Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) is growing to become a national top level player

He had another great season in 2016, with most notably a national win from Carnac yearlings with Greg, es well as 21 clear first prizes and 4 placings in the national championships KBDB.

We have seen fanciers from around the city of Zulte in East-Flanders put out some great results over the years, and one of the fanciers that has been doing really well recently is Philippe Dobbelaere from Olsene, a borough of Zulte.
Philippe has gradually become a household name in Belgium, especially in the longer middle distance (mainly the hens) and the one day long distance (racing cocks). He is not quite an attention-seeker though, he thinks his results speak for themselves. In fact, the achievements of his racing team is the only thing that really matters to Philippe Dobbelaere. Luckily, Philippe Dobbelaere does have his own website on which you can find all sorts of information on Philippe and his pigeons.

The Dobbelaere pigeon breed has been quite successful in recent seasons, and 2016 was no exception. They closed the season with an impressive 21 clear first prizes, and a well deserved national first prize from Jarnac against 3,904 YLs, his second national win in two seasons (click here to reread our report on the 2016 race from Jarnac). He also won 19 national top 100 prizes over the course of this season.
Click here for his results of 2016.

It was pigeon racing at the highest level, and it led to the following national championship titles KBDB:

 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2016
13th Nat. Champion Longer Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2016
14th Nat. Champion Longer Middle Distance YLs KBDB 2016
15th Nat. Champion Long Distance YL KBDB 2016

This is the palmares of a very strong pigoen family, created and finetuned by a talented pigeon fancier.

The invaluable bloodline of stock dam Brigitte

Philippe Dobbelaere created a team around a group of pigeons with great potential: his own prize winners combined with champions from neighbouring lofts, especially the pigeons that would beat his own racing birds in the past. This combination led to a number of successful bloodlines and new stock breeders.

In this team we have stock dam Brigitte, 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB and Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2011, Cleo, 2nd Ace Pigeon Championships Bruges 2009 and the dam of 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Froome and 2nd Ace Pigeon Belgian Masters, Evita, best yearling of Belgium over 7 national races in 2014, and of course Two Times Brigitte, winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 2014 against 17,984 old birds. She is now accompanied by Greg, winner of a 1st National Jarnac 3,096 yearlings. In fact, the two national winners originate from the same bloodline of stock dam Brigitte, which goes to show that successful racing birds are often bred from renowned racing birds and former champions.

Greg: winner of a 1st Nat. Jarnac 3,096 YL and a 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB in 2016 (pedigree + palmares)

Stock breeder Brigitte has played an important role in recent racing seasons, and two of her direct youngsters wer particularly successful in the 2016 racing team of Dobbelaere. They are called Britt and Brick.

-Britt BE14-4022201

 6th  N.Zone Gueret          4,878 p. ’15
 7th  N.Zone La Souterraine  2,176 p. ’16  (1st Club 118 p.)
58th  Nat La Souterraine     7,631 p. ’16
15th  N.Zone Chateauroux II  5,641 p. ’15  (1st Club 398 p.)
45th  N.Zone Chateauroux III 1,441 p. ’15
67th  Prov Chateauroux       3,894 p. ’16
68th  Nat Argenton I        13,629 p. ’16
72nd  Nat Argenton II        9,228 p. ’16
81st  Nat Argenton          19,925 p. ’15
293rd Prov Vierzon           5,825 p. ’16
452nd Nat Montluçon          9,462 p. ’16

An exceptionally talented daughter of Prins BE10-4073635 (brother of Cleo) x stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161. Click here for Britt's full pedigree and palmares.

-Brick BE15-4158801

 1st  Fontenay            174 p. ’15
 2nd  Fontenay            255 p. ’16
83rd  Nat Brive         5,929 p. ’16
373rd Nat Chateauroux  29,591 p. ’16
98th  Prov Villemandeur 2,885 p. ’15

He is  a half brother of stock dam Cleo, being a son of Sire Cleo BE00-3155029 x stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161. Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of Brick.

Brigitte's descendants have proven to be an invaluable asset for the team of Philippe Dobbelaere. Judging by their palmares so far, her grandchildren Ivo and Julius have the potential to become national champions in the long distance:

-Ivo BE14-4022308

10th Nat Jarnac   4,167 p. ’16
30th Nat Limoges  6,492 p. ’16
49th Prov Vierzon 5,825 p. ’16
46th N.Zone Brive 3,405 p. ’15

Ivo is a son of Branko BE12-4281122 (from nest brother of Cleo: Keizer BE09-4107260 x Brigitte BE07-4022161) x top class first prize winner Evelien BE10-4073051. Evelien won a 14th Nat. Gueret 13,885 p. ’10, a 30th Nat. Bourges 12,607 p. ’11, a 50th Nat. Bourges 20,589 p. ’12, and a 90th Nat. Argenton 4.126 p. ’11.
Click here for the full palmares and the pedigree of Ivo.

