Levi van der Weijden (Hoogkarspel, NL) wins 1st international Narbonne with Lady Impossible

Levi van der Weijden delivered a surprising performance in the race from Narbonne, taking the win against a total of 19,182 pigeons.

The full team: Ewout, Jaap and Levi van der Weijden, and their invaluable assistant Con van Eikeren

Levi van der Weijden

Levi van der Weijden stands for a team that consists of Jaap, his son Ewout and his grandson Levi, assisted by Con van Eikeren, responsible for most of the caretaking in this loft. Ewout was 16 when he found a lost pigeon, and decided to take it home with him. He built a small loft, and this was the starting point of a successful pigeon loft in Hoogkarspel. Ewout is the head of P&O Amsterdam, his father Jaap works as a calculator in the Hoorn based building company of his son Paul. The two used to keep pigeons in Hoorn, under the name of E & J Van der Weijden. They used to compete in the program races before switching to the extreme long distance in 2004.They were quite successful, winning most notably a provincial first prize from Bergerac (8th national against 12,124 pigeons). The first lofts were built on their new location in Hoogkarspel in 2008. Ewout’s son showed great interest in pigeon racing as well, and the fanciers agreed to start racing under the name of Levi van der Weijden. The lofts were expanded significantly in the following years, and they started to compete in the entire ZLU calendar from 2014 onwards. They are assisted by Con Van Eikeren for the caretaking of the pigeons.


The pigeons were released from Narbonne at 8am on Saturday, one day later than scheduled. 19,182 took part in this international race, and the fanciers from Hoogkarspel spent their Saturday evening watching the arrivals on PIPA. They noticed how the first Dutch pigeons arrived home at 9pm. They activated the mobile news feed, set their alarm clock to 04:45am and went to bed. They checked the list of arrivals early in the morning, and they eventually got up at 05:45pm. Ewout opened the curtains and noticed a pigeon sitting at the loft. He realised that it was a pigeon from Narbonne, and this was the start of a hectic few minutes. They removed the gummi ring, which was clocked in the mechanical device. The fanciers were very excited, and there was some confusion when the electronic device failed to clock the chip ring. Ewout suddenly realised that the pigeon had been basketed with a gummi ring only, since the chip ring was malfunctioning during basketing. It was this very pigeon that was the first to arrive home on Sunday morning. She was clocked at 05:57am, which resulted in an international first prize. She had covered 1075km with a velocity of 1183 m/min, the highest speed in the north of Holland.

NL14-1847294 Mission Impossible, 1st International Narbonne 19,182 pigeons

Mission Impossible

The wind was coming from the west, and the earliest pigeons arrived in the province of Limburg. Hence, chances were few that a fancier from the northern part of The Netherlands would take a first prize. However, the one year old hen NL14-1847294 of Levi van der Weijden, raced from the nest, proved otherwise. That is why she is now called Mission Impossible. She was part of a team of late youngsters that were trained as one year olds in spring. The winning hen completed a number of sprint races, as well as some middle distance races and the one day long distance flight from Souppes sur Loing (550 km). She was intended to compete in the national one day long distance race from Chateauroux but since that race was cancelled, she was basketed for a middle distance flight instead and she did two training flights from Hank (120km) as well. These efforts paid off in the race from Narbonne. The sire of Mission Impossible is NL08-1358145 Zoon Betuwekoppel. This cock originates from the loft of Gerrit Veerman (Volendam, NL) and he is a son of Gerrit’s Betuwe pair, a pair that had already bred a 9th national Perpignan and a 15th national Barcelona. The dam of the winner comes from Nico Volkens (Bergen, NL). Click here for the pedigree of Mission Impossible.

NL08-1358145 Son Betuwekoppel, sire of 1st International Narbonne 2015

Overall results

The other pigeons did great in Narbonne as well: 5 of Levi Van der Weijden’s pigeons managed to finish in the top 206 ZLU, winning a 1st, 17th, 134th, 152nd and 206th at national level against 5338 pigeons. The NL14-1847259, a blue coloured hen, finished in 17th national at 07:19am, which shows that Levi van der Weijden is well on his way to becoming a national top level player. Her sire comes from the breed of Nico Volkens; the dam originates from Peet Solleveld (Maasdijk, NL). Click here for the full pedigree of the 17th nat. Narbonne.

NL14-1847259, 17th National ZLU Narbonne 2015 (5338 pigeons)

Inspanningen en toekomst

The fanciers from Hoogkarspel have high ambitions. Con Van Eikeren takes care of the pigeons throughout the year but Ewout starts looking after the racing birds in April. Con then takes care of the other pigeons in the collection, while offering a helping hand as well. For instance, he brings the pigeons to veterinary surgeon Hans van de Sluis on a weekly basis for a medical check, and he is responsible for the training of the young birds and their weekly training flight from Hank. The racing team consists of pigeons that are mainly based on the bloodlines of Nico Volkens (Bergen, NL) and Sam de Jong (Heemskerk). This breed originates from the breeds of Oostenrijk/Van der Wegen/Muller and Theelen. Ewout would call this the Northern Holland long distance breed, which he has put together over the course of several years in the longest distances. His victory from Narbonne shows that he is on the right track.


The fanciers from Hoogkarspel are enjoying their sport, and they are in close contact with many other fanciers. Ewout attented the release from Barcelona for the 8th consecutive year, because he thinks this is quite an impressive event. This national first prize from Narbonne will be something to remember as well.


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