The Jos Vercammen loft (Vremde, BE): a pigeon family with a rich tradition

There are not a lot of fanciers who can manage to race at the top level for several years. Jos Vercammen is one of those fanciers with a loft that has been doing outstandingly well over the years, seemingly effortlessly.

The pigeons of Jos Vercammen have been remarkably successful for many years now. Many pigeon fanciers in Belgium and abroad know that Jos and Lars Vercammen are two of the very best longer middle distance and light long distance pigeon fanciers. They have won an incredible number of first prizes at provincial and national level, as well as important titles and prestigious championships. Their impressive list of achievements has been published regularly in pigeon magazines all over the world.

Their achievements are mainly the result of an impressive breeding loft that consists of superior ace pigeons and phenomenal first prize winners. These are the most important breeders for Vercammen. It seems that the descendants of these pigeons are just as talented as their parents. A fancier who can breed one successful generation after the other can be successful for many years in a row. Of course a pigeon breed of such quality does not come overnight. It takes many years of hard work and a strict selection method after years of provincial and national classics. Jos managed to compose a family of top class pigeons, which he now uses as a sound basis for the future. This is a pigeon family that breeds successful racing pigeons every season! It must be great to have such an exceptional breeding family at your disposal. It is based on a group of pigeons that know how to win top prizes in important races. That explains why the Jos Vercammen loft has been able to excel in their favourite discipline for many years. They have not had a single bad season in their entire career!

2012 was again a great year for Jos. The Vercammen pigeons won one victory after another this season. This team of racing pigeons wins countless numbers of top prizes year after year. Today we would like to focus on the most successful pigeons from Vremde in 2012, based on their achievements. We will also take a look at the origins of the best Vercammen pigeons and their respective bloodlines.

-Vitara BE10-6052150

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Antwerp 2012 Grand Middle Distance (450-600km)!
1st          Prov Argenton       (555km)               459 p. 
1st          Chateauroux         (526km)               641 p. (fastest of 943 p.)
2nd          Bourges             (479km)               538 p. (behind a loft mate)
3rd          Nat. Zone Argenton  (555km)               1,495 p.
8th          S.-Nat. Vierzon     (476km)               6,257 p.
4th          Prov Chateauroux    (526km)               3,042 p.
20th         Nat. Argenton       (555km)               4,782 p.
35th         Nat. Z. Chateauroux (526km)               5,671 p.
38th         Nat. Chateauroux    (526km)               25,263 p.
8th          Prov Bourges        (479km)               3,206 p.
19th         Nat. Zone Bourges   (479km)               7,898 p.
57th         Nat. Bourges        (479km)               20,589 p.
43rd         Nat. Zone Bourges   (479km)               4,582 p.

She is a daughter of first class breeder Mambo BE08-6144041 x Viola BE07-6221074.
Click here for the full pedigree and further information about Vitara

Some of the greatest stars of last season were two direct children of the outstanding breeding pair Elektro BE08-6174630 x Gloria BE06-6270117, which can both be considered super champions. Take a look at their achievements:

-Shakira BE10-6052293

1st          Bourges              (479km)               538 p.
1st          Montlucon            (555km)               289 p.
9th          Nat. Montlucon       (555km)               17,865 p.
16th         Nat. Zone Bourges    (479km)               7,898 p.
53rd         Nat. Zone Argenton   (555km)               4,232 p.
56th         Nat. Zone Chateauroux(526km)               9,112 p.
62nd         Nat. Zone Argenton   (555km)               6,803 p.
15th         Melun                (310km)               1,693 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Shakira

-Paulo BE09-6248171

1st          I.Prov Blois        (462km)               1,519 p.
2nd          Dourdan             (366km)               1,747 p. (3th fastest pigeon of 6,927 p.)
4th          Dourdan             (366km)               765 p.
4th          Noyon               (208km)               701 p.
4th          Noyon               (208km)               561 p.
5th          Dourdan             (366km)               1,027 p.
30th         Nat. Zone Bourges   (479km)               3,403 p.               
44th         Nat. Zone Argenton  (555km)               7,132 p.
75th         Nat. Zone Argenton  (555km)               2,567 p.
78th         I.Prov  Montrichard (491km)               2,478 p.
90th         Nat Zone Bourges    (479km)               7,942 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Paulo
Click here for more information about Shakira and Paulo

