Peter van de Merwe (Dordrecht, NL) spread his wings and conquered the world

Being a top fancier is difficult enough, but remaining one is even more difficult. Peter van de Merwe from Dordrecht knows how to handle it. In 2011 his racing team also knew how to cope with great opponents. This year he was 1° General Champion in the District Drechtsteden and 1° Provincial Champion with the youngsters.

There is no need to introduce this ‘pedigree’ champion! His performances in the past could all be called extraordinary. This top fancier race no less than 70x by the TOP-10 National. As if that is not enough, it seems that the Peter van de Merwe pigeons perform just as well outside our Dutch borders. Several fanciers have won a 1° NAT with his pigeons, made N.P.O Teletext and goodness knows what more. The pigeons from Peter do extremely well in England, with many provincial and national victories, like last weekend. The 1st NAT was won by a 100% v.d. Merwe pigeon. Time to refresh our memories about this champion from Dordrecht (NL). How his season went, what were the ups and downs, which pigeons are the new champions. PIPA will allow you to read it all!

Many fanciers agree. It was not a great season, a great deal of southern wind with or without rain. However, at the beginning of the year there were a few nie sprint and middle distance races. Despite this, Peter also did extremely well in the races this year. Let’s take a look back at the season with him.
As mentioned, the year began with nice races, unfortunately this soon turned into often fast races with south west wind, regularly accompanied by rain. A pity says Peter, you can’t let your birds peak in the races you would like because of the strongly changing weather conditions. Yet you don’t hear Peter complaining, with this year no less than 22x – 1° prize! Nice to look back on, not so nice was that 14 hens form one basket miraculously disappeared in a middle distance race. Not one has returned. Very suspicious, but more annoying is the big hole left in the racing team. 14 cocks without a hen which you then have to try and motivate with ‘new’ hens. Hopefully Peter will be spared such a setback in 2012 and he can perform like never before.

