Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) show overwhelming strength in the early season

Racing pigeons at the highest level is nothing new for team Platteeuw, they have been doing it for several years now. Here is an overview of their best results in recent weeks: 18 national prizes per 100, 6 times top 5 provincial, 5 times top 5 in the zone, etc.

The Platteeuw family

The 2018 season might turn out to be the strongest season ever for Kurt and Raf Platteeuw. Their old and one year old birds have had a fantastic early season, in which we had several very difficult races, only suited for the very best birds. 

The stars of today

New Magic: from Bourges (26/05)

1 / 688 p.   Club
1 / 4226 p.  Provincial
1 / 6271 p.  Zonae
2 / 20280 p. National

Click here for New Magic's pedigree.

Isabel and Gone Bliksem: from Limoges (02/06)

1-2   / 759 p.    Club
2-3   / 3128 p.   Provincial
3-4   / 5365 p.   Zone
16-17 / 15783 p.  National

Click here for Isabel's pedigree.

Click here for the pedigree of Gone Bliksem.

BE16-3116326 Gone Bliksem, 4th Nat. Zone Limoges

Sister Sea Surfer: from Chateauroux (09/06)

4  / 529 p.    Club
5  / 3402 p.   Provincial
9  / 5334 p.   Zone
81 / 18689 p.  National

Click here for the pedigree of Sister Sea Surfer.

Cove Billy and Cove Tours: from Chateauroux (09/06)

1-2   / 562 p.    Club
3-5   / 5608 p.   Provincial
4-5   / 8085 p.   Zone
15–45 / 27081 p.  National

Click here for the pedigree of Cove Billy

Click here for Cove Tours's pedigree

These two stars are youngsters of Sea Cove, 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint.

BE12-3044649 Sea Cove, 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB 

Anything that has wings has to fly

Kurt Platteeuw is a fancier with a hard handed approach. We remember him saying that you should save your money, not your pigeons. And that explains why his old birds have done 4 races in just three weeks' time:

19/05: Chateauroux Provinciaal, 470 km
26/05: Bourges Nationaal, 430 km
02/06: Limoges Nationaal, 620 km
09/06: Chateauroux Nationaal, 470 km

This adds up to a total of just under 2,000 kilometers of racing in just 21 days! The yearlings' team skipped the race from Limoges however, since this is a classic for old birds only. The pigeons eventually enjoyed a break in the weekend after the second race from Chateauroux. Why? The fancier himself was out riding his bike. The pigeons will be back in business on 25th of June for the race from Brive and Argenton. "With the entire team!", Kurt says.

Guidance and caretaking

All pigeons are on the same diet: Platteeuw Speciaal, complemented with extra small cribs corn. Also included in their diet are vitamins, oils and Platteeuw yellow drops (which are added to the feed), along with Platteeuw yellow crystals and eye drops. They also get plenty of grit, as well as some peanuts before race day. And of course some clear water every day. Keep it simple!

Winning races with many or sometimes very few birds

Kurt Platteeuw is known for basketing large groups of pigeons. He is of course not the only fancier with this strategy but what makes him stand out is his team's high prize percentages. The provincial race from Chateauroux on 9th of June is a good example: 5-11-14-30-35-37-41-51-52-60 (80 prizes) of 3,402 birds and 3-5-13-17-18-19-23-28-45-46-49-... (146 prizes) of 4,161 yearlings. However, Kurt had a great result in Fontenay as well, competing with just one pigeon. This bird managed to claim a first prize of about 200 pigeons. This is something only the very best can pull off. 

The pieces are falling into place for team Platteeuw: a group of highly talented pigeons combined with the ambitions of Kurt and the experience of his father Raf. It is a potent combination that will allow them to crush their opponents today and in the future. New championship titles and prestigious first prizes appear to be just a matter of time.