Luc-Bart-Jurgen Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) winners of 1° Prov. Chateauroux old birds and yearlings!

We could say that the Geerinckx pigeons were by far the best from Chateauroux: Stefan & Albert Steenbergen had the fastest pigeon of Limburg from Chateauroux and Ivan Baetens has won 1st Nat Zone B old birds, both with a 50% crossed Geerinckx pigeon!

In other words, these are glorious days for the Geerinckx line. These pigeons are specialists in races of 450 to 600km and they can be considered one of the best of their discipline in Western Europe. It is not a secret that there are some very good fanciers in Wommelgem, but there is often a small margin between a win and a loss. Last week for instance there was a margin of only a few seconds between 1st and 2nd provincial in Bourges. Unfortunately it was the Geerinckx team that had to be satisfied with 2nd provincial against 3,068 yearlings, which is still an excellent result of course. Last weekend was another close call but Bart and Jurgen Geerinckx were victorious this time. They took the provincial win from Chateauroux, old birds and yearlings. These are the provincial results:

1,762 old birds: 1,20,42,65,99,105,142,160,168, ...(13/16)
2,139 yearlings: 1,21,34,147,164,170,184,185,243,247,...(16/31)

Both winners were hens. Nowadays, most of the important victories are actually won by the hens from this loft. Bart says that his cocks are not yet in full form, but he is convinced that they will do a lot better as soon as they can race in higher temperatures and good weather.

The provincial winner for the old birds is Blue Fantasy BE10-6143153, an excellent hen that is well on her way to becoming an Olympiad pigeon, winning several first prizes. Just take a look at her list of achievements:

Chateauroux Prov 1,773 p. 1
            Nat 16,479 p. 14
Montrichard Prov 4,049 p. 2
Argenton    Nat 19,782 p. 24
Blois       Prov 1,357 p. 12
Blois       Prov 2,144 p. 50
Vierzon     Prov 6,659 p. 80

These results should not be a surprise; she is a daughter of Gladiator BE03-6460062 (2nd Olympiad pigeon Porto ’05, 3rd Nat Ace pigeon KBDB ’04) x ‘Miss Argenton’ BE07-6229162 (1st Prov & 3rd Nat Argenton 6,177 pigeons, 2nd Prov Montluçon 2,152 pigeons etc.). Her full pedigree can be found here.

The winner of the yearlings is Lucy BE11-6226314 and stems from a crossing of the three main lines of the Geerinckx colony: Galdiator x Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke. She is a daughter of Last Son Limo BE10-6342802 (a son of 1st Nat Limoges Derby 11,869 pigeons in 2009) x White Lady BE08-6259263 (a daughter of the amazing couple Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke). For those interested, the pedigree can be found here. This is what Lucy has achieved this season: 

Chateauroux Prov 2,151 p. 1
            Nat 15,902 p. 68
Bourges     Prov 3,063 p. 26

But there is more: there were another few other lofts that were successful from Chateauroux thanks to the Geerinckx pigeons. Stefan & Albert Steenbergen had Limburg’s fastest pigeon from Chateauroux, which stems from a Geerinckx hen (a grandchild of Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke). In addition, Willy & Ivan Baetens have won 1st national Zone B Chateauroux in the old birds category with a direct daughter of Gladiator. Basically, both fanciers were successful with the same Geerinckx lines that have won the provincial win for the Geerinckx loft itself. In addition, the superior yearling hen BE11-6043337 of Van Ostaeyen-Pikeur (Boechout) that has won 7th prov. Chateauroux against 2,139 yearlings and 10th prov. Bourges against 3,068 yearlings is a direct Geerinckx hen!

In honour of father Luc

These amazing performances will be heartwarming for Bart and Jurgen and are in memory of their father and mentor Luc, who passed away this year after a long battle with illness. After his death they had to bear all responsibility for the loft without the help of Luc. No doubt he must be proud of what his protégés have achieved already. They will have to find their own way now, but they already know what it takes to be successful. They use Matador mixtures (a mix of race, middle distance and energy.) Pigeons that have to work hard need a lot of feed as well, says Bart. Additional proteins are added to the feed directly after the race to enhance recovery. The feed is often supplemented with products from the Röhnfried Company and the pigeons get medical guidance from veterinary surgeon Vincent Schroeder. That said, they try to keep the use of medicines to a minimum and only consult the vet after a bad performance or when they notice something unusual.

Because of the loss of Luc the Geerinckx team had to be reorganised, but it seems Bart and Jurgen are up for the task, given their recent results. Their double provincial win from Chateauroux shows that these two young fanciers are ambitious as ever. No doubt they will try and get the most out of the excellent line of Geerinckx pigeons in future!


GEWELDIG Bart en Jurgen

ik had tegen Bart vrijdag nog gezegd dat hij goed bezig was...maar dit is super, op naar het volgende zou ik zeggen