Tiësto, Torres and Tevez, the holy trinity of Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE)

Torres, Tevez, Tiesto’s Fantasy. These are not the names of three famous Spanish toreadors, and it is not the name of the new hit single of a world famous DJ either. The three names have one thing in common though: Tiësto.

Tiësto dynasty

Tiësto is the number one stock breeder for team Tournelle. We discussed this stock sire and his impact on the Tournelle pigeon family in an earlier report, which you can reread here. Today we will be talking about some of his most important descendants, because this is perhaps Tiësto's most important asset: not only his direct descendants have proven to be talented racing birds, his second and third generation of descendants are excellent performers as well.

Tevez and Torres

We begin with the two nest brothers Tevez (BE09-2020205) and Torres (BE09-2020206). Tiësto made quite an impression as a young bird, so Davy decided to transfer him to the breeding loft right away, without even knowing how strong he really was. His two youngsters Torres and Tevez showed that Tiësto was a breeder with great potential. Torres excelled from 2009 to 2012 in Belgium and France, winning the title of best middle distance pigeon of Belgium and 1st International Ace Pigeon middle distance Continental Cup Budapest 2012. He also qualified for the Nitra Olympiad in 3 different categories. He won a total of seven first prizes, including most notably:

1st Nat.  Chateauroux 4,690 p.
1st Prov. Chateauroux 4,004 p. (13th Nat. 22,719 p.)

The sons and daughters of Tïesto excelled in the races but they would prove to be even more valuable in the breeding loft. Torres is now the sire of the following prize winners:

599/15: 1st Marne 1,081 p., 2nd Momignies 422 p. (behind a loft mate)
837/13: 1st Montluçon 394 p./46th nat. 16,982 p.
Lady Torres 126/10: the dam of a 1st Toury 1,123 p.
New Torres 193/15: 1st Chateauroux 252 p./24th nat. 8,614 p.,
                   1st Tulle 224 p./2nd prov. 562 p./17th nat. 7,322 p.
Baby Torres 261/13: Dam of 1st prov. Blois 1,536 p., 1st prov. Blois 4,227 p.,
                           5th prov. Chateauroux 3,543 p., 1st Chateauroux 891 p.,
                           1st Soissons 609 p., 1st Vervins 312 p., 2nd Soissons 1,001 p.
904/14: Dam of 1st Melun 307 p., 1st Melun 563 p.

Tevez won a 9th national La Souterraine 4,699 p. and a 15th nat. Argenton 5,941 p. before developing into an invaluable breeding bird. The following prizes were won by his descendants in 2106 alone:

Strong Boy 659/14: 5e Montargis 480 p., 6th Montargis 912 p., 77th nat. Chateauroux 183658 p., 
                   356th nat. La Souterraine 7,631 p.
Passion 197/15: 19th nat. Bourges 10,173 p., 344th nat. La Souterraine 9,580 p.
Max 648/14: 33rd nat. Tulle 6,101 p., 900th nat. Chateauroux 18,658 p., 33e Soissons 704 p., 
            35th Soissons 868 p.
Tina 440/13: 41st nat. Chateauroux 10,933 p., 58th nat. Tulle 6,101 p., 13th Montargis 233 p., 
             14th Soissons 393 p., 14th Soissons 467 p.

Tiësto’s Fantasy

Some fanciers are fortunate to have an invaluable breeder like Tiësto in their collection; these breeders can enable a fancier to be successful for many seasons. Most of us are more than happy with a breeder that can breed one exceptional youngster, a few good youngsters and then a few more average quality youngsters. With Tiësto it's the other way round: he breeds one average, a few good and a whole lot of exceptional youngsters. One of these exceptional youngsters is Tiësto's Fantasy, who is the sire of:

