Marc Van den Eeckhout (Kalken, BE) wins 1st Nat. Cahors

He claimed victory with a hen from the very basis of his breed. This talented old hen won a 1st from Agen last year, and had to be satisfied with a second prize in the club in the opening classic from Vierzon about a month ago. These are just a few of her best results!

Cahors turned out to be a wonderful yet special race. There was hardly any wind along the first part of the course but pigeons enjoyed a strong tailwind blowing from south-westerly direction as soon as they cleared Paris.

Marc Van den Eeckhout takes the win

The winning hen landed in the loft of Marc Van den Eeckhoudt in Kalken, located in the province of East Flanders. He clocked his winning pigeon at 18:21’19” (released at 08:30am), after completing 749.634km with a velocity of 1268.09 m/min. This is the second national first prize in the career of Marc and his wife Diana, after their national first prize from La Souterraine old birds back in 1999.

Their winning hen is one of a kind; she is the kind of racing pigeon you can count on as a fancier. She will never let you down in the most important races!

-Blauw Cahors BE12-4010390

In 2015:
Cahors         Nat  6,576 p. 1
Vierzon        Club   491 p. 2
             I.Prov 6,298 p. 14
Limoges        Club   267 p. 63

In 2014:
Agen           Club    74 p. 1
               Prov   855 p. 13
               Nat  3,928 p. 111
Vierzon        Club   640 p. 11
Limoges        Club   340 p. 27
Libourne       Club   104 p. 34

In 2013:
Gueret         Club   206 p. 13
La Souterraine Club   167 p. 15
Bourges I      Club   362 p. 27
Bourges prov   Club   231 p. 33
Chateauroux    Club   343 p. 74
Poitiers       Club   340 p. 95

In 2012:
Gueret         Club   342 p. 14
Bois           Club   509 p. 19
La Souterraine Club   469 p. 76
Argenton       Club   566 p. 129
Bourges        Club   852 p. 214

Sire: Inteelt Prins BE05-4206519
A super class breeder and the sire of:
1st Nat. Zone  La Châtre 5,481 old birds in 2011
1st Nat. Zone  La Châtre 7,487 yearlings in 2011
1st Nat. Cahors 6,576 old birds in 2015
He comes from a Broer Prinsesje BE96-4125764 (pairing of Honoré Props x Etienne Devos) x Prinsesje BE98-4300399 (2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon ’99, 1st Prov. Chateauroux, 1st Zone Bourges).

Dam: Dochter Superprins BE10-4279639
She is a daughter of Superprins BE04-4310261, winner of a 1st Limoges olds, a 1st Limoges Derby, a 1st Prov. Souillac, and a 2nd Prov. Angoulême (from the old stock pair Super Red Secelle BE94-4047428 x Prinsesje BE98-4300399) x De Coene-duivin BE07-4105456.
Click here for the full pedigree

In other words, she originates from some of the key bloodlines of this loft. Marc Van den Eeckhout made a big step forward when he purchased Oude Blauwe from Honoré Props from Serskamp. This cock was paired to Dochter Prins of Etienne Devos, and together they formed Marc’s first stock pair. Together they bred several successful birds and prize winners, including Prinsesje, the winner of a national first prize in Zone A from Bourges in 1999, the year in which she was also 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB East Flanders.

Prinsesje was paired to Super Red 428/94, which was obtained from the late middle distance champion William Secelle from Zomergem. Together they are the parents of Superprins, this loft’s current number one stock breeder. That same Prinsesje was also paired to Broer Prinsesje, and together they bred Inteelt Prins, a super quality breeding bird and the sire of the national winner from Cahors. Superprins was paired to Duivin of André De Coene from Moortsle, and these two pigeons together are Marc's current stock pair. His loft is now home to about 25 to 30 of their descendants! This goes to show that Marc is not afriaf of inbreeding his most successful bloodlines.

These are the pigeons that have enabled Marc to win great prizes in recent seasons, including most notably his title of General Provincial Champion KBDB East Flanders in 2011. It takes a really strong team and a high level of performance across several disciplines to claim this title.

