Johny & Yves Jonckers (Drieslinter, BE) rewarded for their exceptional season with the title of 1st Nat. Champion Extreme Middle Distance KBDB 2011!

For almost the entire season, Johny & Yves Jonckers were in the spotlight, as they were always at the head of the race. They had a strong season, which ultimately resulted in a number of important national titles, which they will soon be showing on the national stages in Ostend!

No less than three times does the name of Johny & Yves Jonckers appear in the national KBDB championships 2011… especially as the winner of the extreme middle distance with the 1st and 2nd nominated… as our country’s best loft at the provincial and national classics of the ‘extreme middle distance’!

1° National Champion KBDB 2011 Extreme middle distance
3° National Champion KBDB 2011 yearlings
6° National Ace pigeon KBDB 2011 Extreme middle distance (with Fado)

The title of 1° Nat. Champion ‘Extreme Middle Distance’ was won with the following results of the 1st and 2nd nominated with an overall coefficient of 20.3717%:

28/5 Bourges     Intprov  4.066 p.  65   56
11/6 Chateauroux locally    271 p.  21   8
18/6 La Chatre   Intprov  2.857 p.  1    117
25/6 Montluçon   Intprov  2.598 p.  38   1
02/7 Argenton    Intptov  1.881 p.  19   1

As for the yearlings, a good overall coefficient was achieved as well (12,4490%), but they were no match for the unleashed ‘Berreke’ Derwa-Luxem (1st), who preceded Coesens-Lecocq (2nd).  As Johny & Yves took the bronze medal, they can also climb the podium, as 3rd Nat. Champion Yearlings KBDB, with the following results:

28/5 Bourges     Intprov  2.883 YL  1    8
04/6 Chateauroux Intprov  2.545 YL  28   44
18/6 La Chatre   Intprov  3.362 YL  5    10
02/7 Argenton    Intprov  2.574 YL  11   19
23/7 Nevers      Intprov  1.557 YL  67   4
30/7 Bourges     locally  287   YL  3    6

These solid results clearly indicate that both the old pigeons and the yearlings performed at a remarkably high level! This is the result of a sound pigeon stock, one that knows how to take first place!

The history of the loft

Until '78, Johny Jonckers worked together with his father, and they focused on sprint races. After the passing of his father Albert, Johny started on his own, and quickly switched to the middle distance. In search of new blood, he found new pigeons by Raoul & Xavier Verstraete and by the Jansen brothers, two prominent names in pigeon racing.
In 1985, Johny bought a grandson of Gommaire Verbruggen’s “De As”, and later on, two sons of Gommaire’s “De 020” would follow. In ’87, Johny turned to Lou Wouters in ‘s Gravenwezel, who sold him a number of pigeons from race hens. Later on, a number of pigeons were bought from Houben & Son (Itegem)… and more recently, pigeons from Jos & Jules Engels from Putte (amongst others half brother and half sister ‘Marieke’) and Gaby Vandenabeele (‘Wittenbuik’ and ‘Bliksem’ line) were successfully added as well!

Most of us associate the name of Johny & Yves Jonckers with a successful tandem. But make no mistake: essentially, a team of three lies at the basis of the numerous successes, formed by Johny, his wife Magda and their son Yves. Since John’s early retirement, Yves has been taking care of the pigeons most of the time, with the help of Magda! She will do anything from washing out water containers to cleaning the lofts. The pigeons are taken care of, and they sure get a first-class treatment. Nothing is left to chance! Son Yves steps in whenever he can and … whenever is necessary.

Two stock fathers from the loft were ‘Vooruit 549/91’, himself 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’94 , in addition to  11 convincing victories (descending from the ‘Witpenneke As’ Verbruggen x ‘Zus Souterraine’ Lou Wouters) and ‘Den Artiest 383/93’, himself 2° Nat. Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB ’94 (descending from the ‘Jonge Zwarte artiest’ Houben x ‘Kletskopje Verbruggen’… daughter of ‘020’ x ‘Zus Kletskop’).  In the entire Jonckers colony, this genetic treasure has been playing a dominant role!

Johny Jonckers is of course exceptionally grateful to Gommaire Verbruggen, who sold him a grandson of ‘As’ in ’85 This grandson of the ‘As’ won gold and lies at the basis of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize National Bourges, and many more big talents in the Jonckers lofts. It seems that the National Bourges is exceptionally well suited for the pigeons of Jonckers. In 2000, a legendary result was obtained with 1 st and 2nd of 22,851 old birds... Both cocks were a grandson of ‘Schone Vooruit’ (a son of the above-mentioned ‘Vooruit’ x ‘Blauw Kletskopje’ … daughter ‘020’ x ‘Zus Kletskop’ G. Verbruggen). To this day, these stock pigeons form the basis of this loft, supplemented with the mentioned races with which they were coupled.

