Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) has the most extensive collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons

Sakis Minovgioudis has been achieving great results with his Ludo Claessens pigeon family. An increasing number of top class fanciers in The Netherlands and abroad have obtained pigeons from this invaluable Claessens breed as well.

Sakis and his good friend Fahad Alwatri (Kuweit)

The well known fancier Sakis Minovgioudis was born in Greece but has lived in The Netherlands from his youth onward. He got involved in pigeon racing through his friends, and he met the highly successful Ludo Claessens (Putte, NL) a few years later, after Ludo's total sale in 1995. They became close friends. The first late young birds of Claessens moved to Sakis in 1996, and he continued to obtain additional Claessens pigeons over the years. These introductions enabled him to become more and more successful. He learned a lot about keeping pigeons in Putte, and this knowledge enabled him (and other fanciers) to yield great results. His first major success came in 2000, when Sakis had the best young bird of The Netherlands in the WHZB and the Vredesduif competition, with Akropolis (NL00-5053016). This pigeon won a 1st Menen (3,045 p.) and a 1st Peronne (3,075 p.) in his year of birth. He invested in an additional round of Claessens pigeons in 2003, including Meeuwke 12 (NL03-1272712), the best pigeon he ever purchased. Het Meeuwke is a daughter of Ludo's Supercrack '69. Sakis also obtained Supercrack's Talent (NL08-1660055) on the advice of Ludo. This is a son of Ludo's invaluable top breeder Jonge Supercrack 941. Bont Beauty (NL07-1936832), another son of Jonge Supercrack 941, was introduced later on. These top class pigeons are at the basis of an impressive collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons. Many other fanciers have discovered the invaluable pigeon breed of the fancier from Greece, and these fanciers have in turn been able to win prizes with his pigeons as well. Several top class breeders of such renowned fanciers as Wout Spierings, Tomasz Wiczling, Fred & Dori Goodchild and John Georgupoulos originate from the loft of Sakis. We start by taking a closer look at the three top class breeders Meeuwke, Supercrack's Talent and Bont Beauty. 

NL03-1272712 Meeuwke

Meeuwke is a daughter of the world famous Supercrack '69 X Golden White. In other words she is a full sister of Yeti and a half sister of Jonge Supercrack 941. Click here for her full pedigree. Countless super class breeders have been bred from this exceptional hen. In fact, direct youngsters of this hen have already won 15 pure first prizes. 

NL07-1936832 Bont Beauty

This cock has proven to be an invaluable addition as well. The sire of Bonte Beauty is Jonge Supercrack 941, which won a 1st Prov. Orléans (2,672 p.) and a 1st Prov. Orleans (1,853 p.). He is also the sire of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd National Orleans. The dam of Bont Beauty is Kirsty; she won a 1st Nat. Orleans (8,072 p.) and she was the fastest of 11,931 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL08-1660055 Supercrack's Talent

Supercrack's Talent is a son of Jonge Supercrack 941 x Dam Jonge Supercrack 941 (Schoon Donker 83). Schoon Donker 83 is also the grandmother of the 1st and 3rd National Orleans (9,096 p.). Click here for his full pedigree. Both Supercrack's Talent, Bont Beauty and Meeuwke are closely related to Jonge Supercrack 941 and Supercrack '69. These pigeons are at the very basis of this pigeon breed. Click here for an overview of the pigeons that come from the line of this Supercrack


Sakis has a busy day time job, which means he does not have a lot of time to spend in his loft. Still, that does not keep him from achieving impressive results season after season. He used to focus on the sprint and the middle distance only but he decided in 2014 to start competing in the one day long distance as well. You can tell from his results that his pigeons are well capable of covering longer distances:

Ruffec      726 km 337 p.: 2-6-7-8-10-11-12-16-17-28-38-etc.
Bourges     555 km 171 p.: 1-2-4-5-6-etc.
Chateauroux 596 km 508 p.: 3-12-15-19-24-25-33-37-43-44-55-etc.

