Op de Beeck-Baetens - Putte (BE) …deliverers of ‘national winners’ and ‘national Ace pigeons’!

The colony Op de Beeck-Baetens is a combination of grandfather Willy Op de Beeck (80) – son-in-law Eddy Baetens (57) – and son/grandson David Baetens (34)…

... which joined forces sometime in 2008, and since then have walked streets strewn with success in the pigeon sport .

The story actually began in ’89 when David stepped into the pigeon sport under his own name, supported herein by his father… who had never been active in the pigeon sport under his own name. David inherited the microbe from grandfather Willy and great grandfather Jules… who raced together as a duo in the pigeon sport… and where, together with Jules, he was often found in the lofts. Not surprising then that David was on the right tracks immediately, because when he started he could go digging in the breeding source of Jules who held his own for 80 years (period 1920 up to his death 2000 at 93 years of age) in the races up to small middle distance. In 2008 they decided to join forces and practice the pigeon sport under one name! Since then the ‘accent’ changed somewhat in the practising of their pigeon sport… their scope was previously mainly in the short middle distance… and now more and more orientated towards the provincial and national races up to 600 Km.  No easy feat… because, whoever follows the race reports closely, no doubt knows that the area around their residence Putte, can be seen as the ‘mecca’ of the ‘middle distance’. But as it turned out, they were more than armed from the start there at the Draplei in Putte to hold their own in the provincial and national classics of the ‘grand middle distance’! Their colony is mainly based on 3 basis breeding lines… namely those of the ‘Zot’, the ‘Kannibaal’ and the ‘Charlie’. We would like to introduce hem to you 

The ‘Zot’ B98-6085234

Eye of  "De Zot"

Without doubt… the stock pigeon by far in the Op de Beeck-Baetens colony. It must have been about the last ‘crack pigeon’ that the late Jules Op de Beeck bred. The ‘Zot’ won self 5 x 1° Prize and12 times within the  ‘first 10’ in the colony of Jules and Willy… and can in fact be considered as an heirloom given to the ‘new team Op de Beeck-Baetens’ (read: Willy, Eddy & David) to give the building of their new colony form. His dominant breeding properties soon came to the front… properties which his children and grandchildren also seem to pass on to their descendants with great ease.
One of the most famous descendants of the ‘Zot’ is without doubt the ‘Rappe Zot’… winner 1° National Bourges II Yearlings in 2009! He is not only a ‘grandson’ of this stock bear ‘Zot’… but on father’s side also originating from ‘inbreeding’ to the  ‘Zot’

-The ‘Rappe Zot’ B08-6065443
Winner 1° Nat Bourges II Yearlings  2009!

Father:  The ‘Whitepen Zot B06-6408265’… a pure inbred cock out the ‘Zot 234/98 x ‘Prinses’ 378/03 (self daughter of ‘Zot 234/98’ x ‘Jenni 498/94).
Mother:  ‘Daughter Charlie 385/07’… out the 2 x 1° prize winner ‘Charlie 442/00’, also father of ‘Karen’ etc… (who is also father of the 12° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance the Netherlands…  see further) x ‘Whitepen Bulldozer 273/04’). The ‘Rappe Zot’ has performed as follows up to now :

 ’08 Dourdan           412 p. 1      (with lead)
’08 Noyon             105 p. 12
’09 Quievrain         216 p. 5
’09 Noyon             227 p. 17
’09 Etampes         1.473 p. 62
’09 Etampes         1.298 p. 108
’09 Pithiviers        151 p. 6
’09 Bourges II Nat 15.508 p . 1 

A full sister of this ‘Rappe Zot’... namely ‘Tikje’ won the 2° prize Hot Spot race Upland Derby  (against more than 700 pigeons)… whilst a ‘Half-sister Rappe Zot 109/10’ was joint winner of the 2° place in the middle distance championships in August 2010 from the ‘Gouden Duif’.
The ‘Whitepen Zot’ (father ‘Rappe Zot) is also brother and half-brother of a.o. the ‘Schone Blauwe’ (1° reg 358 p. and 6° Prov Orleans 4.281 p.,  1° reg 147 p. and 47° Nat Bourges 11.756 p., 12° Prov Orleans 2.495 p…), ‘Lichte Zot’ (2 x 1° prize, 3 x 2° prize etc…), ‘Daphne’ and ‘Dante’ (respectively 1° + 2° Ace pigeon Youngsters by Lothar Pasinski), ‘Coming Home’ (5° Ace pigeon Old birds by Lothar Pasinski) etc…
Briefly summarised, we can best illustrate the ‘impact’ of stock pigeon the ‘Zot’ with the top performances of his direct descendants (to even grandchildren, and great grandchildren), so as :

