Van Coppenolle Luc, "Another brilliant season"

Luc Van Coppenolle from Ouwegem (BE)

Ouwegem in east-Flanders. Address of the international celebrity. I can still remember his 1st prize WESM in 2004. It was just another rung on the ladder that Luc was climbing. His achievements in short:
2nd national Champion Long Distance KBDB 1999
3rd national Champion Grand Distance KBDB 2006
5th national Champion Grand Distance KBDB 2003
6th national Champion Grand Distance KBDB 1993
6th national Champion Grand Distance KBDB 1994
1st West-European Supermarathon 2004
1st IATP PIPA intern. Ranking 2004
1st Europa Marathon 2004
1st General Champion Belgische Verstandhouding (Belgium Relations) 2003

He manages time and again to achieve unbelievable results in the Grand Distance races. His method is simple: cross breeding and retaining the strain Florizoone from Nieuwpoort. In 2007 he had a coefficient of 48,55% and was once again a competitor for the national championship KBDB Grand Distance. In Gent he won the 1st  prize extreme long distance old birds, 1st  prize long distance and extreme long distance yearlings and 1st Klokke Roeland old birds (1st entered all national + international races). Top rankings in the most national and international championships followed with the following results:

Reg. Gent :

Barcelona 178p. 4th , 8th , 9th , 12th , 21st , 39th      6/6
Perpignan 156p. 7th , 11th , 16th , 17th , 32nd , 38th   6/6
Irun 116p. 3rd , 14th , 17th  ...5/9
Brive 191p. 5th , 8th , 10th , 14th , ... 9/14
Narbonne   2nd , 9th , 14th ,   3/9
St. Vincent yl.  178p. 9th , 12th , 13th , 18th  ...10/19
Irun yl. 86p.  6th , 7th , ....7/14

Already known Nationals :
Brive 16007p. : 138th , 213th , 281st , 435th , 860th , 1160th  ...  10/14
Irun  5846p.  :  168th  , 551st , 611th , ... 5/9
Barcelona 12612p. : 443rd , 645th , 653rd , 720th , 1170th , ...6/6
Perpignan 5547p. : 224th , 340th , 498th , ...6/6
Narbonne 5051p. : 49th , ... 3/9

The story
Luc’s success story began in the 80’s. Luc raced as a combination with his father Leon Van Coppenolle. In 1986 they reached their peak; they were general champion of Belgium. A few years later fate stepped in and Luc’s father passed away. Luc was forced to carry on under his own name and from his current address in the Landegemstraat in Ouwegem.  There were only 10 breeding couples left – which is not much at all seeing that the loft was national general champion a few years before. The youngsters from the breeding couples were raced, with good results straight away: first champion Ghent. The tone was set right from the beginning.

By the way, it is these breeding couples and their youngsters that are still the basis of the present breeding and flying teams. The Primus Barcelona is the father and grandfather of the current stock birds: Rode Narbonne 4039411/89, the Pau 4525762/92, the Perpignan 4535481/93 and the Roden Barcelona 4259855/99.

In the 90’s Luc decided to concentrate fully on the extreme long distances and only race with yearlings and old pigeons. His own stock is crossed with the best from Roger Florizoone. Through breeding with his best super pigeons, including ‘Blauwen Barcelona 4404142/9’1 and the ‘Blauwe Narbonne 4626276/94’ he attained his basis pigeons.

Up until the year 2000 only a small number of pigeons were entered for the races (merely 14 pigeons in total). The prize percentages were very high and due to the fact that there wasn’t much room in the widowers loft, there had to be a strict selection. Because Luc only has a small number of widowers he can’t participate in many championships and is sometimes afraid to basket his best pigeons. Luc still manages to regularly establish himself in the KBDB championships. In 2000 Luc decided to keep more widowers so that he could take part in more championships.
This paid off straight away in the championships, in 2003 he was 1st General Champion Belgische Verstandhouding, 1st National Decathlon, 5th  National Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB, 1st Champion old + yearlings Extreme Long Distance F.V.O.V. and 1st Nat. Millennium Championship.