Performances Peter van de Merwe 2011

Peronne  551 p  1-3-4-5-6-8-9-11-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-22-24-25-26-27-28-29 etc
Peronne  5385 p 1-3-6-9-13-16-17-20-23-32-35-41-47-49-50-51-61-65-81-84-88-96 etc
Peronne  NPO 19944 2-5-17-29-51-57-58-63-67 etc 
Mantes  4370 p 3-4-8-9-14-33-34-35-37-43-46-47-53-59-60-69-72-79-82-84-87-91-94 etc
Mantes  NPO 16897  5-6-14-16-26-62-66-67-70 etc 
Nijvel 554 p 1-4-5-6-9-10-12-16-17-19-21-22-23-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33 etc
Nijvel 5302 p 1-13-36-43-54-58-64-76-80 etc 
Menen  538 p 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-15-17-22-23-25-28-29 etc
Menen  2330 p 1-3-7-10-11-13-14-24-26-27-26 etc
Sens  1417 p 1-2-3-4-5-13-14-17-23-29-30-33-42-43-47-48 etc
Sens  NPO 6019p 3-7-8-9-10-22-25-34-47-58-59-65-91-93 etc 
Vierzon  2170 p 2-3-4-5-13-15-22-26-32-39-42-61-62-72-77-82 etc
Vierzon  NPO 7997 p 15-16-23-24-64-66 etc  
Mantes  2894 p 1-9-10-15-16-19-22-37-40-43-46-47-67-68-69-79-84-86-96 etc
Mantes  Prov 12010 p 6-32-33-43-51-54-62-71 etc 
Nijvel 712 p 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-12-14-16-18-19-20-21-22-23 etc
Nijvel 3738 p 2-3-4-15-16-17-23-25-26-57-66-76-99 etc
Peronne  678 p 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-13-16-17-21-22-23-25-26-27-28 etc
Peronne  3199 p  2-6-12-13-14-15-16-19-27-38-41-67-72 etc
Strombeek  4329 p 7-9-17-21-35-41-49-52-53-54 etc 
Argenton 214 p 1-2-3-4-6-8-9-11-12-13-15-16-17 etc
Argenton 995 p 2-6-7-9-14-25-35-48-58-64-77 etc
Argenton NPO 7584 p 18-43-45-47 etc   
Nijvel 490 p 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27thnz
Nijvel 4300 p 6-10-12-13-14-15-16-17-20-23-25-26-27-28-31-32-33-35-41-46-49-50-enz
Pommerouel 468 p 1-2-5-6-7-8-13-14-15-16-17-21-26-27-28-29-30 etc
Orleans  NPO 5503 p 7-25-53-87-92 etc   
Pommerouel 1293 p 1-2-4-15-19-20-31-43-49-56 etc 
Pommerouel 425 p 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-13-14-15-16-18-20-21-22-25-26-28-29-30-31-32 etc
Pommerouel 3635 p 5-6-19-20-22-28-30-33-40-44-52-53-74-76-78 -82-83-86-91-94 etc
Nanteuil 436 p 2-3-4-7-8-13-15-16-17-18-19-20-22-23-28-29 etc
Nanteuil 3924 p 4-5-6-13-16-59-62-67-68-73-83-92 etc
Peronne  666 p 1-5-17-18-20-22-23-26-27 etc  
Strombeek  471 p 1-2-6-8-16-17-18-21-22-23 etc 
Peronne  2088 p 4-5-18-20-21-23-24-25-28-44-46-63-64-68-71 etc
Peronne  Prov 8000 p 7-8 etc    
Chateauroux 1621 p 4-14-16-17-18-36-42-43-59-63-70-72 etc 
Chateauroux NPO 10871  22   
Duffel  415 p 1-2-4-8-9-1011-13-16-19-20-21-23-26-27 etc
Mantes  1909 p 9-10-11-22-26-27-29-32-34-48-61-62-72-73-84-88-92-94 etc
Pommerouel 1610 p 1   
Peronne  429 p  1-2-3-8-10-11-12-13-16-17-25 etc
Peronne  1294 p 3-7-10-11-23-61-64 etc 
Pommerouel 749 p 1   
Mantes  354 p 1-2-3-7-10-11-12-14-15-18-19-20-21-22-24-26-27-28 etc

In the upcoming auction 11 pigeons from this pure topper will be sold. PIPA says it often, we will try to give you the opportunity to breed 1st prize winners. That’s why it is important to see how others perform with pigeons from Peter van de Merwe. And it is unbelievable what we come across. A quick calculation gives us the following facts:

1° - NAT Duffel – 18.270p.
1° - NAT Ablis - 8.377p.
1° - NAT Orleans – 5640p.
1° - NAT Tours – 5800p.
1° - NAT Ablis – 3171p.
1° - NAT Vierzon – 7090p. ( followed by  8th NAT )
1° - NAT Chateauroux – 11.500p.
1°/2° - NAT Sourdun - 13.475p.
1° - Ablis – 11.955p.
1° - Harchies – 2560p.
1° - Ablis – 2757p.
1° - Chantilly – 2.510p.
1° - PROV. Meer – 12.512p.
1° - Peronne – 3523p. ( = 3rd Prov. 42.000p.)
1° - Peronne – 2967p. ( = 2nd Prov. 29.332p.)
1° - Duffel – 781p.
1° - Mettet – 7249p.
1° - Isnes – 1528p.
1° - Haasrode – 4682p.
1° - Hensies – 7651p.
1° - Chantilly – 6359p.
1° - Ciney – 4304p.

