Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene (Lauwe, BE) continues to deliver excellent results with his old Vanbruane breed

He lived up to his status again in 2016, winning two provincial first prizes from Agen old birds and Narbonne YLs.

It is fair to say the pigeon family of the late André Vanbruane has stood the test of time better than any other extreme long distance loft. The Vanbruane breed is widely considered to be the leading name in the extreme long distance in Belgium, having won an impressive 12 national first prizes, as well as a 1st International San Sebastian '53. And André still has a record holding two international victories from Barcelona on his palmares: 1966 and 1984.
The phenomenal André Vanbruane managed to develop an exceptional pigeon family with an astounding palmares, and his breed continues to be one of the world's leading pigeon families. The Gyselbrecht family from Knesselare managed to come  closest to their colleague in terms of results, having won a 1st International Barcelona '95 and a 2nd Nat. Barcelona '99. Their Vanbruane pigeons enabled them to gain an international reputation. On top of that, pigeon fanciers Fauche Frères and Luc Wiels each claimed an international first prize from Barcelona with a Vanbruane descendant as well, in 2003 and 2013 respectively.

Today is 2017, almost 65 yeas later, and the pigeons of André Vanbruane continue to win top prizes in major competitions. Many fellow extreme long distance fanciers have won great results with pigeons based on the world class Vanbruane breed, often mixed up with other bloodlines. The cleanest Vanbruane bloodline can still be found in the lofts of his two grandsons, Pascal Van Steenhuyze-Vanbruane, and not in the least Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene.

The old bloodlines of Barcelona II and Geschelpte Stier, which have led to years of overwhelming success in the extreme long distance, can still be found in the pedigrees of most of the current stars of his grandson Patrick Delrue-Vanbruane! Patrick followed in the footsteps of his grandfather of André, having been very close to winning an exceptional result on a number of occasions: he won a 2nd Nat. and 4th International Barcelona with super class hen Luna BE04-3177030 in 2006, and he came close to an international win in 2010 as well, winning a 2nd Nat. and 3rd International Barcelona with Gouden Vleugel BE03-3239132. It did result in a Gouden Vleugel title in the Bruges Barcelona Club, and a title of 2nd Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2006-2010 across five years of Barcelona.

Patrick added another chapter to the life's work of his grandfather André Vanbruane in this modern day and age. His stock breeders Gouden Vleugel, Juweel, Kleine Stier, Parel and Luna provided him with an invaluable generation of pigeons, and the legacy of this legendary pigeon breed is at the basis of a long list of top results in the long distance and the extreme long distance.

2 x 1st Provincial in 2016

It resulted in several more victories at club level and no fewer than two provincial wins across 2016: an old birds' victory from Agen and a first prize from Narbonne with the yearlings.

-Grote Stier BE14-3006240

 1st   Prov Agen            799 p. ’16 
 4th   Nat Agen           3,648 p. ’16
25th   Intnat Agen       11,826 p. ’16
158th  N.Zone Argenton    4,348 p. ’14
241st  N.Zone Chateauroux 3,956 p. ’15
251st  Nat Narbonne       3,366 p. ’15
285th  Intnat Agen        4,524 p. ’15
1175th Nat Chateauroux (Gueret) 25,126 p. ’16

De Grote Stier was bred from two grandchildren of stock dam Juweel (the dam of Luna, winner of a 2nd Nat. and 4th Intnat. Barcelona ’06), which appears in his pedigree on three occasions.
Sire: The 100-breeder BE08-3003100
A son of the ‘099 Breeder’ BE06-3003099 (from Dikke Poot BE89-3394098, a son of Emperador x Juweel BE00-3138319) x Lieve BE00-3137654 (a daughter of Geschelpte Stier BE88-3396534: 2nd Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB).
Dam: Ine BE11-3046629
She is also the dam of a 32nd Nat. Montauban. She is a daughter of long distance champion Iniesta BE08-3003072, winner of an 18th Nat. and 20th Intnat. Narbonne ’10, a 38th Prov. Chateauroux 4,093 p. etc. Iniesta is a son of 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB Daniel BE01-3246870 x Juweel BE00-3138319. The dam of Ine is Conchita BE08-3003068, a half sister of Gouden Vleugel (from sire Gouden Vleugel: Donkeren BE97-3088639, a half brother of Juweel x Parel BE03-3239186, a daughter Juweel).
Click here for the pedigree of Grote Stier

-Beauraing BE15-3002851

 1st Prov. Narbonne     629 p. ’16 
27th Nat. Narbonne    3,187 p. ’16
67th Intnat. Narbonne 7,811 p. ’16

