Mr & Ms Philippe Odent (Nielles-Lès-Calais, FR) win the 1st, 5th and 75th National Pau

It is with class that Philippe Odent won the first national place in France on the first race of the international calendar, Pau. In additon of his national victory, he also won the 5th and 75th prize and won 3 prizes from 5 basketted.

Philippe Odent lives in Nielles-Lès-Calais, a small village of less 300 habitants, localized in the area of Calais in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Philippe and his wife are living there since 2004. Philippe race since 1987 and he contracted the pigeon bug from his father who gave him 6 breeding couples when he begun. He always prefered the long distance races, that's why he enter his teams in the 'ALC-CALC' program in France but also in the international races since 1990. Now, it's been 3 years that he races all the international calendar. His best pigeon memory was his victory on Poitiers Federal in 1992. Pau 2013 will be of course also considered as a super souvenir.

At his home in Nielles-Lès-Calais, Philippe built a pigeon loft with 4 compartments so he has 28 box in total. He has also another loft with 24 places for his youngsters and another for his 12 breeding pairs. His pigeon lofts are oriented at the south-east & north-east direction. As he want to secure the input of oxygen in his lofts, Philippe use the oppening of the windows and of the door. Most of his lofts are equipped with duckboards.

The racing team of Philippe Odent consist of 30 cocks with 8 yearlings. He also ring 40 young birds bred each year by the 12 breeding pairs. These pairs are mostly coming from the pigeons of Deguillage André, Tronquoy Jules, Duquesnoy brothers and Verhellen Hilaire. The pigeons from the late Verhellen gave a super boost to the colony. Philippe says that he has 3 real basis couples, from which the winner of the 1st national as well as the 75th national Pau 2013 are coming.

For his cocks, he use the classic widowhood system and the racers never raise a youngster before the season. They are raced as much as possible since the first weekend of april and so they were basketted 8 to 9 times before Pau. They can fly around once in a day before may but when the weather is better, they can train twice a day. For the long distance races, the pigeons are basketted each two weeks but if they are entered to an international race, they are basketted each three weeks. The yearlings are raced until 500 kilometers but some of them are sometimes tried until 800 kilometers. When they are aged of two years, they are entered on five long distance races. At the age of three, they are basketted for 2 or 3 international races.

Concerning the food, the pigeons are fed with a light mix once they come back and they are fed with some sport mix at the end of the week. He also use some natural products like oils or beer breast. Pigeons have also a lot of minerals.

The winner of Pau, 031614/2010 is a small cock well balanced. In 2012, he won the 84/351 on Treignac (600 km) and the 12/116 on Saint-Vincent (840 km). This year, he won his prizes on Châteaudun (320 km), Poitiers (492 km) and Blois (370 km) before winning the national race of Pau. His nest brother, the 031613/2010 has won the 75th National on the same race. These two brothers both have a super eye. Their father won a 5/5 in the long distance races in 2003 and comes from a crossing Deguillage/Tronquoy. Their grand-mother at the father side is a direct Verhellen Hilaire and she is also grand-mother of the 1st Federal Limoges for the colony Lecerf José. Their mother is coming from Franck Duquesnoy and her father has won a prize on Barcelona and Béziers. He is also a semi-brother of the 1st International Pau in 2004. Their grand-mother is the "San Sebastian" and she won the 1st International San Sebastian after she had won her prize on Saint-Rambert, Dax, Carcassone, Narbonne and Marseille. When you take a look at the pedigree of the winner, you can notice that there is a lot of good racers on his ancestors. As always, the good are coming from the goods.

Philippe Odent wanted to thank his wife without who the victory would have never been a reality. Since 2004, she is taking care of the pigeons from her husband who is still working a lot during the journey. And when her husband had a surgery a few months ago, she took care of the entire colony and lead them to the top. Philippe wanted also to thank the late Hilaire Verhellen for all the tips he gave him. Philippe and Hilaire were really good friends. He was a great man of the belgian pigeon sport. Remind that Hilaire Verhellen won the Europa Cup as well as the first international from Dax in 2005.

Congratulations to Philippe and his wife for this superb victory on Pau and we wish them a lot of success for the rest of their career. I would also like to thank Jean-Paul Imbert who was the intermediary for this report.


Félicitations à Madame et à Monsieur Odent pour avoir obtenu d'excellents résultats sur cette étape de Pau édition 2013.