Golden White 702/14: 1st prov. Tulle 394 / 15th nat. Tulle 6,101 p.
Fantastic Tiesto 601/13: 10th nat. Argenton 4,498 p., 4th nat. z B Jarnac 2,243 p., 
                         345th nat. Chateauroux 25,710 p.
Fantasy White 205/15: 88th nat. Argenton 40,582 th., 95th nat. La Souterraine 9,580 p., 
                      18th Reims 344 p.
016/15: 6th Soissons 609 p., 7th Soissons 996 p., 9th Soissons 1,673 p, 10th Chimay 370 p.
Fantasy Bleu 798/13: 14th nat. Argenton 4,498 p., 34th nat. Tours 3,947 p., 
                     275th nat. Bourges 18,826 p., 489th nat. Montargis 11,056 p.
Best Lady 762/13: Dam of the 167th nat. Bourges 19,889 p., 482nd nat. Montlucon 10,753 p., 
                             6th Melun 3180 p.

Top 100

How many seasons would it take for an average fancier to finish in the national top 100 on 32 occasisions? In fact, many fanciers would be glad to win just a few national top 100 prize in their entire career. Davy Tournelle managed to win 32 such prizes in a single season, including 9 prizes in the top-20:

 5th National  Bourges  10,173 pigeons Birthe                  
 8th National  Bourges  28,078 pigeons Granddaughter Talentino (Brother Torres)
12th National  Bourges   7,479 pigeons Great-granddaughter Tiesto
13th National  Bourges   7,479 pigeons Tess, great-granddaughter Tiesto
15th National  Tulle     6,101 pigeons Son Tiesto’s Fantasy (Grandson Tiesto)
17th National  Tulle     7,322 pigeons Son Torres (Grandson Tiesto)
19th National  Bourges  10,173 pigeons Daughter Tevez (Granddaughter Tiesto)
​19th National  Tulle     7,322 pigeons Grandson Tiesto

Click here for a full overview of his top 10 prizes.

Tiesto’s White

The three pigeons that we talked about so far were all racing cocks. And how about Tiësto's female descendants, we hear you ask? We introduce you to Tiësto's White; she is a daughter of Tiësto and the dam of the following prize winners:

Allesi Tiesto 071/11: the sire of a 1st Chimay 885 p., a 1st Chimay 292 p.,
                                     67th nat. Argenton 2,418 p., 112th nat. Bourges 10,173 p.,
                                     115th nat. La Souterraine 9,580 p.
751/12: 21st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance 2015, 42nd nat. Bourges 21,522 p., 
        47th nat. Chateauroux 25,710 p.
750/12: 38th nat. Bourges 21,522 p., 2nd Sourdun 766 p.

Golden Tiesto

The so called T dynasty is quite strong but there are several more talented descendants whose name does not begin with a T. Golden Tiësto is a son of Tiësto and has proven to be an invaluable breeder as well. He is the sire of:

Maybelle 288/12: 2nd Montluçon 216 p., 41st nat. Montluçon 21,827 p., 94th nat. Chateauroux, 
                 7th Argenton 218 p., 3rd Orleans 165 p., 15th int. prov. Orleans 1,039 p., 
                 63rd nat. Issoudun 2,212 p., 1st Montargis 233 p., 2nd Montargis 488 p., 
                 5th Chimay 710 p.
045/12: 66th nat. Bourges 8,005 p., 189th Montluçon 11,056 p., 1st Soissons 141 p.
107/12: 37th nat. Argenton 3,671 p., 39th nat. z C Montluçon 3,368 p.
Golden Bleu 119/15: 2nd Soissons 609 p., 5th Chimay 292 p.

Hey ho, let's go

“Hey ho, let's go” - this is the catchphrase that punk rock band The Ramones use to get the audience roaring. We wondered if The Ramones perform at the release sites as well? As soon as the baskets are open, Tiesto, Torres, Tevez and the like are ready to give it their all. They turn from calm and quiet pigeons into racing machines that can dominate an entire race, either at club level, in the province or at national level. These pigeons are also great at performing well across all distances and in basically all weather conditions:

