Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE): The American Dream part II

We introduced you to a first series of top class pigeons and bloodlines in the pigeon family of Kurt & Raf Platteeuw. A few more super class bloodlines will be discussed in part two.

Kurt and Raf on one of their many championship celebrations

Part I

In part 1 of the American Dream we talked about how Kurt and Raf decided to take a different direction, and how they managed to turn their average pigeon collection into one of the very best breeds at the highest level. Their confidence was being tested repeatedly in their early career but ten years later they can look back on an impressive list of national first prizes, and championship and ace pigeon titles. Feel free to reread part I of our American Dream series here. In part II we take a closer look at the other three fundamental bloodlines that have played a defining role in this success story.

Labiau Jr (BE02-4425363)

It would be difficult to find a stock breeder that has played an equally crucial role in this loft as that of Labiau Jr. His most notable descendant is his granddaughter Devils Daughter, winner of a 1st nat. Argenton. The invaluable bloodline of Labiau Jr. has given the following top class racing birds:

1  Nat. Argenton     4,782 b. Devils Daughter -   G.Child
2  Nat. Pau          2,062 b. Ratcliffe       -   G.G.Child
3  Nat. Agen         5,507 b. Carton De Wiart -   G.Child
4  Nat. Pau          1,910 b. Ratcliffe       -   G.G.Child
6  Nat. Bourges     16,859 b. Marie Louise    -   G.G.Child
7  Nat. Bourges     20,589 b. Devils Daughter -   G.Child
10 Nat. Bourges     22,499 b. Miss Bourges    -   G.Child
10 Nat. Bourges     16,859 b. Odile           -   G.G.Child
16 Nat. Souillac     5,282 b. Holmes          -   G.G.Child
18 Nat. Bourges     27,506 b. 227 Labiau      -   Child
18 Nat. Châteauroux 16,479 b. Devils Daughter -   G.Child
18 Nat. Brive       11,130 b. Chavasse        -   G.Child
20 Nat. Montauban    2,124 b. Fisher          -   G.Child
22 Nat. Pau          1,910 b. Chavasse        -   G.Child
28 Nat. Châteauroux 17,984 b. Odile           -   G.G.Child
32 Nat. Brive       10,089 b. Victoria        -   Child
32 Nat. Libourne     6,658 b. Robertson C     -   G.G.Child
36 Nat. Poitiers    13,813 b. Mona Lisa       -   G.Child
40 Nat. Tours        3,947 b. De Pass         -   G.Child

One of his descendants, which would become a top class breeder later on, is 227 Labiau (BE07-3011227), which excelled with an 18th nat. Bourges and a 50th Prov. Tours. He showed to be a great breeder as well, becoming the sire of both Sweet 16 (1st Châteauroux 592 p. and 1st Châteauroux 497 p.) and Devils Daughter (1st nat. Argenton 4,782 p., 7th nat. Bourges 20,589 p., 18th nat. Châteauroux 16,479 p.). These two racing birds won the title of National Champion of 2012 for Kurt and Raf.

These are some other great descendants of Labiau Jr.:

Click here for the entire Labiau Jr. pigeon family

Annemie (BE04-3235140)

Another hen that managed to pass the selection process of of Raf and Kurt is Annemie. She was paired to Black Toye BE07-3077909 (a direct Sylvere Toye) and together they made the American Dream come true for this team. Annemie comes from Eric Vermander (Oekene, BE), just like Zwart Vermanderke. Her descendants have won a 3rd Nat. Issoudun, a 7th Nat. Tulle, a 9th Nat. La Souterraine, and a 10th Nat. Bourges.

Below is an overview of some of Annemie's strongest descendants, which illustrate her breeding value:

3  Nat. Issoudun        2,212 b. Finch      - Child
7  Nat. Tulle           7,467 b. Odiel      - Child
9  Nat. La Souterraine 11,236 b. Carmichael - G.Child
10 Nat. Bourges        16,859 b. Odile      - G.G.Child
20 Nat. Guéret         13,885 b. Beastie    - G.Child
24 Nat. Guéret          7,681 b. Mcgee      - G.Child
28 Nat. Poitiers       13,135 b. Carmichael - G.Child
28 Nat. Châteauroux    17,984 b. Odile      - G.G.Child
29 Nat. Guéret         16,619 b. Warner     - G.G.Child
34 Nat. Bourges        20,589 b. Mojo Jojo  - G.Child
39 Nat. Poitiers       13,813 b. Hewitt     - G.Child
48 Nat. Jarnac          4,559 b. Bourke     - G.Child

We take a look at a few more class pigeons that come from the Annemie bloodline:

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Nelly 10.000 (BE07-3192403)

Nelly 10.000 is the last Platteeuw bloodline in our overview but that does not make it any less important. This super class hen won a 22nd Nat. Limoges 19,373 p., a 26th Nat. Bourges 13,354 p., an 11th PRov. Tours 2,810 p. and a 20th Prov. Tours 2,133 p. Her descendants have won a 6th Nat. Tulle 5,731 p., a 12th Nat. Libourne 5,890 p., and a 73rd Nat. Limoges 13,781 p. You can read more about the bloodline of Nelly 10.000 here.

American Dream Part III

We can only guess when the third part of the "American Dream" for the Platteeuw family is about to be published. We are quite confident that it will be published one day, especially when you take into consideration the dedication of Kurt and Raf, and the level of quality of the descendants of Zwart Vermanderke, Nelly 10.000, Labiau Jr, Annemie, Coffin and Brother Red Dragon.