Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ) wins first and second national from Oostende against 2,922 pigeons

Two thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two pigeons were basketed for the MMDT national race from Oostende in Belgium, the most important national race in the Czech long distance calendar. Lubomir Kubacek not only won the race, he also took second place, with his two pigeons a full twenty minutes ahead of the third arrival.

Banderas, first CZ national Oostende (photo courtesy of Pigeon Photography)

The race from Oostende is the most respected national race in the MMDT long distance calender and is a distance of 1,007km from Lubomir's loft in Bohunovice. The pigeons were released at 07.00CEST into clear skies and at 18.20.22 Lubomir timed Banderas, a three-year-old cock, to take first prize on a velocity of 1,480mpm.

Banderas 13-CZ-0234-1557

1st Club	     Oostende (1,007km)	   22 p.
1st Provincial				  227 p.
1st Inter-Provincial			  796 p.
1st National				2,992 p.

Take a look at the pedigree of Banderas here.

This champion cock has raced consistently well this season and is now in line for second national ace pigeon long distance MMDT and also second inter-provincial ace pigeon long distance. His best performances are as follows:

 1st Provincial Mochov   (186km) 2,382 p.
13th Provincial Slany    (239km) 2,232 p.
26th Provincial Krajkova (348km)   815 p.
31st Provincial Krajkova (348km) 2,463 p.
49th Provincial Mochov   (186km) 2,650 p.
77th Provincial Krajkova (348km) 2,838 p.

The MMDT competition includes only four races over 700km in one year, held every two weeks, and Banderas won with the following results:

18.06.16  27th Interprovincial Mayen        (723km)   2,050 p.
02.07.16 368th National        Bad Bentheim (774km)   4,288 p.
16.07.16  42nd Interprovincial Leverkusen   (746km)   1,819 p.
30.07.16   1st National        Oostende     (1,007km) 2,922 p.

Lubomir & family with Banderas

Banderas is a direct son of Lubomir's base breeding cock, Toni. Toni is already the sire of three first national ace pigeons and he is sire or grandsire to no less than four Olympic pigeons. A direct son of Toni, Dark Toni, was a silver medal winner in the middle distance category at the Olympiad in Nitra. Dark Toni was also the national winner from the classic middle distance race from Cheb, a distance of 365km, against 29,228 pigeons. So, Toni has already bred two national winners. The dam of Banderas is a direct daughter of the iconic Belgian pigeon Yvan of the Herbots Brothers partnership.


Martina Sablikova

Just four minutes after his first arrival, Lubomir's champion hen Martina Sablikova was clocked to take second open. This remarkable achievement is the first time that a Czech fancier has clocked first and second in a national race from Oostende. As a two-year-old Martina Sablikova was first national ace hen, racing well at the longer distances and excellent in the harder races. After her third season Lubomir decided to retire her to the stock loft but she proved to be a poor layer. In total Martina Sablikova spent four years in the breeding aviary before Lubomir decided to return her to the race team in 2016 to outstanding effect. This season she has won eleven prizes over a total distance of 5,421km (the longest distance in one year for a hen in the Czech Republic) and besides being second national from Oostende, she was also eighth national from Bad Bentheim (774km) against 4,288 pigeons.

The sire of Martina Sablikova is Lubomir's Olympic pigeon Krecek, which is in turn a full brother to Brutus, the international winner at the short distance at the Budapest exhibition. The dam is a direct daughter of Koler, the base breeder of the loft and a full sister to Kolerina, the first prize winner in the Hebei Zhou Zhou one loft race in China. Take a close look at the pedigree of Martina Sablikova here.

Lubomir basketed seven pigeons for the race from Oostende and clocked five on the day and one the next morning to overall take 1st, 2nd, 31st, 136th, 206th and 384th open.

Congratulations on this fantastic performance, Lubomir!