1° - Oreans - 1509         1° - N.P.O Mantes la Jolie – 31.758
1° Orleans - 1.175d.       1° Prov. Ablis tegen 1.553d.
1° - Carapelle –1.320 (535km)  1° -  Chantilly – 2763d.
1°- San Bened. –1.562 ( 322km) 1° - Strombeek – 2441d.
1°- Falconara –1.235 ( 230km)  1° - Pommeroeul - 2129d.
1°- Porto Recan.–1.844 ( 258 km) 1° - Isnes – 1528d.
2° Strombeek tegen 4.875d.  2°- Falconara – 2.775d ( 230km)
2° Peronne tegen 5.385d.    2°- Molfetta – 3.372 ( 604km)
2°- Porto Recan.– 835d. (285km) 2°- Senigallia – 710d. ( 213km)
2° - Strombeek – 3098d.     2° - Isnes – 3047d.
2° - Strombeek – 2441d.     3° - Morlincourt – 1388d.
3° Pommeroeul tegen 1.293d. 3°- Ortona - 1.397d. (380km)

1st Ace bird yearlings Gruppo Colombofilo
1° National Ace bird Middle Distance youth ’10
1° National Champion Sprint youth ‘10
1° National Champion Middle Distance youth ’10
3° Pegion Champion Europa Cup!

There are further 7x 2°- NAT. – 14x top 10 NAT wins, 1 car and numerous other similar prizes. We can rightly say that Peter van de Merwe ( in particular his pigeons ) have spread their wings over the whole world. These are pigeons with which you can breed that 1° prize winner. The above performances prove this.

Which pigeons are central by Peter van de Merwe? Which pigeons ensured that with the pigeons from Peter van de Merwe more than 110x Top 10 NAT was flown. Unfortunately we can’t name them all, but the pigeons below are at the base of the success, and produce real ‘top pigeons’ regularly.

Gwen is already a very good racer with the following results:

1. National young ace bird NPO
1. prov. Peronne - 9,548 birds
15. Nat. Ablis - 21,009 birds
4. Etampes - 1,656 birds

Her descendants can be called phenomenal, she is (grand) mother of:

Mother of Wonder Girl 1st Nat. NPO Sourdun 18.339 p. and car winner.
Mother of Krista – 2nd and 3rd National NPO
Mother of ‘Miss Lucky’ - 1st Nat. NPO Blois Sector 2 15.172 p.
2nd Nat. NPO Chateauroux  12.074 p.
3rd  Nat. NPO Chantilly  13.953 p.
8th  Nat. NPO Troyes  12.067 p.
14th Nat. NPO Morlincourt 36.862 p.
16th Nat. NPO Morlincourt 36.862 p.
29th Nat. NPO Ablis 15.004 p.
31st Nat. NPO Ablis 15.004 p.
1st Duffel  7.751 p.
1st St Quentin 1.149 p.
4th Chimay  7.151 p.
5th prov Sezanne  15279 p.
6th Strombeek 4.208 p.
7th St Quentin 8.851 p.
9th Duffel  6.123 p.
9th Hensies  3.367 p.
1st Menen 3.538 p. = fastest of 27.000 p.
1st Strombeek  1.464 p.= fastest of 26.500 p.
3rd prov. Creil 13.852 p.
4th  prov. Strombeek  38.153 p.
5th  Chalons and Champ  7.337 p.
7th Nat. NPO Etampes 5.520 p.

This is possibly the super couple of Peter van de Merwe. It is a fact that they stand at the base of the success of the lofts in Dordrecht: This couple produced a.o.:

1st Peronne 4,831 p.
1st Duffel 4,714 p.
1st Chantilly 4,540 p.
1st Hensies 3,988 p.
1st Niergnies 3,865 p.
1st Creil 3,270 p.
1st Morlincourt 3,155 p.
1st Chateauroux 1,019 p.
2nd National young Ace bird of the Netherlands 2000
3rd National young Ace bird of the Netherlands NPO 2000
4th National young Ace bird of the Netherlands WHZB 2000
3rd Nat. NPO Chantilly 12,108 p.
4th Nat. NPO Creil 22,725 p.
4th Nat. NPO Vierzon 21.984 p.