 1° Nat. Bourges II       15.508 p.
2° Nat. Bourges I Zone B  9.146 p.
2° Prov Bourges           3.292 p.
5° Prov Bourges I         4.376 p.
5° Prov Orleans           7.510 p.
5° Prov Gueret              775 p.
6° Prov Orleans           4.281 p.
7° Intprov Issoudun       4.627 p.
8° Prov Bourges II        4.207 p.
11° Prov Argenton         1.064 p.
12° Prov Orleans          2.459 p.
12° Prov La Souterraine   1.047 p.
13° Nat La Souterraine    4.459 p.
14° Prov Bourges          4.376 p.
31° Nat. Bourges         37.357 p.
37° Nat. Argenton        25.583 p.
47° Nat. Bourges         11.756 p.
47° Nat. Argenton        25.583 p.
49° Nat. La Souterraine  17.814 p.
55° Nat. Bourges         37.357 p.    etc  

A few of his most famous descendants at the moment, include :
-‘Karen’ B06-6053349
(raced from the lofts of Jacob Poortvliet)
2° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance
8° Nat. Ace pigeon sprint/Middle Distance ‘Best of the Best’
She won a.o. 1° Boxtel 6.880 p., 1° Maaseik 1.429 d… and no less than 20 prizes at least per ‘100’ (so within the best 1% of the competition).

-‘Royal Jet Junior’ B06-6053359: won 16 prizes at least per 100 by Jacob Poortvliet and was further…
1° Ace pigeon Late races... 1° Ace pigeon Sprint…
-‘New Zot’: won in the lofts of Jacob Poortvliet  a.o. 1° Isnes 1.553 p., 8° NPO Morlincourt 3.138 p… an was a.o.:
1° Prov Ace pigeon Youngsters 2010
6° Nat Ace pigeon Youngsters WHZB 2010
15° Nat Ace pigeon Youngsters 2010 


-‘The 293/07’: won 5 x 1° prize against an average of 360 pigeons in the lofts of Witse Van der Horn.
The ‘Schone Zot’ is then ‘full brother’ of the ‘Zot’… and he also turned out to be just as gifted a breeder as his illustrious brother. He became father of the ‘Jonge Zot 283/07’ which was crowned in the lofts of Jacob Poortvliet as 1° National Ace pigeon NPO youngsters in 2007!
With all these figures in front of us… it will not surprise anyone to learn that the Op de Beeck-Baetens colony is currently build up for quasi 50% with descendants of this ‘Zot’!

The line of the world famous ‘Kannibaal’ Dirk Van Dyck is well-known to all of us. The men of the combination Op de Beeck-Baetens also followed this line closely… and seeing as how Eddy Baetens by bus builders Van Hool had Dirk Van Dyck as colleague… it won’t surprise anyone to learn that this success line also soon made its entrance in Putte. In 1995 a first son of the ‘Bourges’ Van Dyck (1° Prov & 2° Nat Bourges 40.401 p… and brother of the ‘Kannibaal’) came to reinforce the breeding team in Putte… he was a.o. grandfather of the earlier mentioned ‘Royal Jet Junior’. Later more sons and daughters of this ‘Bourges’ came to conjugate the lofts, together with a few descendants out the other ‘Van Dyck toppers’… so as the ‘Kannibaal’ self! One of the best breeding pigeons is without doubt 

-‘Mister Kannibaal’ B06-6210297


Late cock 2006 out icon ‘Kannibaal 005/95’ or the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 1996… which immediately worked his way up to ‘super breeder’ in Putte. Some notable examples of his direct children and grandchildren illustrate his enormous breeding worth 

 2° Nat. Bourges I Zone B   9.146 p.
12° Prov La Souterraine    1.047 p.
13° Nat. La Souterraine    4.459 p.
31° Nat. Bourges          37.357 p.
37° Nat. Argenton         25.583 p.
44° Nat. Argenton          7.358 p.
49° Nat. La Souterraine   17.814 p.
70° Nat. La Souterraine   17.814 p. etc  

A direct son of ‘Mr. Kannibaal’ (the 218/10) won in 2010 by H.vd Haterd the 1° Ace pigeon Marathon 2010 and 10° Prov Ace pigeon 2010!
Via his son ‘Spencer’ is this ‘Mr Kannibaal’ also father of the top racing hen ‘Eunice’ B08-6065425 which a.o. won :

 11° Nat Bourges I     22.476 p. (1° club 271 p. with 1148 m/min)
13° Nat La Souterraine 4.459 p. (1° club 100 p. with 1214 m/min)
285° Nat Argenton     21.092 p.
373° Nat Bourges      15.508 p.
545° Nat Argenton     10.549 p. etc  

-‘Daughter Kannibaal’ B01-6380245
Extra breeding mother which directly became mother of the ‘Zeplin’ B02-6035003, which won self 3° against 885 p., 3° against 383 p., 4° against 517 d… etc. He immediately proved that he was worth his weight in gold as a breeder, as he is father of the famous ‘twin’ of the Netherlands, namely :

Olympic Ellen’  B06-6053330

 3°  Olympiad pigeon ‘All Round’ 2009 in Dortmund
3°  Nat Ace pigeon Sprint Olympiad Dortmund 2009
12° Nat Ace pigeon Late races WHZB   etc  

She won 17 prizes from 18 baskettings in 2008 wherefrom 14 at lest per 100 (within the first  1%)

Eddy’ B06-6053329

 3° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance NPO 2008
1° St.Quentin NPO 13.472 p.
1° Strep/Thieu     3.295 p . 