The road to success

The breeding pigeons (about 30 couples) are early birds and are coupled around the 26st of November. The racing team consists of about 40 cocks (old birds and yearlings together) and the birds are then coupled around the first or second of January; they are allowed to hatch for five days… after which they are separated again! By the end of March, if weather allows, they are rejoined for about three days, in which period they already start training. When in competition, and after being basketted, they spend ten minutes in the ‘nesting dish’, and are placed in the basket like that! Upon arrival, the hen still keeps company until one comes home from the club to open the clocks … this can sometimes take a few hours, but this is not a problem! When the birds arrive, there is always some dextrose in their water, and they are fed with ‘Vlucht Premium’ form the Beyers company. On Sunday and Monday, low-protein Vandenabeele-mix is on the menu… As of Tuesday, they are again given a full portion of racing mixture for about half an hour, after which the rest is removed. In the evening, amino acids and yeast extracts are added to their feed! As for medical advice, veterinary surgeon Vincent Schroeder is called upon, and his advice is always heeded!

In the loft of Jonckers, the young pigeons only have one training flight, which is always between 10:30 and 12 o’clock. And they only get fed once a day, but they are given big portions. Until the end of April, their feed consists of ‘Premium Kweek’, and until they start training, they are given Vandenabeele-mix. After that, their schedule is pretty much in line with the older racing pigeons! They are darkened from the 8th of March until the 21 st  of June, always from 6pm to 8am… after which lighting is used! And only after that period, are the birds trained. As a consequence, it is always difficult to get the youngsters ready to fly in Bourges (only young hens), as they lack flight experience. But Johny believes that training them earlier would increase their chance of losing them, hence this approach. As soon as the Nationals for youngsters are in sight, the birds have two training flights per day! This means that they are in top form for Argenton (for cocks as well) and especially for La Souterraine and Gueret. This was proven by the nest sisters 790/11 and 791/11… both were bred from a Son 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle distance Beukenne’ X ‘De 802/09’(a nest sister of top pigeon ‘Den 801’… see below). They have won respectively:

-790/11:  2° Nat Zone C La Souterraine 4.681 p.,  8° Nat. 16.665 p.
-791/11: 10° Nat Zone C La Souterraine 4.681 p., 28° Nat. 16.665 p.
          7° Nat Zone C Gueret 3.819 p., 57° Nat. 14.362 p.

The loft’s super pigeons

Two of the leading men in the winning of the title of 1° Nat. Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB were undoubtedly the brothers ‘Den 801’ and ‘De Junior 881’. Together, they have won seven out of the ten prizes that were necessary for winning this championship! This is how they did it:

-‘De Junior’ BE09-2002881

Son of ‘Little Joe’ BE04-6231810 (half brother 'Marieke') x ‘646-hen’ BE05-22046446. He won among other:

In 2011:
21/5 Pithiviers    450 p. 26
28/5 Pithiviers    372 p. 2
04/6 Pithiviers    344 p. 4    (Loc 1° of 76 p.)
11/6 Chateauroux   271 p. 8
         Intprov 2.411 p. 79
18/6 La Chatre     878 p. 1
         Intprov 2.857 p. 1
         Nat    15.780 p. 6
25/6 Montluçon     300 p. 9
         Intprov 2.598 p. 38
02/7 Argenton      243 p. 11
         Intprov 1.881 p. 19
13/8 Argenton      151 p. 10
         Intprov   976 p. 66
In 2010:
15/5 Pithiviers    386 p. 17
20/6 Montluçon     139 p. 1
         S-Nat   5.907 p. 8
09/8 Argenton      188 p. 1
         Intprov 1.494 p. 5
In 2009:
08/8 Argenton      477 p. 2
         Intprov 3.217 p. 3
         Nat    23.900 p. 43
22/8 L.Souterraine 399 p. 23
         Intprov 2.746 p. 37
In 2010:
15/5 Pithiviers    386 p. 17
20/6 Montluçon     139 p. 1
         S-Nat   5.907 p. 8
09/8 Argenton      188 p. 1
         Intprov 1.494 p. 5
In 2009:
08/8 Argenton      477 p. 2
         Intprov 3.217 p. 3
         Nat    23.900 p. 43
22/8 L.Souterraine 399 p. 23
         Intprov 2.746 p. 37

A full list of achievements can be found here

-‘Den 801’ BE09-2002801

Another son of ‘Little Joe’ BE04-6231810 x ