Op de Beeck-Baetens - Putte (BE) National Bourges winner against 15.335 yearlings

After Loft Jos Vercammen by the youngsters, and Loft Daniel Parijs by the old birds… it was the trio Op de Beeck-Baetens from Putte who, during the weekend of 25 July, was the 3° colony to achieve national victory and can wear the party hat, this time from Bourges for yearlings!

 They clocked their winning pigeon at 12h34 from a distance of 471,362 Km, good enough for a velocity of 1411,25 m/min!  With this they beat Roger Lismont from Geetbets in place 2 with 1402 m, and the old 1° Nat La Souterraine winners by the youngsters in 2008, the colony of Smits-Mellaerts from Wezemaal in place 3!
In so doing, the Belgian Putte… also known as the ‘Mecca” of the grand middle distance, because a certain Van Hove-Uytterhoeven and a certain Jos & Jules Engels live there… now has another new famous name in the pigeon sport, namely Op de Beeck-Baetens!
The colony Op de Beeck-Baetens is a combination of grandfather – son-in-law – and son/grandson, who joined forces a few years ago. Grandfather Willy (79) stands in for the majority of the care while son-in-law Eddy Baetens (56) and grandson David (33) are at work. It is almost 2 years since they decided to join forces, and now practise the pigeon sport under one common denominator! A new name also means a new turning point in their practise of the pigeon sport… because in previous years the emphasis was on the small middle distance, something which now seems to be gradually changing … because they are aiming more and more towards the provincial and national races up to 600 Km. They hope to do this sufficiently armed, due to the fact that their loft is built up for 90% with pigeons from grandfather Jules Op de Beeck (mainly the line of the ‘Zot’) x pigeons from Dirk & Louis Van Dyck from Zandhoven… which were supplemented with pigeons originating from Sylvere Toye, , the late Karel Schellens and Marina Vd Velde.
Especially the line of the legendary ‘Zot 234/98’ who self won 5 x 1° Prize and 12 x within the first 10, is like a red thread through the colony. Also the 1° National Bourges winner against 15.335 yearlings, is a grandson of this racing and breeding wonder! He was given the name ‘Rappe Zot’ (ring 08-6065443) and comes out the ‘Witpen Zot 265/06’ (a pure inbreed cock out the ‘Zot 234/98 x ‘Daughter Zot’ 378/03) x ‘Daughter Charlie 385/07’ (out the 2 x 1° prize winner ‘Charlie 442/00’ , who is also father of the 12° Nat Ace pigeon Middle Distance the Netherlands… x ‘Bulldozer-hen 273/04’). In the line of the mother there is a great deal of the Dirk Van Dyck-blood anchored! The ‘Rappe Zot’ has performed the following up until now:

’08 Dourdan           412 p.        1      (with head start)
’08 Noyon           105 p.        12
’09 Quievrain           216 p .    5
’09 Noyon           227 p.        17
’09 Etampes        1.473 p.    62
’09 Etampes        1.298 p.    108
Missing for 3 days from Bourges I
’09 Pithiviers           151 p.        6
’09 Bourges II Nat    15.335 p.    1

A chap who has experienced quite a lot in his young career. He was lost for a while as a youngster. When he returned he was quickly trained up to Noyon and Dourdan, in which he didn’t betray the trust put in him and promptly won 1° with a 3 minute lead! As a yearling he disappeared for 3 days from Bourges I, and then after 3 week’s rest and a few training races from Quiévrain and Noyon once again showed his worth from Pithiviers. In the provincial Orleans 2 weeks ago he missed his prize… to now have a resounding revenge with national victory from Bourges. The ‘Zot’-line did it again and now also triumphs on Belgian soil, after Jacob Poortvliet won the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Youngsters in the Netherlands in 2007 with a direct Op de Beeck-Baetens pigeon out the same line of the ‘Zot’!
The Op de Beeck-Baetens colony was also intense in 2009, and scored here their 7° victory of the season. The men from Putte achieved the following performances from Bourges:
141 old birds: 1,41 (and 2/4), 256 yearlings: 1,9,24… (14/24), and 689 youngsters 9,12,27… (including 1+2° nominated and 9/23).
The 2009 sport season was started with 48 widower cocks which are raced according to the classic widowhood, and this year 14 hens were also raced in widowhood for the first time, with satisfactory results… but not on the same level as the racing cocks … in other words, according to David, alterations will have to be made to the system in order to achieve similar results. In addition, there are 70 youngsters flying around.  As youngsters the cocks are raced up to middle distance, and stopped somewhere around the end of august. They are then moved straight into the widower’s loft and are coupled with an old hen who knows her box well. They are then allowed to brood 2 x so that they are ‘box familiar’ when they are separated. The young hens are allowed to show what they are worth in the national races for youngsters.
At the beginning of December the racing pigeons are coupled again for the early breed and raise 1 youngster. They are then separated and before the start of the season they are brought together again for 3 days, and then separated again…this is how they start widowhood, they are not allowed to brood anymore! Before being basketted they are allowed to visit their hens in the box for about half an hour. The pigeons were also basketted in this way for the closing Bourges II of the sport season. With overwhelming success… as it turned out! There was no ‘box of tricks’ or other motivation for getting the best out of their ‘Rappe Zot’… with the result being national victory by the yearlings. To David, father Eddy, and grandfather Willy, congratulations!




Op de Beeck-Baetens & Uncle Willy !
And best wishes for your continued success.

success comes from seeing life as an unending process
of trying, learning and growing. I’m very happy for you.