-Julius BE14-4326004

29th  N.Zone Tulle       3,358 p. ’15
30th  Nat Brive          5,952 p. ’16
109th Nat Chateauroux   25,126 p. ’16
232nd N.Zone Chateauroux 8,291 p. ’15

He was bred from Jules BE09-4326745, which is a half brother of 1st Nat. Chateauroux 15,894 p. of Jules D’Huyvetter, and a grandson of a 1st Nat. Brive 16,007 p. The dam of Julius is Bonte Brigitte BE10-4326004, which comes from a nest brother of the 1st Ace Pigeon in East and West Flanders '08: Baron BE06-4151023 x Brigitte BE07-4022161.
Click here for the full palmares and pedigree of Julius.

Julie, a full sister of Julius, bred top class hen ‘900’, winner of several first prizes in 2016. She was one of the stars of this year's racing team:

-‘900’ BE15-4158900 (hen)

50th  Nat Chateauroux I   29,591 p. ’16
 2nd  Prov Orleans           406 p. ’16
 6th  Prov Vierzon         2,095 p. ’16
11th  Prov Blois           1,193 p. ’16
28th  Prov Chateauroux II  2,934 p. ’16
39th  Prov Chateaudun      4,634 p. ’15
127th Nat Argenton        12,449 p. ’16

She is a daughter of Emerson BE12-4176439 (a son of stock pair Tsaby 1 x Kim 1 of Geert & Annick Vanrenterghem from Deinze) x Julie BE12-4218736. Julie won a 1st Angerville 589 p., an 84th Nat. Poitiers 13,135 p., a 6th Prov. Orleans 3,790 p., an 18th Prov. Bourges 2,675 p., and she is a daughter of Jules BE09-4326745 x Bonte Brigitte BE10-4326004).
Click here for the impressive palmares and pedigree of ‘900’.

Cleo, another fundamental bloodline

Besides the invaluable bloodline of Brigitte there is another important stock breeder in this team: Cleo. He is the second most important breeder for Philippe. Among his most successful descendants are Brick (see earlier), as well as the outstanding racing birds Rocco, Leo and Roland.

-Roland BE15-4158883

19th  Nat Jarnac         3,904 p. ’16
37th  Prov Blois         3,776 p. ’15
49th  Nat La Souterraine 9,760 p. ’15
126th Prov Chateaudun    4,634 p. ’15
160th Nat Limoges        6,946 p. ’16

He comes from a full brother of Cleo BE11-4264416 (half brother of Brick) x Granddaughter Lion King BE14-5791107 (from Roland Rothe, from 2 direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons from the lines of Lion King x Maurice x Alfred). Click here for Roland's palmares and pedigree.

Rocco, a full brother of Roland, was one of the strongest young birds of 2016, winning two national top prizes in the four national races that he competed in. He is without doubt one of the most promising pigeons for the 2017 team.

-Rocco BE16-4100307

 1st La Souterraine          496 p. ’16
21st N.Zone La Souterraine 6,702 p. ’16
45th N.Zone Argenton       7,091 p. ’16

Click here for Rocco's pedigree and palmares.

Leo is a double grandson of Cleo, in a crossing with the invaluable Brigitte bloodline, and Philippe expects a lot from him in the coming season, which makes sense given his palmares:

-Leo BE15-4158898

64th  Nat Brive          5,929 p. ’16
39th  N.Zone Chateauroux 3,661 p. ’15
82nd  Prov Chateaudun    4,634 p. ’15  
98th  Prov Bourges       4,490 p. ’15
110th Prov Blois         3,776 p. ’15
706th Nat Chateauroux   29,591 p. ’16

Leo is a son of Froome BE13-4063027, winner of a 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’13 (from a son of Brigitte: Brigela BE12-4218850 x Cleo BE09-4107259) x Daughter Cleo BE14-4266984 (from Geschelptwitpen Coussens BE11-3172450 x Cleo BE09-4107259).
Click here for Leo's palmares and pedigree.

The team of Philippe Dobbelaere has a bright future ahead with the bloodlines of Brigitte and Cleo, and there appears to be another promising bloodline coming up with Evita (a granddaughter of Cleo), which has already given the top class one year old hen Emma:

-Emma BE15-4158887

 2nd N.Zone Chateauroux 2,599 p. ’16  (1st Club 178 p.)
 8th Nat Chateauroux    9,580 p. ’16
15th N.Zone Argenton      965 p. ’16
44th N.Zone Bourges     5,014 p. ’16
66th Prov Bourges       4,490 p. ’15

She is a daughter of Broer Bella & Britt BE14-4255201 (from brother Cleo: Prins BE10-4073634 x Brigitte) x Evita BE13-4063110 (Best YL of Belgium longer middle distance 2014 – 7 Nationale races; a granddaughter of Cleo). Click here for Emma's palmares and pedigree.

A promising future

Things are looking good for Philippe Dobbelaere, with such a talented team of pigeons. He has been winning quite a number of prizes in recent years thanks to his collection of prize winners, talented racing birds and excellent breeding birds. These bloodlines have allowed him to become one of the country's national top lofts in the longer middle distance and the light long distance, winning most notably two national first prizes (in 2014 and 2016), as well as several provincial and zonal victories. His loft is home to an impressive team of pigeons that will be expected to be in great form in the upcoming 2017 season as well.

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