Mark Gilbert (Ascot, UK) proves year upon year that he has the right tools to be a success

Mark has set himself high standards of performance that each year he has to, and does, attain. He is proving that his family of pigeons are in fact the best tools to enable him to achieve this.

Mark and Karen

In 2014 he was again there winning 3 x 1st Open Nationals with the British International Championship Club. Agen, Pau and St.-Vincent.

The Agen winner is a daughter out of “Kanibal Barcelona” and a daughter of the “Golden Vleugel” of Etienne Meirlaen. The Pau winner is also full of top bloodlines. She is from a son of Marks 1st International Pau and a sister to “Iban”. The Pau winner is also a half sister to the 3rd International Pau. Obviously she is a pigeon bred for the job.

The third national winner is also a hen and she is bred from a son of “Golden Vleugel” and a daughter of “Perpignan 06” from H and P Brockamp. This hen also won 12 th open Pau this year.

These winners were all roundabout hens and may be a part of the reason that Mark is planning a larger team of roundabout pigeons for the 2015 season.

A true measure of the quality of the pigeons raced and bred by Mark Gilbert is not the success that he has with his family, but the achievements of others flying his pigeons.

Mark puts a lot of time and effort into his hobby, this you cannot buy, but winning lines you can. All fanciers have their own way of keeping pigeons and it is the adaptability of the pigeons, not the flyer that allows others to follow the successes of the Southfield lofts.

It may not be a fact known by all, but the base pigeon in the Gilbert breeding is “Southfield Supreme”, the pigeon that really put the loft on the map by winning 1st International Pau from 17400 pigeons. John and Dave Staddon have a hen that they won at auction on PIPA that is from a daughter of “Supreme”, known at Southfield as The Old Hen. This hen bred  the winner of 1st Section, 3rd Open Saintes National Flying Club for them. Along the same lines, “Southfield Dream” who herself was 2nd Open Tarbes is the grandmother of their 1st National BICC young birds 2014. In that same race, Dean Childs was 4th Open again with a pigeon from Mark Gilbert.

John Adams of the Croxley Green club flew winners in the 2014 season that were direct from Mark Gilbert and Jeff Greenaway of Dromore in Ireland is also flying at the top with birds that contain the Gilbert bloodlines.

To date, the tools that Mark Gilbert is flying with, have won 3 Internationals and 13 Nationals for him alone.

Mark has a forthcoming sale in November and featured will be young birds related this year’s national winners for Mark and the successful pigeons for John and Dave Staddon. Mark has bought in some of the most successful families from around Europe and he is giving everybody the opportunity to reap the benefit of this.