Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE): The American Dream (part 1)

The American Dream stands for a world in which anyone willing to work hard can make it to the top, regardless of nationality or origin. The downside of this American Dream is depicted in the movie "The American Dream". It goes without saying that Raf and Kurt Platteeuw have been living their American Dream.


Ten years ago Kurt and Raf Platteeuw were just one of many fanciers running an ordinary pigeon loft. Today, they are one of the most successful pigeon lofts in the history of pigeon racing in Belgium, thanks to a lot of hard work and great confidence. In pigeon racing every beginning fancier has the same chances of sucess, regardless of origins or pedigrees, just like in the American Dream. In fact, the pedigrees or origins of your breed have no real value in our sport, all that matters is the level of performance of your pigeon family. As in real life, the weakest pigeons are left behind. This is actually an important part of many successful pigeon breeds, including the Platteeuw breed: "Weak pigeons do not fit in our system and are relentlessly dropped from the team. Only the strong survive!" This is the secret behind their success.


Their approach eventually led to the creation of a pigeon family with unparalleled strength. "We have bred a type of pigeon that no other fancier has", Kurt explains. Can you think of another pigeon loft with so many successful champions?

'Adele'    - 7 x top 105 National - 4 x top 3 Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB
'Coffin'   - 3 x top 50  National - 3 x top 6 Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB
'Angelina' - 4 x top 34  National - 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB

To further illustrate the strength of the Platteeuw pigeon family, we included some of their most impressive achievements between 2010 and 2015:

51 x KBDB ace pigeon titles (Click here for an overview of their KBDB ace pigeons)
178 x national top 100 prizes (click here for all national top 100 prizes)
144 x 1st prize (click here for their first prize winners)

In addition, they won the highly coveted title of 1st National Champion KBDB longer middle distance in 2012, while also claiming a national first prize twice: in Guéret 2010 with 'Pauline' and in Argenton 2012 with 'Devils Daughter'.

'Brother Frits' (BE06-3002002) and 'Father Erwina' (BE08-3055160)

Raf and Kurt knew that they were on the right track when they bred 'Brother Frits' and 'Father Erwina'. Brother Frits became the sire of Adele in 2011, and she is still considered one of Belgium's finest hens ever. Other even more important pigeons in this pigeon family are Mother Coffin' BE10-3100551, a first prize winner and daughter of 'Brother Frits', and 'Father Coffin' BE10-3100626, which is a grandson of 'Father Erwina'. Together they are the parents of 'Coffin' (BE13-3113015), winner of 3 national top 50 prizes. 'Father Erwina' knew that every pigeon has to earn his place in Kurt's team, and so he bred three different top class hens: 'Bugden' (BE10-3100594, 5 x top 250 nat.), 'Ockendon' (BE11-3062028, 71st nat. Poitiers – 81st nat. Montluçon) and 'Ackroyd' (BE12-3112140, 27th nat. Bourges – 71st nat. La Souterraine). His grandson 'Jeffries' (BE13-3113063, a son of 'Bugden'), winner of a 15th nat. Tulle 6,731 pigeons, illustrates Father Erwina's breeding value: he has bred successful youngsters, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

Click here for the full pedigree of Adele & Coffin.

'Brother Red Dragon' (BE08-3004448) and 'Black Bill' (BE08-3156212)

'Brother Red Dragon' and 'Black Bill' are the second successful bloodline in the Platteeuw pigeon breed. This line is called Angelina, after its most famous descendant. Descendants of this bloodline have won 16 national top 150 prizes and 15 first prizes. Click here for an overview of the most successful descendants of 'Brother Red Dragon' x 'Black Bill'. We take a closer look at the strongest pigeons in this bloodline:

Angelina (BE12-3112027):
 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance 2014
11th Nat. Poitiers  13,813 p.
17th Nat. Gueret     7,681 p.
24th Nat. Poitiers  12,379 p.
34th Nat. Montluçon 14,230 p.

Red Angelina (BE12-3112258):
3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance 2014
2nd Nat. Poitiers    12,379 p.
5th Nat. Chateauroux 17,984 p.
2 x 1st Prov.
1 x 1st Nat. Zone

Black Angelina (BE12-3112073):
116th nat. Montluçon 14,230 p.
139th nat. Poitiers 13,135 p.
231st nat. Poitiers 12,379 p.

Red Angel (BE13-3113162):
25th nat. Brive 3,850 p.
93rd nat. Limoges 6,907 p.

Billy (BE11-3011204):
65th nat. Tulle 5,976 p.
106th nat. Bourges 31,719 p.
135th nat. Bourges 16,859 p.

Red Rain (BE10-3100520):
59th nat. Chateauroux 25,263 p.
144th nat. Bourges 20,589 p.
279th nat. Argenton 19,782 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of the 'Brother Red Dragon' x 'Black Bill' pigeon family.

'Zwart Vermanderke' (BE07-3055732)

The last pigeon in our list is not coincidentially 'Zwart Vermanderke', which was purchased from Eric Vermander (Oekene, BE). Eric adopts the same strategy as Raf and Kurt: only the pigeons with a proven record across all disciplines will be given a spot in his breeding loft. Zwart Vermanderke is in fact the dam of 'Brother Red Dragon', which makes him the grandmother of 'Angela'. She has become a super class breeder, especially because she is the dam of 'Reynolds' (BE11-3011366, 23rd nat. Souillac), and 'Crowe' (BE14-3114250, 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB, 57th nat. Jarnac, 82nd nat. La Souterraine and 149th nat. Limoges). Her granddaughter 'Mojo Jojo' (BE09-3065336, daughter 'Red Dragon') has won a 34th nat. Bourges, a 52nd nat. Chateauroux and an 83rd nat Bourges. 'Grimbaldeston' (BE14-3114278) did great as well, winning a 122nd nat. Libourne. Click here for the impressive list of descendants of 'Zwart Vermanderke'.

Click here for the pedigree of the 'Zwart Vermanderke' pigeon family.

The three other essential bloodlines of the Platteeuw pigeon breed will be discussed in part 2. We look forward to another collection of top quality pigeons.


Dikke proficiat Kurt en Raf. Zeer knappe resultaten in een korte tijdspanne !! Knap staaltje duivensport !!

Gerry en Jean Conaert

Bescheidenheid siert de mens !!

Veel succes verder.