Maurice en Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) have won first provincial Guéret old birds in West Flanders

Maurice and Luc from Anzegem (West Flanders) have been performing at a high level in recent seasons. They have also won a number of important titles, including first National Champion KBDB Middle Distance Old Birds 2002 and first and second Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2001 and 2002.

Sperwer Tieke

In the national race from Guéret father and son De Laere won another provincial first prize with their Sperwer Tieke (BE11-3115660), who was once attacked by a sparrow hawk (sperwer in Dutch). Luckily for him Luc witnessed the attack and he saved the bird’s life. 1,932 pigeons from West Flanders were basketed for the race from Guéret. Sperwer Tieke covered the distance from Guéret to Anzegem (535.122km) with a velocity of 1692.80 m/min. This cock has won several great prizes already:

20/4  Clermont        253 p.  72°
27/4  Clermont        373 p.   6°  & WVOU  8462 p.  58°
4/5   Fontenay        301 p.   8°  & WVOU  6144 p. 127°
11/5  Orléans         330 p.  19°  & Prov. 3797 p. 104°
25/5  Bourges  prov. 2817 p. 788°
1/6   Fontenay        187 p.  41°
22/6  Guéret          339 p.   1°  (8 min. lead) 
               prov. 1932 p.   1°  (7 min. lead)

He showed his great talent in the 2012 season as well, with some great results:

Clermont          122 old birds:   2°  
                  109 yearlings:   1°
Clermont          353 old birds:  30°  
                  311 yearlings:  16°
Angerville        466 old birds:  20°
                  373 yearlings:  13°
Angerville        466 old birds:  54° 
                  558 yearlings:  53°
Angerville        197 old birds:  66°
                  252 yearlings:  70°
Montlucon  loc.   552 yearlings: 117° 
           prov. 2609 yearlings: 544°
Argenton   loc.   699 yearlings:   3° 
           prov. 2844 yearlings:   3°
Limoges    loc.   603 yearlings:  80°  
           prov. 2867 yearlings: 281°

The sire of Sperwer Tieke is Amor, himself an excellent racing pigeon. He won a 29th Ablis 290 p. and 8th Guéret prov. against 2,178 p. as a young bird. As a yearling he won a 22nd Rumes 415 p., 184th Ablis 5,811 p., 59th prov. against 1,215 p. and 1st prov. Bourges 983 p. (2nd national against 14,119 p.). The sire Amor is in turn a son of Perfect Tieke x Ijzeren Geschelpte 930. The dam of Sperwer Tieke is ‘t Witpenneke, winner of a 25th Guéret 348 p. (and 126th prov. against 2,178 p.) as a young bird. This dam is also a sister of the successful Baron Junior (7 x first including a first prov. Poitiers 1,318 p.), Enola (5 x first including a first prov. Ablis 6,256 p.) and Eras (3 x first including 1st prov. Blois 1,215 p.). ‘t Witpenneke is a daughter of Junior x Justine Bliksem (a daughter of the famous Bliksem 062-98 of Gaby Vandenabeele). Click here for the pedigree of Sperwer Tieke.

The nest sister 3115661/11 of Sperwer Tieke was quite successful as a young bird in 2011 as well:

31/07 Clermont              184 p.:  20°
06/08 Ablis                 404 p.:   1° (22 min. lead)
13/08 Argenton       loc.   575 p.:   5°
                     prov. 2459 p.:  10° 
27/08 La Souterraine loc.   517 p.:  14° 
                     prov. 2248 p.:  21° 
03/09 Brionne        loc.   456 p.:  39° 
                     prov. 3515 p.: 198° 
10/09 Guéret         loc.   580 p.:  32° 
                     prov. 2603 p.: 110°

This resulted in a fourth prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds.

Maurice and Luc achieved the following result in the national from Gueret:

Long Dist. Club  old birds  339 p.:  1-39-64   (3 / 3)
                 yearlings  427 p.:  9-18      (2 / 3)
Prov.            old birds 1932 p.:  1-193-317 (3 / 3)
                 yearlings 2201 p.:  12-44-632  (3  3)

