National victory for Alain & Jean-Marc Caro (Lambermont, BE) from Limoges I against 15,783 old birds!

It was another renowned Belgian pigeon fancier that has just won the first long distance classic on the national calendar: Limoges I, or the Paris-Roubaix of the Belgian pigeon racing competition.

Jean-Marc & Alain Caro.

The least we can say is that the race from Limoges I was a hard but fair one. Practically all the Belgian provinces were represented in the national top 10, from the very east all the way to the west of the country. Could a race be any more fair? With changing winds across the entire flight line, it was really difficult to guess the area which the winning pigeon would come from. Several important factors had be taken into account: wind direction, mass, etc. The national first prize eventually went to the Caro brothers from Lambermont (province of Liège), a small city next to the more commonly nown city of Verviers, about 20 kilometres from the German border. Their pigeon was clocked at 16h09'00" for a distance of 658km, good for an average speed of 1,268.18 m/minute. The second place was won by the hen of the super combination Bosmans-Leekens from Beverlo (1.253,04 m/min), with the third place being won by none other than Bart Geerinckx (1.242,00 m/min). Nothing but renowned names!

No strangers

When it comes to national long distance racing in Belgium, Alain & Jean-Marc Caro are no strangers. The two brothers already have several fantastic performances to their name: national victories, olympiad titles, national titles and several KBDB championship titles. So they do have a fair bit of experience. In fact, Limoges 2018 is already the third national victory in their career:

1. Souillac national  7,312 p. '08
1. Montauban national 7,203 p. '09
1. Limoges national  15,783 p. '18

And also

1. Bordeaux international 8,690 p. '96

They have already won several ace pigeons classifications in the national championships KBDB:

1.  National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Olds KBDB '08
2.  National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yl KBDB '13
4.  National Ace Pigeon Extrem Long Distance KBDB '11
8.  National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '02
12. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Olds KBDB '11
12. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Olds KBDB '09
12. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Olds KBDB '13

These titles have turned them a highly reputable team and a force to be reckoned with in the Belgian long distance races.

They started to get involved in pigeon racing besides their father Marcel, a very good fancier who taught them all his skills. After his death they took care of the pigeons on their own, at first under the name of Widow Marcel Caro, and nowadays as Jean-Marc Caro. The current basis of their loft is still built around the breeding lines of their father. Over time, they had the chance to breed several exceptional pigeons and the secret behind their success story is that they always tried to keep them home, despite the enormous amount of money that was sometimes offered for them. Only a few have been sold because it was simply impossible to refuse. That was the case with 'Best of Europe', 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008 & 1st national Souillac against 7,312 pigeons the same year. However, it never happened to 'Montauban', 1st national Montauban against 7,203 pigeons in 2009. Both pigeons can still be found in the pedigree of the national winner from Limoges.


The two brothers were quite surprised with their national victory. They were not really ready when the pigeon arrived home but luckily their clock was switched on. It was Alain who saw a shadow falling from the sky, heading straight towards the loft of the widowers. When he went in to check what it was, both brothers quickly understood that this would be an early pigeon. Several hours later their national victory was confirmed.

The first prize from Limoges came as a big surprise for Alain & Jean-Marc but their overall results in this race was even more impressive to many of their colleagues. They had basketed 18 pigeons, with which the following prizes were won:

02/06 Limoges (658 km) Iprov - 2,600 old birds:
1-2-5-30-32-45-61-145-167-... (16/18)
02/06 Limoges (658 km) Nat Zone - 1,518 old birds:
1-2-3-13-14-18-25-68-81-... (14/18)
02/06 Limoges (658 km) National - 15,783 old birds:
1-10-15-113-116-199-286-695-802-... (14/18)

- 'The Limoges' (BE16-1146002)

Paired just like the other widowers at the begining of february, the future national winner raised a youngster before going straight to widowhood. The racing season started with the race from Chimay (120 km). The hens are never shown in the first few races of the season. For Limoges however, the pigeons could see their loved one just before being basketted. This was perhaps what motivated him to claim a coveted national first prize. Last year, he was already clocked very early in Tulle. Important sidenote his nestbrother was the second pigeon clocked from Limoges, winning the 10th national against 15,783 pigeons.

1. Limoges national - 15,783 p. '18
1. Nanteuil federal -  1,168 p. '17
4. Tulle nat zone   -  1,236 p. '17
   65. National     -  9,578 p.
8. Dizy Federal     -  1,449 p. '17
82. Jarnac nat zone -  1,001 p. '17

This brand new national winner is another example of talent breeds talent. His sire was one of the main racers of the loft a few years ago and won the title of 1st Best pigeon from Belgium over 5 long distance races in 2013 (PIPA Rankings). He is a grandson of 'Best of Europe' (1st National Ace Long Distance KBDB '08).
The dam is in turn a direct daughter from the 'Montauban' (1st national Montauban 7,203 pigeons '09).
Click here to check the pedigree of the national winner.

We would like to congratulate Alain & Jean-Marc Caro on a splendid third national victory and we wish them good luck for the rest of the season!