Pieter Veenstra (Drachterscompagnie, NL) and his ‘Dolce Vita’ line again impossible to beat in the first weekends of the new season

The star from Drachterscompagnie had told earlier that he was not yet ready for the new season. Strangely enough he was not really motivated to start the new season but it was his eight-year-old son Aant Arien who convinced his father to join the competition after all.

Despite a lack of preparation he achieved a lot more than just taking part in the races! It was amazing to see how the Veenstra pigeon family managed to outclass their opponents in the first races of the season. This loft has won a number of victories and has achieved several top results in District 11 Friesland ’96. Let's have a look:

20-04 Gennep 1,812 p.
29 prizes/39 pigeons (74%)
27-04 Hapert  1,655 p
30 prizes/39 pigeons (77%)
04-05 St. Truiden 1,808 p.
135th–391st–392nd–485th. 19 prizes/35 pigeons (54%)

These pigeons have been in widowhood for about two weeks before the start of the season and Pieter and Gea had no idea they would perform so well at the start of the season.
“We think the weather conditions and the headwind have played a crucial role in the races. This means they had to work a little harder than usual in these races. If the races are harder our pigeons tend to perform a bit better than the others”, said pigeon racing icon Pieter.

Dolce Vita

The pigeon fancier from Drachtstercompagnie knows very well that great pigeons are bred from great pigeons. All three victories were won (what else would you expect) by grandchildren of the amazing pigeon ‘Dolce Vita’. This exceptional hen is now in the hands of the Chinese Hu Zhen Yu, who has purchased her at Pieter’s latest auction for a record price.

The hen ‘NL12-5200213’ finished the race from Gennep (163km) with a speed of 1210.02 m/min; she was the first hen against 1,812 pigeons with a lead of over one minute. The second pigeon was a loft mate. The sire of the ’12-213’ is ‘Special Bliksem’ (NL09-1647047), which is in turn a grandson of no other than ‘Mister Blue’ (NL02-5255446). Her sire is ‘Dolce Vita’s Girl’ (NL11-5000671), which stems from the outstanding combination ‘Golden Wing’ x ‘Dolce Vita’. Click here for the full pedigree of ’12-213’.

The race from Hapert (208km) was also won by a hen. The ‘NL12-5200235’ finished six seconds ahead of a loft mate and she took a magnificent victory. The ‘12-235’ is a daughter of Dolce Vita's Boy' (NL11-5000672) and ‘Jagerke III’ (NL11-5000597), a daughter of ‘Straaljager', which was third National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance W.H.Z.B. Click here for the full pedigree of ’12-235’.

Unlike the first two weekends there was a tailwind in the third weekend of the season. The Veenstra family did not expect their pigeons to achieve another impressive result but it was again one of their strong racers that won the race from St-Truiden (269km). It was the cock ‘NL12-5200214’ that took an unexpected win for Pieter Veenstra. This sire of this rising star is no other than ‘Golden Blue’ (NL07-1180473), which has already bred an NPO winner.  The dam is ‘Dochter Dolce Vita’ (NL11-1159911). Click here for the full pedigree of ’12-214’.

The pigeon that truly stands out according to Pieter is the widow hen ‘NL12-5200188’. This hen has already won the following prizes in 2013:

Gennep       1,812 p. - 2nd 
St. Truiden  1,808 p. - 3rd
Hapert       1,655 p. - 13th 

It is obvious that an excellent pigeon bloodline breeds outstanding racing pigeons. You can tell by the pedigree of this hen. She is a direct daughter of ‘Chanel no.5’ (NL09-1647005), which is in turn a full sister of ‘Dolce Vita’. ‘Chanel no.5’ is a top class racing pigeon but she is most of all an outstanding breeding hen. The highlight in her career was the title of First International Ace Pigeon Allround W.E.N.C. 2010. Click here for the full pedigree of '12-188'.

Pieter has won a few great victories and excellent results and he is now motivated as ever to have a magnificent 2013 season. He had a great start of the season; we hope his opponents have done their homework!


Pieter en Gea,

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met jullie super mooie uitslagen!!
Ga zo door!!

Groeten Hugo en Anita

Geweldig zo'n zoontje, die zijn vader weet te motiveren om weer actief de duiven te spelen. Ja, niet van harte dat snappen we toch ...zo kort na een totale verkoop, maar voor je kind heb je veel over je ziet het maar hoe het lopen kan.

De basis is weer gelegd voor een top kolonie, die zat er immers nog. Nu op naar het nieuwe veiling seizoen '13-'14, een mooie binnenkomer ook voor Pipa, ze zitten er bovenop....

Suc6 allemaal.

Dag Pieter en Gea.

Van harte gefeliciteerd met de geweldige start op de eerste 3 vluchten dat komt niet zo maar uit de lucht vallen,ik weet dat je er veel voor moet doen en dat betaalt zich terug door de prestaties van jullie duiven.Je laat zien dat je een winnaar bent en aant Arjen ook.

Gennep 1.812 d. 1-2-3-
Hapert 1.655 d. 1-2-3-
St. Truiden 1.808 d. 1-3-5-6

De NL12-5200188 Wist in dit seizoen al beslag te leggen op de volgende prijzen Afd 11 Friesland

Gennep 66e Prijs 20.158 Duiven in Concours.
Hapert 166e Prijs 19.592 Duiven in Concours.
St Truiden. 34e Prijs 20.435 Duiven in Concours.

De NL12-5200214 St.Truiden 7e Prijs en Teletekst 20.435 Duiven in Concours. Afd 11 Friesland

Hartelijke groet voor allen. Hugo en Henny

Proficiat Pieter & Gea ! Super

Tjakka, No 4 is ook binnen, Proficiat!

Hello Pieter & Gea ,
The apple never falls far from the tree .
We will be top again ...
Wish a sensational racing reason again .
All the bestS!

Piter Veentra,

Congratulation to you and your dolce vita bloodline.

Shajahan, Mirpur, Bangladesh.

الف مبروك الفوز

wonderful report - so nice i could cry for happiness
if you have to stop with pigeons and make one sellout and your son is came to you .....

Hello Pieter & Gea,
Congratulations on a great start to the 2013 season. Your results are the rewards for your hard work, good judgment and dedication. What impresses me is the limited amount of birds that you enter for these races. Many people try to achieve results not by the means of quality but quantity. you are far from been a "mob flyer"

Best regards
Mark & Dick Evans. U.K.

Félicitations Pieter et Gea
Sans oublier le fiston !!
Bonne saison 2013.
Salutations Colombophiles.

牛啊 !