A first prov. Orléans in 2013 as well

Maurics and Luc have already won the provincial from Orléans (11 May) earlier this season, when Prins Tieke was stronger than all old birds and yearlings in the race. Prins Tieke has won quite a few prizes already, just like last weekend’s winner Sperwer Tieke. Prins won A 2nd/148 p., 19th/109 p. and 18th/311 p. from Clermont, 94th/558 p. and 12th/252 p. from Angerville, 2nd/520 p. (club) and 17th/3,634 p. (prov.) from Tours and 4th/112 p. (club) and 46th/1,142 p. (prov.) from Blois as a yearling. In 2013 he was very successful as well:
20/04 Clermont 9th/253 p.
27/04 Clermont 22th/373 p. and WVOU 187th/8,462 p.
04/05 Fontenay 3rd/310 p. and WVOU 30th/6,144 p.
11/04 Orléans   1st/330 p. and 1st/3,797 p. prov.
25/05 Orléans   98th/301 p.
01/06 Châteauroux 35th/651 p. and prov. 31st/3,600 p.
08/06 Fontenay 31st/175 p.

The sire of Prins Tieke is Geschelpte Janssen (a Janssen breeder obtained from R. Huchthaussen in Germany), which was bred from Late Blauwe of 2000 x De Prinses. This Geschelpte Janssen is for instance the sire of Rolf, winner of seven prizes per ten as a young bird, ten prizes per ten as a yearling and a 17th Bourges 2322 p. & 33rd Tours 2533 p. as a two year old. The dam of Prins Tieke is the 759/07 Tieke, which is in turn bred from Tieke (first prov. Ace Pigeon ’01 and ’02 and an outstanding racing bird) x Blauwe 27, which won several top prizes as a young bird. Click here for the pedigree of Prins Tieke.

Other outstanding racing pigeons of De Laere in 2013

Tiekes Bliksem, BE11-3115713

Clermont    2/253
Clermont    1/373       WVOU 3/8,462
Fontenay    2/310       WVOU 15/6,144
Orleans     28/330      prov.166/3,797
Fontenay    4/226
Orleans     16/301      prov.108/3,197
Fontenay    18/228

De Sproet Tieke, BE11-3115645

Arras       17/298
Clermont    3/253
Clermont    2/373       WVOU 11/8,462
Fontenay    1/310       WVOU 8/6,144
Orleans     50/330      prov.350/3,797
Fontenay    9/187
Fontenay    1/228

Den Chippendale, BE10-3015878

Clermont    6/253
Clermont    76/373
Fontenay    28/310
Orleans     7/330       prov. 40/3,797
Orleans     68/301
Chateauroux 3/651       prov. 3/3,600

Two outstanding breeding pigeons

Perfect Tieke, BE07-3204750, sire of:

BE09-3016305: Bourges zone A: 1/3,200
                      nat.  : 2/14,119

BE11-3115713: Angerville: 1/373
              Angerville: 1/466
              Angerville: 1/558
              Clermont  : 1/373
              Fontenay  : 2/310 (behind a loft mate)

BE12-3116503: Fontenay: 1/178
              Tours   : 3/176    7/4,393

Accident Tieke, BE08-3015171, sire of:

BE11-3115704: Tours   : 1/705    6/2,155
              Tours   : 2/332    7/1,670
              Tours   : 5/411    15/1,532
              Blois   : 1/85     2/112
              Fontenay: 5/187

BE11-3115645: Fontenay  : 1/310
              Fontenay  : 1/228
              Clermont  : 2/373 (behind a loft mate)
              Clermont  : 3/253
              Angerville: 2/558 (behind a loft mate)
              Tours     : 4/520

This was our article about the pigeon loft of Maurice and Luc De Laere. This story illustrates that great pigeons are always bred from great pigeons. Maurice and Luc owe a lot to the exceptional talent of Tieke, a phenomenal racing pigeon and an even better breeder. He is the key to success in this pigeon loft. Nearly all of his descendants appear to have inherited his amazing talent and strength.

Many congratulations to Maurice and Luc for their two magnificient provincial victories in 2013. (You can take a look at their results of 2013 up to now by clicking here).


Ik meen hier een artikel te lezen waar topklasse GOED beschreven wordt en dit bij uiteenlopende weersomstandigheden, waarvan het seizoen 2013 rijk is.
Ook gisteren nog op de zware half fondvlucht en fontenay alsook vandaag op clermont jongen in extreme weersomstandigheden liep het lekker goed.
Het lijkt duidelijk een topjaar te worden, nadat jullie reeds jaren sterk bezig zijn.
Ook dit dient eens aangestreept te worden van een onbevoordeelde ouder wordende man.

Tieke maal Bliksem zijnde goed met goed
Maurice & Luc : meer moet dat niet zijn.....


Profitiat, van victor uit antwerpen,groetjes aan de vader en familie,

stommels victor
hemiksem bij antwerpen