Sakis is really pleased with the level of performance in his own breed but he is just as happy with the results that other fanciers achieve with his pigeons. His countless references have also  led to many friendships. Below are a few examples of highly successful pigeons that originate from the Claessens line of Sakis.

Tomasz Wiczling (PL) obtained Greek God (NL11-1733420) from Sakis; he is a son of Bont Beauty x Meeuwke 12.

Greek God

Greek God has bred several prize winners for Tomasz, including:

1st Neubrandenburg 2,274 p.
1st Gorzow         1,265 p.
1st Trzcianka        735 p.
2nd Polczyn        1,141 p.
3rd Neubrandenburg 3,823 p.
3rd Polczyn        1,141 p.
3rd Helmsted       1,124 p.
5th Polczyn        1,141 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Tomasz Wiczling's Greek God.

Another top class pigeon can be found in the loft of John Georgupoulos (USA); John is the owner of Supercrack 135 (CU 13 F&D 13135). The sire of this hen is a son of Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12. Click here for the full pedigree of Supercrack 135. This Supercrack 135 is now the dam of several top class pigeons.

A daughter of this Supercrack 135 (0529-AU.15-GREE) won a first prize in a One Loft Race in America this season.

Arkadiusz Buttner won a 4-7-10 against 1,258 pigeons in the One Loft Race from Kuznica, while also winning a 1st Ace Pigeon title. These three pigeons are great-grandchildren of Meeuwke 12.

Dieter Siebert (GE) has an outstanding pigeon in his loft with Jong Talent (DV-6723-13-2628), a grandson from Supercrack's Talent.

Bartosz Morel (PL) won the title of 4th Ace Pigeon champion in the Myszkow Club (7,500 pigeons) with a granddaughter of Meeuwke 12 (PI-053-15-8070). This hen won a 5th against 2,514 p. and a 5th against 4,545 p.

Another top class pigeon from this breed is NL11-1733404. The sire of this red coloured cock is a son of Meeuwke 12. The dam if Vale 22, which has won nothing but top prizes for Ludo Claessens. Click here for the pedigree of NL11-404.

This NL11-404 was obtained at the total auction of Jojo Gonzalez. A daughter of NL11-404 (Lady Mayor) was raced in a One Loft Race in America, where he won a 2nd (200 miles), a 4th (302 miles) and a 4th (380 miles) respectively. This resulted in a first place overall.


These were just a few of many fanciers that have achieved great results with the pigeons of Sakis Minovgioudis. An increasing number of fanciers has obtained pigeons from this fancier, who owns the most extensive collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons worldwide. This breed has enabled many players to achieve great results. Sakis is an honest man, and he happily admits he owes a lot to his good friend Ludo Claessens. Dr. Henk De Weerd has played an important role in his success story as well, by giving valuable advice.

Sakis and dr. Henk de Weerd


Congratulations and thank you Sakis for great family of pigeons!

Met zo weinig tijd zo super spelen dat betekend dat je gewoon goede duiven hebt.
Sinds kort heb ik er ook een aantal van deze aardige Griek op het hok en begin er nu de
vruchten er van te plukken.
Duiven stralen gewoon klasse uit!
Top duiven op het hok in Alblasserdam.
Ga zo door Sakis!!

Super Saki ! My Greek friend Smile

You have best Ludo Claessens pigeons on the planet !
Also I have many succes with your pigeons at my breeding loft !

Congrats ! And good Luck !

A beautiful family of pigeons that we have also enjoyed much success with here in Canada. These birds fly well bred straight and provide a super cross with some of our tough long end birds.
Keep up the great breeding Saki.

sakis a la meilleur famille pour les pigeons de ludo claessens et ces pigeons je les ai teste dans mon pays, des pigeons rapides, et la puissances de faire faces a des airs. J en possèdent beaucoup des pigeons comme sa. J espère a cet éleveur tous le bonheur