2004 was even better because he was 1st in the West-European Supermarathon, 1st in the European Marathon Euskirchen and 1st IATP Ranking PIPA. !
In 2005 he was the winner in the INTERNATIONALE MEISTERSCHAFT 2005 W.S.C. STOLBERG (International championship in four of the five int. races with 2 of the first 3 entered pigeons), 1st champion Grand Distance national B.D.S., 1st champion Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance yearlings from the Ghent Union et Liberté, 1st champion Extreme Long Distance old pigeons from the Ghent Union et Liberté, 2nd champion Extreme Long Distance and Long Distance old pigeons F.V.O.V. ( East Flanders ), 2nd champion Extreme Long Distance old and yearlings  F.V.O.V., 3rd  National Marathon and 4th  National Superprestige.

In 2006 Luc was, among other things, 3rd national champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB, 3rd champion Long Distance Club from Wallonië in the Rhone-races, 1st national Millennium, 4th national Long Distance I.F.C. 4000, 1st national ace pigeon Long Distance I.F.C. 4000, 1st old and yearlings Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance F.V.O.V. and 1st Extreme Long Distance old pigeons – 1st Extreme Long Distance and Long Distance yearlings and 3rd Long Distance old pigeons in U&L Ghent.

The stock and foundation pigeons

So as already said, performing year after year at a high level is only possible with a homogeneous and solid stock. There is no more in-line breeding, but each time a breeding back to the stock pigeons. According to Luc, this is one of the most significant factors for his success over the years.

Let’s take a closer look at this pedigree structure:
He starts with the “Primus Barcelona“ 4306332-80, the old stock pigeon from Leon and Luc Van Coppenolle. He is grandfather of the top racers and breeders “Perpignan“ 4535481-93 (amongst others 9th  international  Perpignan 14252p, 64th  international Marseille 15584p and 89th  nat Dax 3276p) and “De Pau“ 4525762-92. De Pau, one of the best from the breeding loft flew two years running the 1st provincial Pau (3rd and 9th nat), 27th nat Marseille en 56th  nat Perpignan.
At the beginning of the 90’s the first Florizoone-pigeons were bought:

- ”Stammother 1” : 4577309-90 comes from the brother of Primus Interpares 1 X daughter “Freddy”

- “De Langen Roger”  3167868-89 from Primus Interpares 1  X  daughter 1st Nat. Lourdes Coutteau. Coupled with the hen ‘Grijs Martin’ (line 1st Nat Pau Dr M. Ravelingien) are the parents of the current stock pigeon “ Blauwen Barcelona” 4404142-91 (achieving 33rd nat Barcelona and 50th nat Narbonne)

- “Zwarten Roger” 3155004-93 is a son of  “Benoni” Devooght X daughter “Freddy”. This Zwarten Roger is father of the 1st prov Pau and 16th  nat Pau 2001.

- “Zot Roger” 3335988-94 grandson “Benoni” Devooght X granddaughter "Witneus"
“Zot Roger” X Stock mother 2 are the parents of “As Roger” 4504373-97.“As Roger” won amongst other things 22nd nat Limoges, 88th nat Perpignan, 93rd nat. Montauban, 73rd national Souillac and was 9th ace pigeon KBDB 1999.

- “Blauwen Roger”  3155064-93 is a son of “Benoni“ Devooght X daughter “Freddy“ (sister of Witneus). He was paired with ‘Stammother 1’ to produce “Blauwen Narbonne” 4626276-94 (35th nat Barcelona, 10th nat. Narbonne)
Luc’s pigeons regularly bred with those from Roger Florizoone with results such as:

- “Stammother 2” : 4448276-96 and “Stammother 3” : 4448277-96 from “Blauwen Barcelona” from Luc paired with daughter "Primus Inter Pares 1" from Roger

- “Blauwen Narbonne” 4626276-94 from Luc  X sister "Schone Zus Witneus" 3365954-90 are the parents of “4584333-97” who in turn is mother from the super racer “Blauw Witpen Perpignan”4241711-01. A sister from this 333-97 is the mother of the “Bonte Boomzitter”4379912/2003

- “Langen Roger“ 3167868-89 X sister " Witneus" 3180866-91 are the parents of “Wit-Bonte” 4448273-96 who was paired with “Blauwen Narbonne” 4626276-94.
Together they are the grandparents of: "De San Sebastian"  4289978-00 (58th Int San Sebastian) and "De Marseille"  4551816-98 (1st Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance IFC 4000 and 2nd European Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance) who in turn also produce good quality offspring. Furthermore Luc is still strengthening his loft with acquired pigeons. We can see the achievements that the pigeons from Harinck – Poelmans have brought to the loft (a son and daughter from the stock pigeon the “Narbonne”) and from De Smeyter Joost (son 1st  nat. Perpignan yearlings). The ‘Beziers’ and the ‘Rode Barcelona’ (successful 5 years in a row from Barcelona, including 62nd  and 98th national) ended their racing careers at the end of 2006 and were moved to the breeding loft. They are now fathers from a number of promising two-year olds and yearlings. The future looks promising.

Toppigeons from 2006 and 2007

De Beziers 4497078/00
2001 Limoges 2179/23661, Beziers 77/5420
2003 Perpignan 323/16800
2004 Pau 5/2118
2005 Pau 6/2212, Dax 513/11898
2006 Pau 537/6553, Dax 232/11536

Following these successes the above mentioned cock was moved to the breeding loft. His father ‘993/99’ is a son from the stock pigeon ‘Pau 762/92’ x daughter from the ‘Blauwe Narbonne’. The mother ‘914/98’ comes straight from the ‘Blauwe Narbonne’ x ‘stammother 2’.

De Favoriet 4408930/02
2003  Beziers 136/4559
2004  Bordeaux 592/7519
2005 Pau 7/2212 and international 20/8438, Dax 239/11898, Perpignan 385/7611 and international 968/17653
2006 Dax 217/5189
2007 Narbonne B.V. 1922/178
Was in 2005 1st Int. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance I.F.C.4000
His father ‘929/98’ is also a son of the stock pigeon ‘Pau 762/92’ x ‘stammother 3’. The mother is ‘623/99’ (Zwarten Roger x stammother 1)

De Bonten Boomzitter 4379912/03

2004 Beziers 650/6702
2006 Aurillac nat. 653/6611, Albi nat. 151/5063,  Carcassonne intern. 380/10448,  Perpignan intern.  255/14900
2007 Barcelona national 12.612/645
2007 Perpignan national 5547/497
These results guaranteed that he was national Ace pigeon Long Distance I.F.C. 4000.  So as his name suggests, (the multi coloured tree sitter), he has forfeited many prizes during the previous seasons by sitting in the trees. It is once again a successful combination old pedigree  Van Coppenolle  x Florizoone. The father is ‘332/97 son Perpignan’ x daughter Blauwe Narbonne. The mother is a sister from ‘333/97’ (Blauwe Narbonne x Florizoone)

Blauwe Witpen Perpignan 4241711/01

2002 Beziers nat 140/3539                                                   
2003 Castres nat 13/4101, Dax int. 512/19420, Perpignan int. 23/16800
2004 Pau int. 215/8270, Perpignan int. 594/17570, Dax int. 629/17526
2005 Narbonne nat. 647/9224, Brive nat. 824/20310, Pau int. 1333/8438
2006 Bourges zone A 10/4146, Albi nat. 80/5063, Aurillac nat. 685/6611, Carcassonne intern. 514/10448
2007 Montelimar national 7873/193
2007 Irun national 5846/551
He has the same father as the previous pigeon. The grandfather ‘Perpignan’ (9th intern. Perpignan) was paired with the ‘716/95’, a direct from Florizoone. The mother of ‘Blauwe Witpen Perpignan’ is ‘333/97’ and is from the ‘Blauwe Narbonne’ x ‘654/90’, a direct from Florizoone.

4259855/99 Roden Barcelona

Narbonne ’00 nat.6929p-273
Perpignan ’01 nat.8041p-154

Barcelona ’02  nat. 13021p-62

Perpignan ’02 nat. 7198p-396
Barcelona ’03 nat. 11.806p-1599

Barcelona ’04 nat. 12.275p-91

Barcelona ’05 nat. 12.998p-1216

Perpignan ’05 nat. 7611p-73

Barcelona ’06 nat. 11.802p-2782
These are very impressive results. In 2007 this cock will be transferred to the breeding loft. The father is ‘Roden Narbonne 411/89’ (51st nat. Narbonne), son of stock pigeon ‘Primus Barcelona 332/80’. The mother is ‘728/96’,  via  Rene De Meester from Ouwegem, origin Motta x 1st nat. Lourdes.

Sterken Crayonnee 4348852/05

2006 St-Vincent national 5409p-73
2007 Narbonne national 5500p-49
The father is ‘son Pau’ (Stock pigeon Pau x Stammother 3) x Stammother 1. The mother is ‘St-Vincent x daughter Pau (Pau X stammother 2).

Geschelpte zoon Rode Barcelona 4431077/04

2006 Albi national 5063p-200
2007 Barcelona national 12.612p-653
2007 Perpignan national 5547p-224
A brilliant son full of promise from ‘Roden Barcelona 855/99’

Bonten Sebastian 4368794/04

2005 St-Vincent national 10.020p-911
2005 Narbonne national 4664p-400
2006 Perpignan national 6765p-786
2007 Barcelona national 12.612p-443
2007 Perpignan regionaal 156p-32
This is a brother from the 100th national Narbonne 4664p and from the 79th national Narbonne 4664p. All sons of ‘San Sebastian’ (58th  intern. San Sebastian)

The lofts currently hold 35 old pigeons, 35-40 yearlings and 100 youngsters who are not raced, only trained.

The season ended for Luc after Perpignan. His widowers are allowed three weeks rest before they are paired and allowed to raise 1 youngster. The hens are removed on time to prevent a second laying and also to prevent the widowers from chasing after the hens.

Then the moulting period begins. The widowers stay in their loft and are given a check-up by the veterinary surgeon. After all, they have to be healthy to get through the moulting. They receive plenty of sedochol – Biochol, sometimes for a whole week. Once a week they are given vitamins and they also receive a 14 day tea cure. They are fed a combination of Beyers and Versele IC mixture. They train a few times per week.

The winter rust starts after the last feather is fully grown. The pigeons are fed 50% depurative/ 50% moulting mixture until the beginning of February. They are then paired and are allowed to breed for 8 days. The eggs from the old pigeons are put under the yearlings, who also raise the youngsters.

Around the 1st of April they are paired for the second time. This time they are only allowed to brood for three days. Once again, the eggs from the best racing pigeons are moved. The old widowers who have had their eggs removed are then paired with the best hens. It is only after the first race that they get to see their old widow hens again. The first weeks they are trained according to the weather. During the week Luc takes his pigeons to Doornik himself. If it was bad weather on the Sunday, he even dares to take the pigeons twice. Up until the 250 kilometre races the pigeons are fed 1/3 corn and  2/3 depurative. After that they are fed a basic feed of 1/3 corn +1/3 depurative+1/3 sport Champion Versele, up until the 600 km races.

The season really begins for Luc with the races above 600km. Qua feed they now receive the basic feed until 3 days before basketting. The final 6 feeds are sport mixture, half Champion Versele and half Beyers. Once a week the pigeons are given Omniform vitamins and before and after the races they are given Fortalyt.  Mondays they receive Sedochol or Biochol.

Before a trainings race, only the dishes are shown, not the hens. The hens are shown before the large races. When the cocks arrive home they are put in a loft with their hens so as not to disturb the pigeons which stayed home.

There is nothing special medically: tricho every 3 weeks and a 10 day spring treatment in March for paratyphoid. Prior to the Brive race, the pigeons receive treatment for the respiratory system. This is repeated if the condition of the pigeons deteriorates. The youngsters are only given a preventive treatment for tricho, but also receive plenty of apple vinegar.

As mentioned, the youngsters are not raced, but trained well.

The team of yearlings is split in two: the group with the least experience is entered for races as far as Limoges and Angoulème, the group that as youngsters returned on time from races further than 200km are entered for St Vincent.