Paulo is in turn grandfather (via his daughter Cathy BE10-6346674 that was paired to Colour Panter BE06-6270462) of the excellent pigeon Primus, which is winner of:

-Primus BE12-6196030

1st          Prov Argenton      (555km)               3,264 p. (1,174 m/min)
1st          Noyon              (208km)               667 p. (1,516 m/min)
4th          Nat. Zone Argenton (555km)               8,624 p.
57th         Nat. Argenton      (555km)               25,949 p.

Click here for the pedigree and for more information about Primus

It seems that we have another excellent generation of the breeding lines of Jos and Lars Vercammen! Only the very best pigeons are both great racers and breeders. And there is more: Elodie and Polar have also contributed to the success of the Vercammen loft in 2012:

-Elodie BE11-6282062

1st          S.-nat Blois        (462km)               1,108 p.
10th         S.-nat Vierzon      (476km)               3,585 p.
31st         S.-nat Montlucon    (555km)               1,881 p.
5th          Melun               (310km)               1,752 p.
8th          Melun               (310km)               2,013 p.

She is a daughter of Little Panter BE08-6144332 (a son of stock pigeon Beckham 174/01) x White Gold BE08-6174633 (a granddaughter of top class pigeon Leeuw 418/03).

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-Polar BE11-6282013

1st          Nat Zone Tulle       (657km)               3,448 p.
7th          Nat. Tulle           (657km)               10,251 p.
11th         Dourdan              (366km)               1,264 p.
13th         Dourdan              (366km)               1,469 p.

He is a son of Lukaku BE09-6249986 x Grace BE09-6248278. This is an excellent breeding pair and it is one of the new stock pairs of Jos Vercammen.
Click here for the full pedigree and click here to learn more about Polar

Olympiad Pigeon Nitra with Vercammen origins

Of course the Vercammen pigeons are not only successful in their own loft. These pigeons have a long list of references: an increasing number of fanciers achieve excellent results with pigeons from Vercammen in their lofts. Lars says it is nearly impossible to remember all of them so it would be even more impossible to publish all references in this article. That is why we will only focus on some of the most remarkable results of 2012 in other lofts, which were achieved by the Polish fancier Marek Trzaska.

He has won the title of first Olympiad Pigeon Cat. H at the Olympiad in Nitra 2013 with his top class hen PL-0264-09-8156. She is a 50% Vercammen pigeon that was bred from a combination of the successful lines of Mambo x Porto x Panter. She was awarded the title of Olympiad Pigeon after achieving the following results:

1st prize (343km) against 5,442 p. (20 May 2012)
3rd prize (365km) against 4,993 p. (27 May 2012)     
9th prize (365km) against 4,582 p. (10 June 2012)
3rd prize (514km) against 2,977 p. (17 June 2012)
1st prize (365km) against 4,173 p. (24 June 2012)
2nd prize (365km) against 1,730 p. (15 July 2012)

Getting ready for 2013

Jos and Lars Vercammen: it is a father son partnership that seems to amaze the world of pigeon racing every season. They have a loft with an excellent pigeon breed that is the result of a lot of patience and knowledge. That loft has now become one of the very best of Belgium in the longer middle distance and the light long distance. After our visit to the pigeon loft of Vercammen we asked Jos about the key to success for pigeon fanciers. He had a very simple answer: you have to breed very often, you should basket your pigeons as often as possible and after the races you should immediately select the best birds. This means you should not wait until after the moult. All pigeons will have new feathers after the moult and they will all look a lot better, so you will be tempted to keep some of your pigeons anyway, even though they were not successful in the races. Every fancier has to set goals for himself but the more you select, the better the results will be. A strict selection will lead to good results for several years, says Jos.
This is some very good advice! There is no doubt that they have already selected a new team of racing pigeons for 2013. The pigeons from Vremde will be ready to go. We think this loft will be doing great in 2013, considering the new national program. We will be keeping an eye on them!

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