Straightforward pigeon racing

Marc and his wife Diana are running a busy butcher shop in the city of Aalst, and pigeon racing allows them to forget about their business for a while. Still, their loft involves a lot of work and effort and so everything has to be well organised. Luckily enough they can rely on a few friends for basketing, training, clocking etc. Their pigeons have just one training session per day (up to one hour) but that does not prevent them from achieving great results. It makes us wonder if some fanciers tend to make things overly complicated. In fact, Marc and Diana are running quite an extensive racing team (100 racing pigeons, mainly hens), and they have managed to become one of the best loft in the province, if not in the whole of Belgium. In July and August, the most important months of pigeon racing season, they close their shop shortly after noon, to be able to spend some more time in the loft.

Dedication and passion are the key to success in this loft, and their efforts have resulted in a well deserved national victory in the long distance classic from Cahors. Congratulations!

A look at their best results in the longer middle distance and long distance in 2015 (up to 13 June)

13/6 Cahors club 131 olds: 1-13-14-16-24-32-41 (7/12)
Nat 6,576 olds: 1-307-319-539-798-1087-1400-1538 (8/12)

13/6 Gueret 232 olds:
1-4-5-8-17-18-24-27-31-45-54-57-62-68-69-75… (16/20)
Prov 2,829 olds: 19-47… (expected top 50)
13/6 Gueret 345 yearlings:
3-9-18-19-20-21-28-29-33-47-52… (21/34)

06/6 Chateauroux 301 olds:
6-8-9-12-13-15-22-23-37-46-48-49-50… (19/30)
06/6 Chateauroux 436 yearlings:
2-3-6-9-10-11-24-25-26-27-45-46-49-50-51-53… (32/56)

06/6 Valence 72 olds: 4 (1/2)

30/5 Bourges 300 olds: 10-14-21-27-30-49-50… (11/20)
30/5 Bourges 421 yearlings:
4-13-18-28-29-33-39-41-55-61… (21/30)

30/5 Limoges 267 olds: 2-24-44-63-64-68-70-76 (8/14)

25/5 Issoudun 262 olds:
1-3-5-6-7-9-11-12-18-22-24-26-28-30-31-32-37-38… (24/34)
25/5 Issoudun 262 yearlings:
1-4-6-8-10-11-12-14-15-20-23-25-32-35-36… (31/61)

17/5 Vierzon 491 olds:
2-3-5-6-9-10-11-12-20-21-23-24-26-31-34-44-47-53-54-56… (36/47)
17/5 Vierzon 413 yearlings:
9-15-16-18-23-33-34-39-41-47… (20/63)



Van harte gefeliciteerd met de nationale overwinning op Cahors
Wij zijn weer een nationale winnaar rijker in Lokeren
Binnenkort een grote barbecue en een vat zeker


Debusschere Roger

Geweldig dat deze zege bij Marc en Diane is terecht gekomen, ik ken Marc al een tijdje en weet dat er alles aan doet en niets aan het toeval overlaat. Nogmaals hartelijk gefeliciteerd Marc en Diane.

Groeten Ray Jonker.

Ook hulde voor de tweede plaats helemaal in de overvlucht (808 km) van Mario Linsen uit Hamont!!!!

Proficiat Mario!!!!!

Ondanks mijn tweede plaats gun ik meneer Van Den Eeckhout van harte deze eerste plaats. En ja, ook mijn duifje heeft zich ten volle gegeven. Dat zag je aan hoe ze aan kwam. Ze kwam heel hard aangevlogen en viel direct op de spoetnik. Kopduiven doen het op deze manier ! Enige puntje wat ik zou kunnen aanhalen is dat mijn duif iets te veel uit het oosten aan kwam gevlogen uit de richting Maaskant. Daar door zou ze het misschien hebben moeten af leggen tegen de duif van Marc. Ach wat, wat is toch 49 seconden verschil op een vlucht van 808 km en meer dan 10 uur vliegen. Marc, proficiat en geniet van je Nationale zege ! Dat doe ik ook met mijn eerste Provinciale zege.


Proficiat Marc!!

Nogmaals is gebleken dat de duivensoort van Etienne Devos goed vererft voor de zware vluchten!