Olivier Carlier (Ophain, BE) wins the 1st interprovincial Pithiviers from 2,574 pigeons with the highest speed of 3,664 pigeons!

A superb victory, the second of the season, won by what we can already call a champion pigeon! Indeed, Benny from Olivier Carlier won its third victory of its young career in the interprovincial race from Pithiviers!

While he was racing some superior champions like Jordan and Senna some time ago, Olivier just discovered a new high potential giant who is now taking care of the business! Benny is without any doubt one of the best pigeons of its generation and the least we can say is that he is in good shape at the beginning of this season! He has just won his second victory of the season and this in only three races! Some will say that the racing conditions during this race (and it's totally true) were relatively easy to deal with. Nobody will say the opposite as the victory was won with a velocity of 1,734 m/min, however, you have to understand that Benny was 4 minutes ahead of his closest opponents in the yearlings category (where he also won the victory against 1,090 pigeons). 4 minutes ahead on a race with a velocity of more than 1,700 m/min, this has to be good! In addition, as said before, it was the second victory for this classy cock this season as he also triumphed against 342 pigeons from Soissons on the 20th of April with a velocity of 1,089 m/min being 2 minutes ahead of the 2nd pigeon. But he can also achieve a top performance at the distance with hard flying conditions as shown by his result from Argenton in August 2012 when he won 18th interprovincial against 2,041 pigeons with a velocity of 1,116 m/min! So, this pigeon can fly well at all distances and even better, he can beat his opponents by being minutes ahead of them! This is what we can call a pigeon who makes the difference! Let's have a look at his performance list and at his pedigree!

- Benny (BE12-1514896)

20/04 Soissons (154 km) club  -   342 yearlings : 1st
11/05 Pithiviers (317 km) Gen - 2,574 old birds : 1st
                          Gen - 1,090 yearlings : 1st
Highest speed from 3,664 pigeons
18/05 Orléans (352 km) club   -   182 yearlings : 3rd
                          Gen - 1,107 yearlings : 16th


1.  Blois club – 83 p. (420 km)
    32. Prov – 591 p.
2.  La Ferte – 229 p. (210 km)
    9. Regional – 536 p.
2.  Argenton club – 266 p. (500 km)
    18. I.prov – 2,041 p.
    298. Nat Zone – 8,624 p.
    969. National – 25,949 p.
4.  Nanteuil – 236 p. (204 km)
11. Melun – 210 p. (252 km).
13. Melun – 113 p.
    72. I.prov – 606 p.
16. Orléans – 172 p. (353 km)
    40. I.prov – 728 p.

Father: Chipo's Lad (BE 09-6354561), direct Geerinckx L,B,J and full brother of Nationaal, 1st Limoges Nat '09. He is also a grand-child of the legendary Gladiator & Chipo!
Mother: The black white flight (BE 09-1516265), daughter of the super champion of the loft, Jova (10 x 1st, 4 x top 81 national zone in the longer middle distance races), paired with a daughter of the Bourges, 6th national Bourges. A mixture of the best lines of the loft!
If you want to check the pedigree of Benny, click here.

Superb flying
You must understand that on the same day of his victory from Pithiviers, a half-sister of Benny, Olivia (raced by Adrien Mirabelle), also won a victory against 198 pigeons, again from Pithiviers (released 10 minutes before). Olivia is herself, a daughter of Chipo's Lad and was the first nominated pigeon of the team of youngsters who won the title of 1st Provincial Champion Longer Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB in 2012! In fact, she won a prize per 100 from Bourges & Argenton (1:100), whilst she also won a prize at La Souterraine (per 10) and Guéret! In addition, another daugther of Chipo's Lad won the 12th Narbonne nat against 8,910 pigeons last year (16/11,000 International & 5/5,098 international hens) with a velocity of 1,248 m/min for 859 km. Admit it, this breeder is a real phenomenon, three triumphs in three different lofts and his owner doesn't even have any grandchildren in the racing loft now. Chipo's Lad probably hasn't revealed all his secrets yet! Olivier, good luck for the rest of the season!


Cela c'est une super performance. Un gand bravo à Olivier et à son champion Wink

La grande classe , toujours au top d années en années

Félicitation Olivier pour tes très bons résultats et bonne chance pour la suite avec ce crack "BENNY"