Jonckers J. & J., "Hagelands and national figurehead of our sport!!"

28 July 2007 Bourges national :
Schepmans - Hayen
from Grazen win the 2nd national old birds. J. and J. Jonckers, Linter win 3rd national yearlings!
There is a special link between these national top racers: they have both inherited the 'Vooruit blood'. ' Vooruit blood' stands for winner possibilities in the Middle and Grand Middle Distance that brings reality close to dreams. This genetic treasure plays a very large role in the entire Jonckers colony : 90% of the colony members are part of this line.
The ' Vooruit' self was 9th national Ace pigeon Middle Distance in 1994. In his racing career he won 11 races, sometimes with a ten minute lead. Johny Jonckers doesn't omit to bring homage to Gommair Verbruggen, where in '85 he bought a grandson from the 'AS ' and brought in gold. Not forgetting Lou Wouters , who made it all possible. This grandson of the 'AS' lies at the basis of a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd national prize winner from Bourges and many other big talents in the Jonckers lofts. Many other fanciers, both in Belgium and abroad, have performed well with pigeons from Johny. Recently Hubert Paeps from Bertem was in the headlines with an interprovincial victory , directly out this line. 'AS' stands just as well for breeding as for racing…
On the memorable 28the of July last year " 2207131/ 06 JO " ensured the 3rd / 16023 national Bourges and a complete super result with 1/ 299 in Ramillies , 1/ 3110 Noyau direct , 2/ 1829 B.U. , 2/ 4852 C.F.W. , 3/ 6467 nat. zone east.
A real crack then, because he also proved himself in 2007 with 77/ 936 Soissons , 114/ 1870 - 31/ 779 Toury , 1/ 69 club and 8/ 1479 B.U. Minden ( his race for Bourges), 1/ 126 Sens 113/ 1056 La Souterraine.
As a youngster he won 1/ 364 Sens. " JO" has as father an original Engels, half brother of ' Marieke'.
His mother is a daughter of ' Zabel' . " 2204620/ 05 Clif " is another descendant out of this special success line. On the 29th of July 2006 he won as a yearling a 3rd / 12989 national Bourges , in addition to 1/ 296 Ramillies , 1/ 2739 Noyau direct , 1/ 1563 B.U. , 1/ 4348 CFW , 1/ 5231 nat. zone east! " Clif" is a grandson of ' Zabel' x daughter 2nd national Bourges. ' Zabel 2093946/ 99' , who always performs well from Bourges , carries the best in her what a G. Verbruggen can offer so as the As , Kletskop, Kadet, Massis, Schilderij …
With Lou Wouters , Sony from Jef Houben there ' top of the world .' Bourges is without doubt something that Jonckers enjoys very much.
In 2000 it was a legendary result : 1st and 2nd national against 22851 old birds! The racing stars of the day were then: " De Blauwe Jan 824/ /98 " 1st nat. and " Den 808/ 98" 2nd nat.

History and basis
Father and Johny Jonckers raced Sprint together in the Tiense from the 60's until 1978. Father fell away and from that moment Johny carried on alone with different aims. He began to form a new colony with pigeons he had bought from Raoul Verstraete, Oostakker, the top at the time and the Gebroeders Jansen, Arendonk. Johny says that , when he brings in pigeons , he is only after the very best racers or breeders by the chosen fanciers. Because of this he has had to pay a lot of money but it has brought him far. ' Spending money on a topper is usually better spent than on 10 others of the supposedly same sort.'
He further proved this with the purchase in '85 of a grandson of the ' AS' from G. Verbruggen. Later 2 sons of the ' 020' followed. In '87 extra's came from Lou Wouters from s' Gravenwezel. He is grateful for what he could buy from Houben, Itegem. The admiration is huge and the memories sacred for Jef. Recently successful additions have been added from Jos and Jules Engels, Putte. Johny proudly showed us a few youngsters from G. Vandenabeele-origin.

In the lofts
In the Joncker's grounds the room is limited and the racing lofts are compact. Inside an example of neatness, where one may even say that 'you could eat off the floor'. Partly due to the work of mrs. Jonckers, who starts early every morning because she wants to get everything absolutely perfect. Something she has certainly succeeded in. The pigeons sit deep since there is a broad gangway at the front of the lofts. Each window has a role shutter, powered by a motor. The shutters work automatically. Johny says that they even work in the winter because the light from the streetlamps falls directly into the lofts and disturbs the pigeons' rest.

