Luc Christiaens (Ooigem, BE) wins provincial first prize in West Flanders Argenton yearlings

Luc has been doing very well in 2013, just as in previous seasons. He has won a number of great prizes this year, including a provincial victory from Argenton.

This fancier can look back on a career with plenty of national and provincial Ace Pigeon titles and top results one weekend after the other.  The champion from Ooigem wanted his pigeons to do well in this year’s national race from Argenton. He basketed ten old birds and ten yearlings. The race was a big success; just take a look at the results of his team of yearlings:

Fondclub      277 old birds: 5-32-32-35-36-55-90
Provincial  2,501 old birds: 20-155-156-162-164-307-414 (7/10)
Fondclub      458 yearlings: 1-3-5-8-13-19-28-29-38-44
Provincial  3,024 yearlings: 1-8-14-24-42-62-100-109-133-155 (10/10)

De Fred, provincial winner from Argenton

Fred showed his class in the 496.903km he had to cover from Argenton to Ooigem. He is a full brother of Super Tours of Luc, who was first provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB and second national Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2011. Fred has a long list of achievements, just like his brother. He won for instance nine prizes (without duplications) as a young bird, including:

16th  Blois 3,619 p.
127th Blois 3,317 p.
73rd  Argenton 4,524 p. and national 266th / 25,949 p.
35th  La Souterraine 2,856 p.
149th Gueret 3318 p. and national 1059th / 16,988 p.

He has already won the following prizes in 2013:

20/4 Clermont  91 p. : 20th
27/4 Clermont  279 yearlings: 18th, 244 old birds: 34th
4/5 Fontenay  194 yearlings: 9th and 242 old birds: 21st
18/5 Tours 1852 yearlings: 598th
01/6 : Chateauroux  407 yearlings: 115th and provincial 3,469 p.: 784th
15/6 Montluçon  491 p.: 11th and provincial 2,836 p.: 11th
29/6 Argenton  458 p.: 1st and provincial 3,024 p.: 1st

This is the pedigree of Fred:

Sire: Lucas (Luc Van Hoecke), a son from Zoon Super Dax x Granddaughter Blauwe Fideel.
Dam: Conny (Luc Van Hoecke) bred from Provinciaal x Dochter Tours

Click here for the full pedigree of Fred

This is a pedigree based on the bloodlines of Luc van Hoecke, Gaby Vandenabeele, P. & D.  Houfflijn and Etienne Verkinderen & Decraene.

This was an overview of the impressive achievements of Luc Christiaens from Ooigem, who runs a loft with an impressive collection of great quality pigeons. We would like to congratulate Luc on (yet another) provincial victory and a wonderful career as a fancier.

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