Racing Team ADK (Tielt-Winge, BE) is outstanding in the national race from Chateauroux as well

Racing Team ADK was the only team in Belgium with no less than 5 yearlings in the top 100 of the national results in Chateauroux. This is another great result, with their outstanding performance from Vierzon still fresh in our memories.

9-25-26-65-97 or 5 yearlings in the national top 100

We had only just left the battleground in Vierzon, and Racing Team ADK was already back in business, getting another fabulous result in the national race from Chateauroux on 9th of June in Belgium.
Both friends and opponents had been talking about how overwhelmingly strong the racing birds of Racing Team ADK had been in the interprovincial race from Vierzon on 19th of May, which saw them win a 1-2-3-4-5 provincial with the yearlings (52 out of 66), and a 2-4-5 Provincial with the old birds (22 out of 28). In addition, they had the 2-3-4-8-9-10-14-15th fastest pigeon in the race on a total of 15,722 birds. They were clearly in a league of their own. Click here to reread our report on Vierzon.

After the race from Vierzon, and a few very demanding races in strong headwinds, the racing team was given a week off. This allowed them to recharge the batteries for the rest of the season, which includes several consecutive national classics of the longer middle distance and the long distance.
A team of old birds was basketed for Limoges on 2nd of June (6 out of 14, starting with an 8th Nat. of 15,789 p.), while the yearlings were sent to the provincial race from Blois, which would be the last preparatory flight towards their first national classic. And they are more than ready:

Blois Prov 2,802 YLs: 7-18-33-35-43-88-92-96-99-100… (and 47 out of 69).

The national race from Chateauroux on Saturday 9th of June was the national debut race for the yearlings of Racing Team ADK. It turned out to be another very demanding race with a strong headwind from northeasterly direction, althoug these conditions did not keep them from doing really well:

Chateauroux Prov 2,015 YLs: 3-6-7-14-20-30-32-44-49-90… (35/60)
National 27,081 YLs: 9-25-26-65-97-174-190-236-270… (34/60 including 23 per 10)

This makes Pascal Ariën the only fancier in Belgium to have 5 pigeons finish in the national top 100 in a single category. Just like in Vierzon, the pigeons of the invaluable Porsche pigeon family played a key role, as did the outstanding pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. These are the most valuable breeding birds in the PIPA Elite Center. We take you through the different top 100 winners.

5 x Top-100 National, 5 descendants of the Wacko Freddy x Lieve or the Porsche bloodline

Wonder pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve are now responsible for a 9-25-26-65-97 Nat. Chateuroux 27,081 YLs

BE17-4062550: winner of a 9th Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 YLs

This hen won a 111th Intprov. Vierzon of 5,462 YLs three weeks ago. She is a full sister of the hen that claimed a 97th national Chateauroux. Her sire is a direct Bart Geerinckx: Brother 1st Nat. Limoges BE13-6143695 (a son of Wittekop Gladiator BE05-6052111 x Daughter Chipo BE05-4323802 B.Steveninck). The dam is Daughter Nestsister Boxster BE16-4129304, and she is a granddaughter of the wonder pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve, which are the parents of Porsche 911. This underlines once again the breeding potential of this very bloodline.
Click here for the pedigree of the BE17-550.

BE17-4062270: winner of a 25th Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 YLs

She is an excellent racing hen with several top prizes to her name. She was inbred to stock breeder New Freddy, coming from a pairing of grandson x daughter New Freddy. She is a daughter of Brother Wacko Freddy BE16-4129330 (from Porsche 088 BE11-5170088 x Blue Ace Freddy’ke BE12-4163422) paired to New Freddy 342 BE14-6174342 (a daughter of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2010 New Freddy x Copy Favourite, a daugther of Gladiator and a Bart Geerinckx). This is her palmares so far:

 7th Melun              3,007 p.
25th Nat Chateauroux   27,081 p.
30th Soissons           1,033 p.
69th I.Prov Chateauroux 3,061 p.
85th Chevrainviliers    1,597 p.