(Grand)Children Super Breeder 048 De Wit x Golden Eye won a.o.:

1st  Dutch middle distance pigeon in West European Counties Cup 2004
1st  Ace bird general Drechtsteden 2003 and 2004
3rd  National Ace bird all-round Best of the Best 2003
4th/5th National yearling Ace bird Best of the Best 2003
7th  National Ace bird long distance Best of the Best 2003

1st  Duffel  6.123 p.
1st  Creil 6.048 p.
1st  Ablis (North and South-Holland)  4.568 p.
1st  Niergnies  4.483 p.
1st  Niergnies  3.587 p.
1st  Chantilly  2.320 p.
1st  Chateauroux  1.442 p.
1st  Strombeek  739 p.
2nd  Nat. NPO Chateauroux  12.074 p.
2nd  Nat. NPO Orleans  10.352 p.
2nd  prov. Creil  25.745 p.
3rd  prov. Creil  25.745 p.
4th  Nat. NPO Bourges  11.311 p.
5th  Nat. NPO Ablis  23.514 p.
5th  Nat. NPO Peronne  17.932 p.
5th  Nat. NPO Tours  11.270 p.
5th  Nat. NPO Troyes  9.981 p.
5th  prov. Creil  25.745 p.
5th  Ablis (North and South-Holland)  4.568 p.
7th  Nat. NPO St. Quentin  25.500 p.
7th  Nat. NPO Ablis  23.514 p.
7th  Nat. NPO Tours  11.270 p.
8th  Nat. NPO St. Ghislain  27.000 p.
9th  Ablis (North and South-Holland)  4.568 p.
10th prov. Creil  25.745 p.

This classy pigeon developed more and more into a valuable breeder. The facts below prove this!

1st Ace bird sprint district Drechtsteden 2007
1st Ace bird general district Drechtsteden 2007
1st Prov. Mantes la Jolie 3095 p.
1st Nat. NPO Chantilly 30.074 p.
1st prov. Ablis 40.268 p.
2nd North + South Holland Ablis 4.568 p.
4th prov. Peronne 44.240 p.
16th prov. Creil 38.401 p.
6th Duffel 2.383 p.
7th Duffel 2.065 p.
1st Nat. NPO Blois Sector 2  15.172 p.
1st Nat. NPO Ablis Sector 2  18.911 p.

Cocktail is father of several 1° prize winners Ace pigeons etc. An important link in the breeding loft of Peter van de Merwe, seeing how his descendants have performed! He raced self:

1° Peronne 3.332
1° St. Ghislain 1.815 
1° Orleans  299  
6° Peronne 5.150 
6° Bourges 2.770
7° Nat. NPO Orleans 17.923

And was(grand)father of:

1st Nat. yl 2004 Best of the Best, 2x teletext
1st Ace bird middle distance South-Holland 2002
3x top 20 provincial against 13.133 p. / 44.240 p. / 21.725 p.
1st Nat. NPO Blois Sector 2 13.155 p.
1st Creil  2.021 p.
3rd Prov. Creil  17.846 p.
1st Harchies  420 p.
3rd Harchies  6.065 p.
6th Peronne  2.496 p.
14th Ablis North and South-Holland 4.568 p.
4th Nat. Blois  9.545 p.
8th Strombeek  3.912 p.
20th Strombeek  3.448 p.
27th Creil  3.035 p.
27th Pommeroeul  2.515 p.
33rd Duffel  1.389 p.
1st  Ace bird middle distance South Holland
1st  Ace bird middle distance Drechtsteden
1st  National yearling Best of the Best 2004 – Car Winner
2nd  Nat. NPO Chateauroux 7.355 p.
3rd  Nat. NPO Chantilly  17.818 p.
5th  Nat. NPO Bourges  11.311 p.
8th  Nat. NPO Chateauroux  12.074 p.
11th Nat. NPO Ablis 15.004 p.
13rd Nat. NPO Ablis  15.004 p.
14th Ablis (North and South Holland)  4.568 p.
3rd  prov. Peronne  21.725 p.
3rd  prov. Creil  17.846 p.
4th  prov. Chantilly 48.030 p.
5th  prov. Chantilly 13.133 p.
1st  Chantilly  5.156 p.
1st  Peronne  3.860 p.
1st  Chateauroux  3.614 p.
1st  Creil 2.021 p.
1st Nat. NPO Vierzon 7.090 p.
3rd  Nat. NPO Sezanne  21.720 p.
8th Nat. NPO Vierzon  7.090 p.
1st prov. Peronne 15.329 p. (fastest of 40.972 p.)
2nd prov. Peronne 23.022 p.
1st  Strombeek 4.563 p.
1st Creil 2.843 p.