The inhabitants
In 2008 he started with 32 widowers: 8 old and 24 yearlings. At the end of July there were 28 left over. Young cocks, who are worth a place in the widower's loft, are tested over after the season. The widowers stay in the loft from October until the beginning of March. At the end of November they are coupled together with the breeders and raise 1 round of youngsters. Then they remain loose until the start of the racing season. They don't get to see their partner before basketting. They do when they are being trained so that they quickly learn what they are racing for. The widowers are darkened for all the well-known reasons from once they are coupled in November until April.
100 youngsters have to prove themselves 3 x in the Middle Distance.
In 2007 up to La Souterraine . The emphasis of the game is certainly not by the youngsters. They are darkened from the middle of March until the 21st of June and are allowed to stay together until the beginning of July. They are then separated and raced in the nationals with the sliding door system.
25 breeding couples begin their important job at the end of November. They raise 3 rounds of youngsters, wherefrom 2 are kept and the following are sold. The oldest inhabitant of the breeding loft is the ' Zabel.' Johny Jonckers knows his pigeons and the value of his pedigree through and through. This is what his selection is based upon, both by the breeders as by the racers. At least 1 x per month the veterinary surgeon is consulted to check that everything is still on the right track. The trust is placed in dr. Peeters and dr.V. Schroeder. The racers are fed Matador , the breeders Paloma.

Long Distance
Jonckers stands for very strong in the Extreme Middle Distance. Long Distance can also be added to this.
On the 9th of June, 3 pigeons were raced from Montélimar, which was hellishly difficult.
Jonckers didn't have to cry with the many other fancier who were left with half-empty lofts or even worse.
They achieved 3/3, which was exceptional. Obrafo 471 p.: 5- 7.. . CFW 4115 p.: 26- 85… national 8634 pd.: 43- 186… B.U. 925 p.: 8- 19… A performance that caused uproar.
" Eddy 2204611/ 05 " was obtained as an egg from Eddy Engels from Walshoutem. He was clocked as the first Jonckers pigeon from Montélimar. ' Eddy' is from the best Long Distance foundation, which he has proved many times as a youngster: Orléans 15/ 300 as a yearling: Châteauroux 13/ 144 - Tulle 27/ 2118 in 2007: Châteauroux 12/ 388 - Montauban nat. 291/ 6187 - Narbonne internat. 328/ 9326 , nat. 220/ 5051.
In 2008 Johny & Yves once more owned a great team of yearlings, from which the brothers "Tornado" and "Benjamin" especially stood out.
Enjoy with me:
-The "Tornado" 2215114/07 is a son of "Little Joe 810/04" (a direct Jules & Jos Engels, and half-brother of the famous "Marieke") x "646-Hen 646/05".
His wins as a youngster included Dudelange 400 p, and further 4 prizes per 10!
In 2008: Toury 1/ 1.039 - Toury 12/ 1.456 - Toury 24/ 1.072 and then Bourges II: 1/ 937 - CFW 1/ 5.178 - Prov 1/ 1.891 - Zone C 1/ 6.628 - Nat 2/ 16.771 Argenton: 2/ 298 - 5/ 1.318 - CFW 19/ 2.279 - Prov 10/ 668 - Nat 36/ 6.177
From Argenton he was only beaten in the region by his own brother and loft companion, the "Benjamin".
-The "Benjamin" 2215178/07, full brother of the "Tornado" raced the following: As youngster 2 x top with Momignies 46/ 706 - Sens 2/ 906
In 2008: Nanteuil 16/ 428 - Toury 61/ 1.039 Bourges I: 8/ 477 - Nat Zone C 56/ 3.522 Yearlings Bourges II: 4/ 937 - Prov 4/ 1.891- Zone C 4/ 6.628 - Nat 16/ 16.771 Yearlings Argenton: 1/ 298 - 1/ 1.318 - CFW 3/ 2.279 - Prov 1/ 668 - Nat 6/ 6.177 Yearlings

To finish we would like to introduce you to " De Provinciaal 2215032/ 07 ". A new Jonckers favourite. He is a Verbruggen ( via Schepmans) x daughter 2nd nat. Bourges. As youngster: Toury 129/ 1161 - La Souterraine prov. 1/ 2550 , Noyau direct 1/ 2605 , B.U. 1/ 2692 , national 19/ 18973. In 2008 : Nanteuil 14/ 151 - Toury 1/ 643 - Bourges 237/ 1975 - Châteauroux Noyau direct 10/ 2295 , CFW 23/ 4362 , interprov. 47/ 9030.

Johny Jonckers lives for a colony of pigeons that have conquered the pigeon world and have often caused surprises. He is a champion, who has kept his place for 30 years and has left his mark on the provincial and national podiums. A clever and fine fancier, who first and foremost believes in his pigeons and has grown because of it.
He can count on our admiration and gratitude for the warm welcome.