Won 11 prizes per 100 (within the first 1%)
As you will have noticed on the rings, both ‘Olympic Ellen’ as her nest-brother ‘Eddy’ are both direct Op de Beeck-Baetens pigeons!
The ‘Kannibaal’-line was very successful in crossing with the basis line of the ‘Zot’ and with this of the ‘Charlie’… and currently makes up about 40% of the current loft consistency !

"Charlie" B00-6096442
Is basis layer of the 3rd superior breeding line in the lofts of Op de Beeck-Baetens. At the end of the 90’s they bought a breeding cock (‘Den Duits 0746/98’… line Janssen Arendonk x Louis Deleus) from H & A.Casselman in Germany which turned out to be a direct hit in breeding. He became father of an entire series of real top pigeons so as ‘Chaplin’ (winner 1°-2°-4°-4°-6°-6°-7°-7°-8°-10°-10° prize and 1° Ace pigeon Middle Distance club), ‘Charlie’, ‘Mon Ami’, ‘Amigo’, ‘Schone Blauwe’, … from his direct descendants residing in the breeding lofts is ‘Charlie’ (self 2 x 1st prize and 5 x within the ‘first 10’ in the middle distance) one of the most dominant breeders out this series! So is ‘Charlie’ a.o. father of :

-‘Karen 349/06: 2° Prov Ace pigeon, 8° Nat Ace pigeon and 2 x 1° Prize (see above )

-‘Brother Karen: 1° prize winner!
He is also grandfather of a.o. the
-‘Jonge zot’: 1° Nat Ace pigeon Youngsters 2007 

-‘Lichte Zot’: 2 x 1° prize

-‘The 299/04: 3 x 1° prize and 39° Nat Bourges 10.759 p. etc 

A crossing of the lines ‘Kannibaal’ x ‘Charlie’ (out ‘Son Tarzan’) brought the current ‘nr 1’ to the racing lofts of the Op de Beeck-Baetens colony, namely

 -The ‘Crack’ B08-6065358
And he has performed up to now as follows 

 Bourges    Prov   4.376 p. 4
Bourges    Prov   2.802 p. 4
Argenton   Prov   1.064 p. 5
Bourges I  Nat   22.476 p. 39
Dourdan    Club      994 p. 9
Dourdan    Club      412 p. 7
Dourdan    Club      404 p. 8    etc  

These 3 stock lines form then the basis of the current loft consistency in Putte, where out a pack of superior racing and breeding material has already arisen, with the most prominent of course being the 1° National Bourges 2009 (Rappe Zot) and a few ‘national Ace pigeons’ in the lofts of Jacob Poortvliet in the Netherlands.  For those who want to read about their racing method and loft consistency, we would like to refer you to the report which we made in the middle of 2009 by their national victory from Bourges at the end of July… you can find it on PiPa under the heading ‘news and articles’. It shows that Op de Beeck-Baetens not only possess an exceptional classy strain of pigeons, but with them have in no time grown to be one of the leading colonies of our country in the provincial and national ‘Grand Middle Distance’! A colony where joint forces are successfully building on the future…a bundling of forces and pigeon ‘know how’ which has already led to super performances in the pigeon sport! No, we haven’t seen the last exploit yet… keep an eye ion these men !

A few highlights out  2009-2010

 Bourges II Nat. 15.508 p. 1,47,373,666,858,890,1075… (13/24)
Bourges I  Nat. 22.476 p. 11,39,60… (10/16)
Bourges II Nat. 37.357 p. 31,55,221,676,1955,2332,2339,3663… (10/23)
Orleans    Prov. 2.510 p. 7,12 (2/3)
Bourges I  Prov. 4.376 p. 4,14,27,56,94,108,125,169,258,287… (18/28)
Bourges    Prov. 2.802 p. 4,35,38… (8/12)
Argenton   Prov. 1.064 p. 5,11,42… (8/12)
Noyon              127 p. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11, … (29/54)
Noyon              121 p. 1,2,3,4,9… (10/19)
Marne La Vallee  2.037 p. 12,13,15,27,30,59,86… (22/41)
Dourdan          1.079 p . 8,9,12,26,51,60, … (21/40) 

2010: Gouden Duif: 2° Middle Distance Belgium from the month August
2009: 2° Ace pigeon Youngsters ‘Flying Club Antwerp’ 2009 (Argenton-La Souterraine-Gueret)
           6° Ace pigeon Union Antwerp Long Distance Youngsters 2009    etc 

Jules in front of the old loft