Sire: Gouden 94 BE13-3001794
A son of Gouden Vleugel BE03-3239132, bred from Donkeren BE97-3088639 (half brother of Juweel) x Nest sister Schuwen BE01-3246891 (a daughter of Juweel). He was paired to Carla BE10-3114282, winner of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Cureghem Centre with a 39th Nat. Libourne 8,269 p. and a 43rd Nat. Narbonne 7,027 p.
Dam: Schoon Blauw BE10-3080322
A sister of Modest. She is a daughter of top breeder ‘De 001’ BE06-3003001: sire of a 70th Nat. Barcelona 8,764 p., 22nd Nat. Montauban, 74th Nat. Jarnac, 96th Nat. Libourne… (son of Dikke Poot BE89-3394098, a son of Emperador x Juweel BE00-3138319) x Liefje BE09-3135127, a half sister of Gouden Vleugel (from Donkeren BE97-3088639 x Lieve BE00-3137654, a daughter Geschelpte Stier).
Click here for the pedigree of Beauraing

One of the stars of this loft and one of Patrick's favourite racing birds of today is Baron. He proved to be one of Belgium's strongest Barcelona pigeons in recent years

-Baron BE11-3046639

 4th Best Barcelona pigeon of Belgium 2015-16
48th Nat. Barcelona 7,791 p. ’15
66th Nat. Barcelona 7,693 p. ’16

Sire: De 94 BE08-3003094
A half brother of Luna, 2nd Nat. and 4th Intnat. Barcelona ’06. He is also a son of Lange Stier BE97-3087828 (bred from 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB Geschelpte Stier BE88-3396534 x Laura BE87-3369466, a daughter of Laureaat) x Alisa BE06-3003138 (a daughter of two invaluable stock breeders: Subliem BE96-3317101, grandfather of Gouden Vleugel x Juweel BE00-3138319).
Dam: Shiva BE03-3239183
A marvellous hen bred from Zoon Cahors BE98-3271037 (from 2nd Nat. Cahors 7,271 p. and 19th Nat. Brive 16,376 p.: Cahors BE86-3363028 x Melanie BE86-3363023) x Hilde BE97-3087846, a half sister of a 3rd Nat. Libourne, 28th Nat. Brive, 28th Nat. Cahors, 39th Nat. Barcelona, 48th Nat. Barcelona… (a daughter of Monty BE83-3347356 x Katrien BE84-3392595, a daughter of Jonge Prins 559/78).
Click here for the pedigree of De Baron

What is peculiar about Baron is that he comes from a close inbreeding to a legendary stock breeder of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruane: Geschelpten BE82-3366362. This invaluable pigeon originates from such renowned Vanbruane pigeons as Jonge Stier, Jonge Sproete, Elektriek, Barcelona I and Barcelona II. Both Geschelpe Stier, Subliem and De Cahors are in fact direct sons of stock breeder Geschelpten 362.

Iconic breeder Gouden Vleugel

Gouden Vliegel is steadily turning into the loft's new stock breeder. Quite a few of his youngsters and grandchildren are part of Patrick's current breeding and racing team. Among the stars of this racing team are:
- Gouden 33 BE12-3041433: 5th Best Belgian pigeon in the international races 2015 (a son of Gouden Vleugel)
- Gouden 53 BE13-3001753: 2 x 1st club and 9th Nat. Libourne, a 12th Nat. Cahors (a son of Gouden Vleugel)
- Agie BE14-3003255: 7th Nat. and 8th Intnat. Agen 4,524 p. and 8th Best yearling of Belgium over 2 international races in 2015 (a grandchild of Gouden Vleugel) 

The highly talented cock Klein Donker is another pigeon inbred to Gouden Vleugel, having been bred from a son x daughter Gouden Vleugel. Patrick says he is a highly promising bird:

-Klein Donker BE14-3006213

23rd  Nat Agen         3,645 p. ’16
19th  Prov Bourges     2,101 p. ’15
249th Intnat Narbonne  4,524 p. ’15
134th N.Zone Gueret    2,707 p. ’15
1333th Nat. Chateauroux (Gueret) 25,126 p. ’16

Sire: Klein Goud BE11-3046609
A son of Gouden Vleugel BE03-3239132 x Nest sister Iniesta BE08-3003071
Dam: Syrah BE11-3046696
A daughter of Gouden Vleugel BE03-3239132 x 002-hen BE08-3003002, a half sister of Gouden Vleugel and a daughter of Luna (bred from Donkeren BE97-3088639, the sire of Gouden Vleugel x Luna BE04-3177330: 2nd Nat. and 4th Intnat. Barcelona ’06).
Click here for the pedigree of Klein Donker

The pigeons that we discussed in this report have repeatedly demonstrated their potential in the marathon competition, and with such a collection of highly talented pigeons in his loft Patrick Delrue-Vanbruane can look toward the future with great confidence. One of his goals would be to add another chapter to the already impressive success story of the renowned Vanbruane breed, which appears to stand the test of time with ease!

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