Before the season starts the old widowers are divided into 3 teams. The right training is important for achieving good results in the Extreme Long Distance races. At the beginning of the season Luc draws up a plan for the pigeons, which is altered if and when necessary.

Pau is really THE race for Luc. Luc won 5 times provincially and also ended up in the top 10 nationally 5 times from the last 10 Pau’s!  Here the impressive list from national Pau:
3rd national in 1996  (1st provincial)
5th national in 2004
6th and 7th national  in 2005 (1st and 2nd provincial)
9th national  in 1997(1st provincial)
16th national 2001(1st provincial)
45th national 1999 (1st provincial)

Success for other fanciers with pigeons from Luc van Coppenolle
*20e nat. Dax 2003 Joossens Omer
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*46e nat. Montauban 2003 Joossens Omer
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*34e nat. Perpignan 2003 Reyns Julien en Gentiel
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*18e nat. Beziers 2001 Reybroeck Roger & zonen
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*36e internat. Perpignan 2003 Reybroeck Roger & zonen
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*25e nat. Narbonne 1998 Vanermen Jan
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*46e nat. Narbonne 1999 Vanermen Jan
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*38e nat. dv. Barcelona 2002 Vanermen Jan
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*46e nat. Beziers 2002 Vermeulen Eddy
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*3e internat. Asduif 2001 - I.F.C. 4000 Vermeulen Eddy
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*48e nat. Castres 2003 Santens Marc en Gerard
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*32e nat. Perpignan 1998 Saeytijdt Paul en Sven
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*14e nat. Beziers 2003 Snoecks Régine
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*1e nat. Cahors 2005 oude De Vuyst N.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*2e nat. St-Vincent 2005 jrl.De Coninck G.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*7e nat. St-Vincent 2005 jrl.De Coninck G.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*8e nat. Pau 2005 oude Misseghers M.
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*34e nat. Dax 2006 oude Misseghers M.
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*8e nat. Montauban 2005 oude Ronsyn J.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*30e nat. Marseille 2005 De Jonge H.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*27e nat. Carcassonne 2006 De Jonge H.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*35e nat. St-Vincent 2005 jrl. Van Overwaele J.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*42e nat. Narbonne 2005 jrl. Goossens A.
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*35e nat Albi 2006 Taildeman P.
100% Luc Van Coppenolle
*35e nat St-Vincent 2006 jrl. De Ruy-Galazka
50% Luc Van Coppenolle
*35e nat St-Vincent 2006 jrl. Michiels G.
100% Luc Van Coppenolle

AND IN 2007:
*13° Nat. Barcelona ( 12612d. ) Michiels G. 100% L.V.C.
*50°Nat. Barcelona idem 100% L.V.C.
*10° Nat. Irun ( 5846 d. ) De Ruy-Galazka 50% L.V.C.
*64° Nat. Irun ( 5252 d. ) Van Overwaele J. 50% L.V.C.
*70° Nat. Irun ( 5252 d. ) Van Looy - Van Nieuwenhuyse 50%
*2° Nat. Irun Jl. ( 8967 d. ) De Coninck G. 50 % L.V.C.
*11° Nat. Pau ( 2157 d. ) Taildeman P. 100% L.V.C.
*50° Nat. Pau Van Overwaele J. 50 %
*30° Nat. Perpignan Vermeulen E. 50% L.V.C.

Results 2006
Aurillac nat. 6611 : 102, 125, 280, 653, 685 (5/7)
Cahors nat. 6654 : 217, 557, 652 (4/4)
Pau nat. 2052 : 182, 195, 372 (3/5)
Brive nat. 9466 : 42, 362, 881, 1866, 2019, 2060, 2178 (7/7)
Albi nat. 5063 : 80, 151, 200, 825, 913, 1098, 1228 (7/7)
Dax nat. 5189 : 77, 217, 310, 372 (4/5)
Carcassonne nat. 3911 : 149, 191, 592 (3/5)
Perpignan nat. 6765 : 106, 429, 649, 786, 989, 1050, 1467 (7/7)