.
1ste Soissons 242 p.
2e Soissons 289 p.
6e Orléans 1168 p.
9 e Sens 345 p.
11e Sens 332 p.
6e Orléans 232 p.
8e Sens 147 p.

Some results 2005 :
21 april Soissons 242 yearlings 1st 6e, 7e, 9e, 15e, 20e, 29e, 30e, 33e, 35e, 38e, 40e, ...etc... (24 prizes of 66)
1 Mei Soissons 135 yearlings 2e, 3e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e, 17e, 25e, 26e, 31e, 32e, 33e, ...etc... - (14 prizes of 37)
17 Mei Orléans 1168 yearlings 2e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 13e, 32e, 34e, 46e, 50,e 54e, 23e, - (11 prizes of 13)
20 Mei Bourges Semi- national 8019 old pigeons 14e, 28e, 30e, 99e, 10e, 163e, 352e, 384e, 434e, ...etc... - (18 prizes of 20)
21 Mei Sens 629 yearlings 1st, 12e, 16e, 25e, 27e, 35e, 49e, 50e, 68e, 79e, 97e, ...etc...- 19 prizes of 36)
4 Jun Orleans 270 old pigeons 1st, 34e, 99e, 100e, 140e, 245e, - (6 prizes of 10)
18 Jun Sens 332 yearlings 2e, 11e, 12e, 15e, 19e, 21e, ...etc - (11 prizes of 15)
25 Jun Montluçon Semi- national 7149 yearlings14e, 127e, 496e, 595e, 667e, 971e, 1365e, - (7 prizes of 15)
10 Jul Soissons 797 youngsters 1st, 4e, 8e, 16e, 17e, 34e, 35e, 37e, 41e, ...etc... - (30 prizes of 51)
30 Jul Bourges Semi- national 9310 youngsters 31e 41e, 55e, 101e, 114e, 155e, 177e, 193e, ...etc... -( 35 prizes of 53)
6 Aug Orleans 232 yearlings 2e, 5e, 6e, 15e, 16e, 28e, 30e, 35e, 37e, - (9 prizes of 18)
6 Aug Orleans Lado 1810 youngsters 1st, 8e, 21e, 22e, 48e, 56e, 61e, 63e, 90e, ...etc... - (24 prizes of 51)
13 Aug Argenton Semi- national 6585 youngsters 11e, 39e, 41e, 63e, 64e, 65e, 93e, 96e, 97e, ...etc - ( 44 prizes of 57)
20 Aug Orléans 190 youngsters 1st, 2e, 3e, e4e, 5e, 14e, 16e, 18e, 20e, 24e, 32e, 34e, ...etc... - (23 prizes of 35)
27 Aug La Souterraine national zone C 4254 youngsters 12e, 15e, 16e, 23e, 31e, 34e, 35e, 45e, 63e, 79e, 86e, ...etc... - (39 prizes of 54)