Chimay (115km)  
261 olds:   1-5-11-13-14-16-18-19-21-28-31-32-33-35-… (32/64)
370 YLs:    8-10-11-13-14-15-16-17-18-22-24-25-26-33-34-35-36-37-42-44-45-46-49-
            50-51 (39/115)
Vervins (147km)
312 YLs:   1-2-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-16-18-19-20-21-22-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-
           32-33-… (49/115)
221 olds:  1-4-5-9-11-14-17-20-21-22-23-… (22/66)
Soissons (205km)
996 YLs:  3-4-5-6-7-26-27-28-38-43-49-58-67-69-71-81-93-91-92-95-97-98-100-… (65/114)
639 olds: 5-11-24-25-31-39-53-54-61-64-66-69-… (29/66)
Sens (328km)
345 olds: 2-3-4-6-19-37-42-51-52-67-69-70-90-91-101-102-106-108 (18/32)
472 YLs : 5-7-8-9-15-19-23-25-30-31-32-36-38-42-45-46-47-48-50-52-… (43/83)
Bourges (467 km)
279 olds:   1-2-5-8-13-14-20-25-30-31-32-33-34-35-… (32/62)
273 YLs: 3-4-5-6-11-14-16-26-27-28-… (22/8)
National B2:
6001 YLs: 48-75-90-128-294-312-319-… (19/83)
5403 olds:   25-66-101-153-174-185-250-399-503-522-537-545-… (25/62)
Jarnac (700km)                
179 olds: 1-3-5-8-9-10-16-17-18-20-21-25-26-27-30-37-38-42-44-45 (20/39)
198 YLs: 1-3-4-5-9-14-18-21-22-30-34-36-45 (13/33)
322 Olds: 3-16-20-26-27-32-44-50-61-64-77-83-87-91 (15/39)
401 YLs: 4-9-16-18-47-69-92-104-109-129 (10/33)
National B2:
1843 YLs: 8-16-46-53-127-… (10/33)
2234 olds:   10-44-57-97-98-112-202 (15/39)
Blois (461km)
107 olds:   3-4-6-11-15-33 (6/13)
114 YLs: 1-2-3-5-6-10-11-12-13-24-34-35-37 (13/22)
1472 YLs: 1-38-39-50-54-162-254-276-321 (9/22)
Bourges (467km)
7479 olds:    12-13-152-216-275-372-573-723-1765 (9/11)
10,173 YLs:   5-19-20-30-70-81-92-95-112-333-565-575-697-910 (17/19)
28,078 YBs:   8-62-352-408-475-514-626-632-1095-1565-1676-2239-2629-2637 (25/53)
877 olds:    1-2-37-53-63-88
1455 YLs:    2-8-9-12-18-20-21-23-25-77-137-139
4151 YBs:    4-18-98-116-136-150-178-179-309

We conclude with some of the parents that have enabled Davy to achieve so many great results:

Sister Torres: (grand)mother of Titia 555/13: 2nd Soissons 124 p., 3rd Soissons 393 p., 4th Soissons 467 p., 5th vervins 221 p., 8th prov. Blois , 54th nat. La Souterraine 7,631 p. Another of their top class descendants is 051/14, winner of a 1st Chateauroux 979 p./ 52nd nat. 22,218 p., 106th nat. Gueret 16,619 p.
Junior Safira and Fleurette: sire of Fyke 028/12 and his brother Fyke 409/13; they won a 2nd nat. Bourges 13,570 p., a 16th nat. Argenton 3,671 p., a 45th nat. Chateauroux 4,316 p., a 16th nat. Chateauroux 3,933 p. and a 91st nat. zone B2 Argenton 3,550 p.
Special Monte: he is a son of a 1st Nat. Montélimar 5,634 p. and he is the sire of Tess 863/14, or 3rd nat. Ace Pigeon across 6 national races and best pigeon of Belgium from Bourges 2014-2016.
He is also the sire of 469/13, winner of a 13th nat. Argenton 1,759 p. and a 1st Chimay 471 p.


It is safe to say that Davy's decision to place a very young Tiësto in the breeding loft straight away has been a career-defining moment for him. This very decision has paid off week after week and has enabled him to achieve great results during the racing season. We reckon every fancier dreams of having a breeder with the qualities of Tiësto in his collection one day. For Davy Tournelle this dream has come true.