Op De Beeck-Baetens (Putte, BE) takes national first prize yearlings from Montluçon

This team has won a 1st nat. Bourges 15,508 yearlings in 2009, and now a 1st nat. Montluçon 16,958 yearlings. The pigeon family from Putte is well on its way to making history.

Willy, Eddy and David Op De Beeck-Baetens: 2 national victories in six years' time


Are they proud of their two national first prizes? “Of course we are. There are so many strong pigeon lofts that fail to win just one national victory in their entire career”, says David Baetens. David is the son/grandson/spokesman of the De Beeck-Baetens trio. His grandfather Willy Op De Beeck used to look after the pigeons on a daily basis, today this task is performed by different people: Willy takes care of the breeders, and son-in-law/father Eddy Baetens is looking after the racing birds since he retired two years ago. David is responsible for the parings and he helps with basketing and clocking whenever he can.

Jannes: 1st nat. Montluçon 16,958 yearlings

Jannes (BE14-6303802)

The winning cock Jannes did what his sire Max (BE11-6103169) could not: claiming a national first prize. Max did win a provincial first prize from Bourges against 3,068 pigeons but had to be satisfied with a national 14th place against 16,859 pigeons and a 5th prize in the zone against 7,285 pigeons. It shows that Jannes originates from quite a talented sire. In fact, the dam of Jannes BE06-6410611 was possibly even more renowned than his sire. She is the granddaughter of Olympiade (BE01-6455003) of Leo Heremans and grandmother of Leo’s Nieuwe Olympiade (BE10-6146101), a great racing bird that won a 1st Quievrain 2,460 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of Jannes.

The wing of Jannes

Jannes was basketed for one shorter middle distance race in late August last year, being neither a young nor a late youngster. This means he trained well in his first year of birth. He only missed one prize this season, in the race from Souppes, a race with a velocity of 1,800 m/min. He showed to be in great form in the last three races prior to Montluçon: 

7th Souppes 2,686 pigeons
39th nat. Chateauroux 25,710 yearlings
37th in intermediate flight from Momignies against 222 pigeons

It is no surprise that Willy, Eddy and David opted for Jannes as the leader of their team of 11 yearlings for Montuçon. They won two more top 100 prizes (19th and 62nd) and a total of 9 prizes with 11 pigeons, which is quite an overall performance.

The head and eye of Jannes


We have taken a closer look at the career of Jannes as a young bird and as a one year old, just to get an idea of the entire approach of Op De Beeck-Baetens. They continue racing in classic widowhood, with the cocks competing in a national race every two weeks. They are basketed for a training flight from Momignies (120km) in the weekends in between, to prepare for the next national race. They opt for Momignies because there is also a release on Saturday morning. The last race for the widowers is Bourges II, after which they get some time off. The early young cocks are basketed for one or two national races, the hens sometimes get to do a few more. 
They try to have their late young birds compete in at least one shorter middle distance race. They were raced both with the sliding door and from the nest in 2014, but this season the young birds are free to do as they like. In other words, Willy, Addy and David opt for the easiest approach. “If you really focus on the national young birds’ races, then it would be best to pair your young birds to an older fixed partner, to be raced in widowhood”, David explains. “However, this involves quite a lot of work, and our main goal is still the old birds’ competition.” The young birds are not really selected based on their results either. “The reason is you can never tell which ones were truly motivated and which were not.”


We asked David about his team’s biggest strength, and he needed a few moments to think about it. “Patience”, he said. Not in terms of giving your pigeons too many chances of proving themselves (a pigeon that does not perform well in the 5 preliminary flights will not be basketed for the nationals), but in terms of planning. At the beginning of the season we draw up a time schedule and we try to stick to this schedule as much as possible, unless the circumstances force us to change plans. As we said, our widowers are basketed for a national race every two weeks. We will never basket our pigeons for an additional race to increase our chances of winning a championship title, or because of good weather. In addition, we will always try to keep our best racing birds in our own loft, as they are the future of our team." This is perhaps the reason why Op De Beeck-Baetens has been one of the very top lofts, first in the sprint, then in the middle distance and eventually the longer middle distance.


Alleen die naam al , super prestatie comb.

Nogmaals van harte gefeliciteerd aan het hele team Op de Beeck-Baetens.
Klasse duiven en super mensen!

Danny van Daalen

Hoi Willy, Eddy en David,

Van harte proficiat met de nationale overwinning, en nog veel succes op de nog komende vluchten,
en tot ziens bij de "Gouden Duif".

Gr. Adri Stroo Zoutelande

proiciat met jullie nationale overwinning
grts ludo

Dikke Proficiat met deze prachtprestatie !!
Groetjes uit Moorsele , Fam. Vanneste-Demely L.

Hallo Eddy, Willi und David,

auch aus Gütersloh meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Nationalsieg.

wir sehen uns Anfang Oktober.

weiterhin Gut Flug

Thomas Schwarze

Congratulations my good friend!
A top team with top racing pigeons!