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Maurice & Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) know how to win ace pigeon titles and first prizes in the middle distance thanks to their Tieke line

It takes great skill to breed an ace pigeon but the De Laere family seems to have developed the skill to breed ace pigeons for several years in a row.

In good health

Luc De Laere thinks that being at the top for several years, breeding excellent pigeons from a great bloodline is just a matter of keeping your pigeons in good form and in good health. Pick your strongest pigeons, believe in the quality of your bloodlines and do everything you can to keep your pigeons healthy. There is nothing more to it for the fanciers from Anzegem. Luc prefers not to make things more complicated; he just wants to race his pigeons every week. Luc is very passionate about keeping pigeons but he wants to find a good balance between his hobby and his family life. He prefers not to spend time with his pigeons on Sunday and he does not like to wait for his pigeons on Saturdays after 5 o’clock in the evening. That way everybody can be involved and it helps keep things interesting. Luc is 51 years old so he has a lot of experience in pigeon racing. He learned a lot at an early age and he soon proved to be a talented fancier: he actually used to beat his father in a number of young bird races with pigeons of average quality. He has a feel for pigeons and he can closely monitor them. Luc takes care of the pigeons most of the time, combining his hobby with his job as a technician in the textile industry. His father Maurice (82) watches the young birds and his wife Sybille is closely involved as well. She cleans the lofts regularly.

The near indestructible Tieke dynasty

Luc is very enthusiastic about his renowned Tieke (BE00-3010207). We give a brief overview of Tieke’s best achievements, which have led to the title of National Champion KBDB Middle Distance in 2002.

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’01 
9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘01
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’02 
9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘02
1st Prov. Tours 1,557 p.
2nd Prov. Blois 1,003 p.

He is most of all an outstanding breeding pigeon: he is the sire of more than ten top class racing pigeons already and these pigeons have also bred first prize winners. It is remarkable that this bloodline breeds nothing but great pigeons that can easily win top prizes, often with a big lead and in tough weather conditions. This loft had another great result in 2013 with a provincial victory from Guéret by Sperwer Tieke (BE11-3115645), which had a 7 minute lead over 1,932 pigeons. This is the list of achievements of Sperwer Tieke over the past two seasons:

20/4  Clermont        253 p.  72nd
27/4  Clermont        373 p.   6th  & WVOU  8462 p.  58th
4/5   Fontenay        301 p.   8th  & WVOU  6144 p. 127th
11/5  Orléans         330 p.  19th  & Prov. 3797 p. 104th
25/5  Bourges  prov. 2817 p. 788th
1/6   Fontenay        187 p.  41st
22/6  Guéret          339 p.   1st  (8 min. lead) 
               prov. 1932 p.   1st  (7 min. lead)

He had already won an impressive number of prizes in 2012:

Clermont          122 old birds:   2nd 
                  109 yearlings:   1st
Clermont          353 old birds:  30th  
                  311 yearlings:  16th
Angerville        466 old birds:  20th
                  373 yearlings:  13th
Angerville        466 old birds:  54th 
                  558 yearlings:  53rd
Angerville        197 old birds:  66th
                  252 yearlings:  70th
Montlucon  Club   552 yearlings: 117th 
           prov. 2609 yearlings: 544th
Argenton   Club   699 yearlings:   3rd 
           prov. 2844 yearlings:   3rd
Limoges    Club   603 yearlings:  80th  
           prov. 2867 yearlings: 281st

His nest sister Lady Amor (BE11-3115661) was 4th provincial ace pigeon young birds in 2011 with the following prizes:

31/07 Clermont              184 p:  20th
06/08 Ablis                 404 p:   1st (22 min. lead)
13/08 Argenton       Club    75 p:   5th
                     prov. 2459 p:  10th 
27/08 La Souterraine Club   517 p:  14th 
                     prov. 2248 p:  21st 
03/09 Brionne        Club   456 p:  39th 
                     prov. 3515 p: 198th 
10/09 Guéret         Club   580 p:  32nd 
                     prov. 2603 p: 110th

It would be impossible to discuss all the prizes that have been won with Tieke pigeons but we give you a brief overview of the most successful Tieke birds:

  • Prins Tieke (BE11-3115718) : 1st provincial Orléans (3,797 p.), 3rd Fontenay (310 p. - behind 2 loft mates), 2nd Tours (520 p.), 2nd Tours (311 p.), 2nd Tours (112 p.), etc.
  • Rolf Tieke (BE10-3015759): 1st Ablis (466 p.), 2nd Tours (275 p.), 1st Ablis (253 p.), 4th Tours (275 p.), etc.
  • Jonge Tieke (BE11-3115704): 2nd Tours (332 p.), 1st Tours (705 p.), 5th Tours (411 p.)
  • Antons Tieke (BE13-3054625): 3rd interprovincial Ace Pigeon young birds East & West Flanders 2013, 3rd Clermont (527 p.), 1st Fontenay (393 p.), 5th Clermont (752 p.), 6th Pontoise (525 p.), 14th Pontoise (404 p.), 27th Angerville (503 p.)
  • Perfecta (BE13-3054671): 6th interprovincial Ace Pigeon young birds East & West Flanders 2013, 2nd Clermont  (745 p.), 4th Clermont (527 p.), 3rd Clermont (606 p.), 9th Clermont (752 p.)
  • Sproet Tieke (BE11-3115645): 1st interprovincial Ace Pigeon old birds East & West Flanders 2013 with 17th Arras (298 p.), 3rd Clermont (253 p.), 2nd Clermont (373 p.) provincial 11th (8,462 p.), 1st Fontenay (310 p.), 50th Orléans (330 p.), 9th Fontenay (187 p.), 1st Fontenay (228 p.), 6th Fontenay (145 p.), 4th Fontenay (130 p.), 2nd Fontenay (76 p. - behind loft mate), 3rd Tours (277 p.) 29th provincial 2,093 p., 1st Tours (163 p.) provincial 2nd (1,033 p.) in 2013

Descendants of Tieke paired to Justine Bliksem (Gaby Vandenabeele): a perfect match

Justine Bliksem (BE06-3008201) of Gaby Vandenabeele was added to the collection a few years ago. It is no secret that the breed of Gaby is an excellent breeding line, particularly the lines of Wittenbuik and Bliksem. Countless fanciers have become successful with descendants of Gaby’s champions and the De Laere family from Anzegem is no exception.

We give you a brief overview of the achievements of the descendants of Justine Bliksem paired to the Tieke pigeons: they have won 26 first prizes from Arrras to Poitiers (which shows that they can cover longer distances as well), as well as 38 second and third prizes over the same distances.

The fanciers from Anzegem have also been doing very well with pigeons of Willy Ruttijn (Kruishoutem, BE), Julien Demilt (Kruishoutem, BE), Edor Loquet and Julien Van Renterghem (Zulte, BE), and pigeons of the German fanciers Rolf Huchthausen, Anton Peitz and Fred Sauerbier. At the same time, many German fanciers have been winning top prizes with pigeons of Luc and Maurice as well.

Approach and caretaking

Luc tries to keep his pigeons in good form and in good health and we give you some details about his approach in the loft:

  • 26 breeding pairs start breeding fairly early; the eggs of the best pairs are then brooded by feeding pairs.
  • 35 racing pigeons (old birds and yearlings) have to win at least six prizes per ten to stay in the team. The best racing pigeons are also used in the breeding loft.
  • There are two short but hard training flights per day. It should not take more than 30 minutes, as long as the pigeons train hard. 
  • The pigeons are fed separately in their box; a light mixture (Matador) is provided and the pigeons can eat until just before basketing.
  • The pigeons are basketed from the nest bowl in the early season; a hen is sometimes shown as well.
  •  When the pigeons arrive home, they can see their hen for almost as long as they want.
  • The vet performs a health check every four to five weeks. This loft barely has to deal with respiratory diseases but they have to look out for coccidiosis, even though the lofts are always very tidy. Luc thinks this is related to the loft itself but he is still looking for a cause.
  • Avidress Plus is administered very often, preferably in combination with supplements of Röhnfried.
  • The pigeons are not susceptible to respiratory diseases so they try to avoid unnecessary treatment as much as possible to prevent the pigeons from losing fitness.
  • There is a 10 day treatment against paratyphus in early February.
  • About 100 young birds used to be raced from the nest but from 2014 they will be raced with the sliding door instead.
  • Ace pigeons give a good indication of the composition of the breed and the selection.

We noticed during our visit that Luc has an efficient and well organised approach. He knows his breed very well and he knows the qualities of his pigeons. He is not afraid to basket pigeons for the demanding and more interesting middle distance races and this approach has allowed him to win ace pigeon titles and provincial and national top prizes for many seasons. This can only be done with a healthy basis, a strong breeding team and a solid strategy. We are quite sure that the De Laere family will be winning many more top prizes next season!


ja in rekkem kennen ze hem wel een te duchten speler goeie liefhebber en goeie diuven zal dees jaar weer niet anders zijn volg het maar en in rekkem top spelen mag je overal gaan zeker weten !!!!!

Altijd overtuigd gebleven van de kwaliteit.
Kocht op de verkoping in Rekkem een kleinzoon van de Tieke eind 2011 en kruiste hem met mijn basis.
Hij is ondertussen vader van de 3° asduif "as der azen" LCB 2013 en 10° provinciale asduif fond jongen KBDB 2013.
Vloog o.a. 17° nationaal zone ARGENTON van 3297 duiven, 40° nationaal zone LA SOUTERRAINE van 2555 duiven, 10° nationaal zone GUERET van 1913 duiven en de 63° nationaal van 11894 duiven.
Nogmaals dank Luc en succes in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ik heb van Luc een dochter van zijn TIEKE in bruikleen gekregen en een 3°nationale ASDUIF halve fond jonge 2013 uit gekweekt.
In het verleden nog goede duiven gekweekt van zijn duiven waarvoor hartelijk dank.