Peter van de Merwe from Dordrecht is building his own imperium. With 22 x 1° prize, magnificent series and pigeons this year, this is a chance of a lifetime for many a fancier!


I think Peter VdMerwe pigeons are actually the best middle distance strain in the world: in Italy, with 29 degrees,last saturday I won 1st interprovincial from 490 km (1600 youngsters) with a 100% VdMerwe pigeon.
Very very hard race: the pigeon won with an average of 1027 m/m with 6 min from the 2nd.

Thank you Peter!

Veel van de duiven die ik bij Peter haalde gaven 1e prijswinnaars,kampioens duiven en Teletekst duiven!
Sinds 1996 werden de eerste duiven gehaald en daarna ging het bij mij met grote sprongen vooruit.
Dus dat er goede duiven zitten bij Peter,dat is wel zeker.
Peter heeft een super hok met duiven en hij heeft maar zelden een topper verkocht!
Jaar in jaar uit speelt hij op Nationaal niveau met de besten mee,werkelijk klasse.
Ook vader Arie is heel belangrijk ivm de verzorging van de duiven,Peter en familie ga zo door!
sportgroeten Alfred

We are also in the arab Gulf states have the strain Peter van de Merwe a strain of a successful racing & I have good breeder from Peter van de Merwe And their children work with me very well in racing




Wij hebben dit jaar geweldig gepresteerd met duiven van Peter van de Merwe, zo hebben we onlangs op de Nat. Derby der Junioren de 12e prijs binnengehaald tegen 22.627 duiven, maar tevens een 2e N.P.O Brabant 2000 en de snelste van de gehele lossing provinciaal tegen 2.002 duiven. Andere duiven rechtstreeks uit Peter van de Merwe duiven vlogen dit jaar o.a.
1e tegen 1.509 duiven
1e tegen 594 duiven
4e tegen 594 duiven
6e tegen 1675 duiven
6e tegen 556 duiven
7e tegen 594 duiven
11e tegen 1675 duiven
12e tegen 1675 duiven

We zijn 2e Hokkampioen Midfond jong geworden in Afdeling 2 Brabant 2000.
Bij de tussenstanden voor de nationaal kampioenschappen staan we 1e Nationaal Hokkampioen!!(Jeugdleden icm Seniorleden)Dit is mede behaald door duiven van Peter van de Merwe!!!!

Maarten Huijsmans (Comb. M & S Huijsmans)

My sincere congratulations to Peter for his excellent results, has a fabulous line of pigeons, to me he is also a great keeper of pigeons, the only way to get great results, good birds and a good handler of the same.

I play in my Breeding Centre original 7 Peter, "From Tounier 608", "Amigo", "Replay," Cocktail, "" Super Breeder 048 ", all of them have excellent breeding and flying pigeons.

Congratulations my friend.

Armando Alho

Many congratulations Peter on yet another year of fantastic results!
We bought two pairs of Peter van de Merwe youngsters from the auction last year and bred from them this year(2011).
Guess what happened next?
They won 1st section National Flying Club in their very first race from Fougeres.
First year, first race and they won. They truly are unbelieveable pigeons!
It was a hard race. The majority of the pigeons were heading towards the east side of the country because it was a south west wind. We live in the far south west of the country.
We live in Devon in the middle of four large counties in the south west and he was the fastest pigeon out of all four of these counties.
We had the honour of meeting Peter once - what a great man.
There is one true saying 'You cannot keep a good man down'. Congratulations again Peter.
Kind regards,
Dexter and Gemma Thomas
United Kingdom

Well done to peter,;looking at the results, i think he has to be one of the very best flyers in the world. all the best and hope your team keeps winning. Cool