Click here for the pedigree of the BE17-270

BE17-4062309: wins a 26th Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 YLs

This is a hen with a fantastic pedigree. Her sire New Freddy 340 BE14-6174340 is a direct son of stock breeder New Freddy paired to the dam of Little Star (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2015): Iron Lady of Bart Geerinckx (1st Prov. Argenton and Chateauroux, 2nd Nat. La Souterraine, 3rd Nat. Argenton). The dam is top breeder Nestsister Boxster BE14-2230971. She is a full sister of Porsche 911, Boxster, Spyder 005, and Spyder 006, being a daughter of wonder pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. This outstanding racing hen shows that she comes from some invaluable bloodlines indeed:

 6th Soissons         1,491 p.
26th Nat Chateauroux 27,081 p.
32nd Melun            3,007 p.
43rd Chevrainvilliers 2,572 p.
99th Prov Blois       2,002 p.

Click here for the pedigree of BE17-309

Her full sister BE17-4062217 was the 6th clocked yearling from Chateauroux, finishing in 174th place national of 27,081 YLs. She is proving to be a great racing bird as well, with top results from Chevrainvilliers, Vierzon, Blois, etc. Click here for the pedigree of BE17-217.

Nestsister Boxster (genotype AA DRD4 CCCT): a daughter of wonder pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve, a full sister of Porsche 911, Boxter etc.
The dam of a 26th and 174th Nat., and the grandmother of a 9th and 97th Chateauroux 27,081 YLs

BE17-4062305: winner of a 65th Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 YLs

The 65th place Nat. Chateauroux was won by a full sister of Wacko Freddy, and thus a daughter of Porsche 088 x Blue Ace Freddy’ke, the stock pair made by Pascal Ariën, who laid the foundation for a world class bloodline. This hen was succesful in the races from vierzon and Blois earlier on as well:

18th Prov. Blois       2,002 p.
34th Prov. Vierzon     2,734 p.
65th Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Sister Wacko Freddy BE17-305

BE17-4062266: winner of a 97th Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 YLs

This hen is a full sister of the winner of a 9th National Chateauroux, coming from the same breeding pair Brother 1st Nat. Limoges BE13-6143695 (orig. Bart Geerinckx) Daughter Nestsister Boxter (granddaughter of Wacko Freddy x Lieve, the parents of Porsche, Boxter, etc.). This hen had shown a glimpse of her talent earlier on as well, winning the following top prizes:

 1st  Chevrainvilliers 2,572 p.
69th  Prov Vierzon     2,734 p.
72nd  Soissons         1,033 p.
97th  Nat Chateauroux 27,081 p.
114th Intprov Vierzon  5,462 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of BE17-266

And 43rd Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 YLs for Ariën-Van Rompaey

Strictly speaking, we have a sixth PEC pigeon in the national top 100 as well. This pigeon, which also won a 43rd National, comes from the lofts of Karlo Van Rompaey, and she comes straight from the PEC. This outstanding racing hen originates from the noble New Freddy bloodlines as well. Her dam is Halfzus Louise BE15-4013118 (Louise won a 1st Nat. Bourges 19,735 p.), being a daughter of top breeder Dali BE13-6065127 x Daughter New Freddy-Amalia BE13-4176405. As her name suggests, she comes from two 1st Nat. Ace Pigeons Longer Middle Distance KBDB: New Freddy x Amalia.
Click here for the pedigree of BE17-145

New Freddy - Wacko Freddy - Porsche

The top results of Racing Team ADK are really starting to add up, and you can tell that the descendants of the Porsche bloodline are playing an increasingly defining role in most of these races. They have been highly successful at provincial, interprovincial, zonal and national level: they were outstanding in Vierzon, and they reaffirmed their status in Chateauroux as well. The Porsche bloodline, mainly founded on wonder pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve, is proving to be a limitless source of talented birds for the PEC. This bloodline is not only responsible for numerous great results, it is also capable of providing this team with new generations of highly talented racing birds. We reckon there is still a lot to come from this pigeon breed.