Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) own one of Belgium’s most impressive pigeon families

Kurt and Raf Platteeuw will make their invaluable collection accessible to everyone in the end of 2015. They will be selling their team old birds, which have performed really well in provincial and even national level, in an internet auction on PIPA.

Kurt Platteeuw is not afraid of using bold statements but friends and foes will have to admit that he does have a right to speak, given the impressive list of achievements of this loft. Kurt and Raf have won an impressive number of prizes over the past 5 to 6 seasons, and they should be proud of it. The Platteeuw pigeons have won quite a few provincial and national top prizes with ease, and they were often overwhelmingly strong.

Hard work pays off

Their palmares is the result of hard work, both from the fanciers and their pigeons. You cannot expect great results to just happen to you. You might find yourself to be lucky enough to win a first prize one day but you cannot expect to achieve lasting success without working hard every single day. It all begins with your breeding strategy: you have to breed a number of top quality birds every season if you intend to become a top class fancier. You also have to basket your pigeons regularly to find out which are the strongest birds in your collection. They have to played over various distances, and the fancier has to try and find the pigeons that fit in his approach and that are capable of achieving his goals.

This is basically how Kurt and Raf Platteeuw have managed to become a successful team. The key to success is a combination of talent, training, nutrition and caretaking. Their approach is based on feel, and they try to avoid the most common approaches. Their rather unfavourable location at national level has not prevented them from achieving incredible results, including two national first prizes and many national top results, provincial first prizes and great results overall. Their impressive level of performance has resulted in several prominent titles as well, including most notably that of Champion in the Longer Middle Distance KBDB – a crowning achievement!

New cracks every season

A fancier does not become a national or provincial champion overnight; Kurt and Raf know all too well that it takes a collection of very strong racing birds to win championship titles. Their extensive basis comes from youngsters bred from their own breeders, along with youngsters of their own racing birds, including their provincial and national ace pigeons! They managed to create a wide basis of talented racing birds, which are among the strongest in Belgium. Many fanciers will be familiar with the names of such talented racing birds as Adele, Angelina, Evans, Pretty Girl, Ratcliffe, Martin Leake, or Odile.

The breeding strategy of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw has allowed them to breed new cracks every season, and 2015 was no exception. We take a closer look at their best old racing bird and their bets one year old of 2015, which are both contenders for one or more ace pigeon titles.

This one year old is a likely candidate for a top result in the provincial ace pigeon championships KBDB:


 5. Jarnac                214 p. ’15
57. Nat Jarnac          4,559 p. ’15
 8. Tulle                 188 p. ’15
 9. Limoges II            429 p. ’15
149 Nat Limoges II      6,272 p. ’15
 6. Tours                 375 p. ’15
36. Prov Tours          3,831 p. ’15
 7. La Souterraine        197 p. ’15
82. Nat La Souterraine  6,250 p. ’15
87. Prov Gueret         1,952 p. ’14 
149 Prov Tours          4,436 p. ’14
180 Prov Chateauroux II 3,956 p. ’14
219 Prov Argenton       4,348 p. ’14

Click here for his impressive palmares so far.

The outstanding Coffin was one of the leading names in this year's old birds team, having won top prizes from Bourges, Chateauroux and La souterraine. She already won a 1st Provincial from Bourges in 2014! We take a look at her list of achievements:

-Coffin BE13-3113015

 1. Zone Bourges II  889 p. ’14
 1. Prov Bourges II 798 p. ’14
 5. Nat Bourges II 10,141 p. ’14
 4. Prov Bourges II 787 p. ’15 (1. club 128 p.)
 7. Zone Chateauroux I  5,418 p. ’15 (1. club 514 p.)
10. Nat La Souterraine 4,161 p. ’15
26. Prov Bourges II  3,007 p. ’13
26. Zone Chateauroux 3,380 p. ’13
26. Prov Tours 3,831 p.
48. Nat Montluçon 19,298 p. ’14
55. Prov Tours 5,697 p.
57. Zone Argenton II 3,297 p. ’13
199 Nat Poitiers 14,094 p. ’14

Click here for the impressive palmares and the pedigree of Coffin

These are experienced fanciers with great intuition and a collection of top quality pigeons. Kurt searched and found his way to the top, based on his own intuition. His palmares says it all; this fancier deserves a lot of credit. A famous song by Frank Sinatra comes to mind when trying to summarise his career: “I did it my way!”


Sensation of the last 5 years 2010-2014

1st National champion of Belgium KBDB great middle distance 2012
1st National champion of Belgium Cureghem Centre 2013
1st provincial champion KBDB 2012
1st provincial champion KBDB 2013 
5th National overall champion of Belgium KBDB 2013
6th National overall champion of Belgium KBDB 2014
1st-2nd-3rd provincial acebird middle distance old birds KBDB 2014
1st provincial acebird KBDB long distance yearlings 2013
1st provoncial acebird KBDB long distance yearlings 2012
2nd provincial acebird KBDB middle distance old birds 2012
2nd provincial acebird KBDB middle distance yearlings 2012
3rd provincial acebird KBDB middle distance old birds 2013
3rd provincial acebird KBDB middle distance yearlings 2011
3rd prov. acebird KBDB middle distance young birds 2011
3rd provincial acebird KBDB long distance youngsters 2010
5th National acebird KBDB middle distance old bird 2012
8th National acebird KBDB middle distance long distance yearlings 2013

National top 10 results

1. Nat. Argenton        4,782 b. (497 km)
1. Nat. Gueret         13,885 b. (539 km) 
2. Nat. Poitiers       12,379 b. (547 km)
2. Nat. Pau             2,062 b. (887 km)
3. Nat. Poitiers       13,813 b. (547 km)
3. Nat. Bourges        11,883 b. (430 km)
3. Nat. Bordeaux        5,507 b. (778 km)
4. Nat. Pau             1,910 b. (887 km)
5. Nat. Châteauroux    17,984 b. (470 km)
5. Nat. Bourges        10,141 b. (433 km)
6. Nat. Bourges        16,859 b. (430 km)
6. Nat. Tulle           5,731 b. (607 km)
7. Nat. Bourges        20,589 b. (430 km)
7. Nat. Montluçon      14,230 b. (511 km)
7. Nat. Tulle           7,467 b. (607 km)
8. Nat. Châteauroux    10,587 b. (470 km)
9. Nat. La Souterraine 11,236 b. (536 km)
9. Nat. Bordeaux        6,217 b. (775 km)
10. Nat. Bourges       22,499 b. (430 km)
10. Nat. Bourges       16,859 b. (430 km)
10. Nat. Argenton       4,782 b. (497 km)
10. Nat. La Souterraine 4,129 b. (536 km)


het is schoon en indrukwekkend ....
maar onbereikbaar voor de gewone kleine man .
We kunnen hoogstens de sensationele biedingen volgen op pipa .
Dit doet niets af aan de sportieve waarde van hun duiven ,hoor !!




Raf en Kurt
Ik wens jullie een zeer goede verkoop , het materiaal is werkelijk van "topklasse" en daar is er altijd geld voor ergens in de wijde wereld.
Jullie toppers gaan jullie faam nu mondiaal uitdragen.....een droom van velen doch weinigen gegeven.
En de opvolgers van deze toppers zorgen er voor dat jullie niet lang aan de kant zullen moeten staan.
Mvg Eddy van "Casa Barca".

Schitterende prestaties, heel veel succes met de verkoop !!

Gerry Conaert