Philippe Deu (Nieurlet, FR) wins the 1st International Barcelona 2012

Last week, I wrote in a French specialist magazine that the Spanish international race was not suitable for the French fanciers. Until then, only the Schaschkow Brothers, big specialists of this race and triple national winners, were the only French fanciers to win the international race from Barcelona. Since Saturday 7th of July 2012, there are now two. Philippe Deu is the new winner. "Impossible" is obviously not a word in French!

On Saturday, early in the morning, a lot of French pigeon fanciers were already at their lofts before the end of the hours of darkness hoping for the arrival of one of their pigeons. The first pigeon clocked at the international level was the one of Georges Bauchard clocked at 5 hrs 47 mins for 895 km with an average speed of 1551 m/min. Last year, Bauchard was also the first fancier to clock a pigeon from Barcelona, but he was quickly beaten by the pigeon of Philippe Deu who clocked his first nominated bird at 5 hrs 50 mins from a distance of 1,044 km with an average speed of 1801 m/m. Everybody was then expecting high speeds and records being broken by the longer distance flyers. Nobody would have thought that the international winner would have been clocked at 5 hrs 50, and yet it was. Nobody would have thought that the race would be won that early the the next morning. The birds had been quick at the beginning of the race but then slowed considerably. This Barcelona was quite simply an unusual race. 

At the national level, Philippe Deu wins being 248.9 m/m in front, which essentially means 30 minutes. At the international level, this gap is reduced by 2 minutes against the Belgian pigeon of Ferdy De Scheemaeker. Two precious minutes which gave him the possibility to achieve the biggest dream of all pigeon fanciers everywhere who enter the international races: winning the most prestigious marathon race in the world, Barcelona! Let's get back to this achievement.

Philippe Deu's loft was built eleven years ago. In the Deu family, the pigeon sport is a real family story as Philippe inherited the pigeon bug from his grandfather José Deu. Early on he choose the extreme long distance races as his speciality because he thinks they are more prestigious.

The owner of the international winner of Barcelona 2012 has many lofts. The racing cocks, old bird as well as yearlings, are housed in a loft of 8 meters, another loft of 4 meters houses the yongsters, the stock loft is 6 metres and the hens lives in a loft of 3 metres. All the racers (43 cocks and 47 hens) can enjoy eleven meters of loft space, so they are given plenty of oxygen. All the lofts face the south-west.

With regards to the management of the pigeons, Philippe Deu is very relaxed. He uses a sport mixture from the firm Demey from Winnezeele as well as minerals. He also treats his pigeons against tricho twice during the season. He uses the product CCP. Nothing more. Before each race, he gives more food to his racers.

Before being entered to the marathon races, the pigeons from the Deu lofts are trained with three sprint races, two races at the middle distance and two longer middle distance races. The old birds are then raced on two or three extreme long distance races (mostly the international ones) and the yearlings on a St Vincent or something like that. If they want to be there the next season, the old birds must win a minimum of 50% of the prizes. The yearlings are only checked after they come back. Those who can't get well quickly are eliminated. 

As a preparation this blue cock, 382176 de 2007, international winner of Barcelona 2012 was entered in three races of 200 kilometers, then one of 300 kilometers and another of 430 kilometers. Then he went on two longer middle distance races, respectively 560 and 580 kilometers. It means that he had already flown 2,370 kilometers before being basketed as the first nominated back from Barcelona. He has also already achieved a few top performances as he won five prizes at the international level, including four times per 10 birds sent. On the last race from Narbonne (852 kilometers) in 2011, he won the 78th place against 12,605 old birds. For his first participation from Barcelona in 2011, he won the 150th place at the national level against 3,057 pigeons. Barcelona 2012 was then not his only top performance. But it was obviously the crowning glory for an exceptionnal pigeon.

Philippe Deu won six prices of his eleventh basketted pigeon. With his international victory, the Deu colony Philippe made a strong impression and prooved that Barcelona could be win in France and so that beating all the top european loft was possible. Congratulations to the winner and good luck for the future.


Mr DEU toute mes félicitations pour votre victoire sur barcelone Mr Mascart mickael


Bravo Mr deu philippe, votre victoire est le rêve de plusieurs colombophiles dans le monde.
je suis marocain et je félicite chaque colombophile français pour cet exploit.Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation ...
Mon rêve a moi est de voir dans un avenir proche un lâcher international avec le vrai sens du mot Smile pour moi Barcelone reste quand même un lâcher plutôt européen , il lui manque la participation de beaucoup de pays pour le juger "international" .

Félicitations, bravo.

Salutations Colombophiles.

Didier WAILLY.

Bravo à Philippe Deu
Une très belle victoire sur ce concours mythique.
l'émotion doit être énorme. Un rêve réalisé.
Nous entendrons la Marseillaise lors de la remise des prix de Curreghem.....
Carl Ginfray


Mes très sincères félicitations pour votre victoire sur ce fameux concours mythique.

excellent philipp congratulations from all the uk fanciers

What a great wing! Congratulations!

Il faut le faire: féliciations

Simplement un mot messieurs : SUPERBE....

Eddy de "Casa Barca".


Félicitations, bravo.

Congratulations Philippe!

congrates sir. very prestegious title.

nice and amazing bird@results!!

Felecitation me deu philippe.

Felecitation me deu philippe.

Mr DEU toute mes félicitations pour votre victoire sur barcelone mr soufiane