Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke, BE) win first and second National yearlings on Tulle

Kurt and Raf are dominating in a superior season as they have never done before, to top it off with a double national victory from Tulle. The culmination after months of performing on an sky-high level.

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw

National double blow

To dominate in a rock hard season on the flights where it’s about the big money and on top of that to make a double blow on a classic such as Tulle national…such a thing is only done by the greatest. Kurt and Raf are known to be content with nothing but the supreme level. It wasn’t a problem on a provincial level in this very tough season to have the victories from Bourges and Chateaudun. On a national level there were also multiple stunts with among others a second national Bourges old birds. But a national victory was the only thing missing this year. In Rumbeke however some true top pigeons remain in shape. If you take a look at the ranking on PIPA you continuously find the name of Platteeuw among the high results. And it’s exactly the top hen Julia which leads with 4 national top results from Tulle, that leaves the rest of the contenders far behind. Only a fellow loft member could follow in the slipstream of Julia, which resulted in a double blow.

Julia, national winner Tulle

A chip of the old block

Sire of the national winner Julia is none other than Notting Hill (3050070-15). That’s the giant that – just like his daughter – tops a few of the PIPA rankings. According to the following performances on a national level:

Brive: 18 / 9278 p.
Limoges: 28 / 7274 p.
Jarnac: 129 / 5371 p.
Limoges: 82 / 15789 p.

You can find the pedigree of Notting Hill here

Notting Hill

The top players of the PIPA rankings

Rarely or never only a loft of yearlings dominated the PIPA rankings as Platteeuw did in 2018.
Let’s have a look:

With 4 prizes are taken: 1 (Julia)-4-5-6-10-11-13-15-17-20-21-...
With 3 prizes it’s: 2 (Julia)-3-6-7-8-12-...
With 2 prizes Julia (3117153-17) once again takes the stage at third place, with the following national prizes:

Tulle: 1 / 5323 p.
Jarnac: 16 / 4940 p.
Limoges: 37 / 7236 p.
Brive: 25 / 4384 p.

It’s the same story with the old birds: In that category Notting Hill is the big eyecatcher with a third place for 3 prizes and a second place for 4 prizes. Even with 5 prizes Platteeuw still remains within the measurements of value. Because that’s still the reason why people from home and abroad look at these rankings with suspicion. Only the top of the bill manages to classify up top here. Notting Hill, Julia and various of their loft companions are the living proof of it.

A stunt that doesn’t seem to end

Even extreme demanding enthusiasts such as Kurt and Raf can only be satisfied upon overlooking the highlights of this season.
To outshine week after week on all levels is something that gets esteem from friend and foe. The latest top performance was Tulle national yearlings, as mentioned. There the Platteeuw platoon thundered homeward led by lead Julia.

Provincial it became: 1-2-9-11-12-14-16-17-18-19-... against 691 pigeons
National we have: 1-2-24-31-32-39-42-43-44-45-... against 5323 pigeons

The support

Medically everything is reduced to a minimum. Both cocks and hens participate in a lot of races and this with a gigantic success, which means these pigeons are super athletes. As in a prior report, then on the occasion of an overwhelming season beginning, we could already read the motto of Kurt Platteeuw “Savings are for the bank”. The Platteeuws almost always come to the arena in full strength and bring out the big guns to strike extremely hard.

National legacy grows

A national victory is the summum for every enthusiast, but only few can achieve such a thing. At the Platteeuw loft however it’s not that exceptional anymore to win such a high prize. Prior there was already national gold from Gueret, Argenton, Chateauroux and now of course Tulle. In between that there was also a national KBDB title, which now results in Kurt and Raf Platteeuw making their mark in the hall of fame in pigeon racing.

Being a well occupied businessman, Kurt is already used to having some success, and with the help and experience of his father Raf the top in pigeon racing is now their field of action. After the dust of the Tulle bombardment has settled, the question that stands is not if but when the next top performance will follow…

The Platteeuw team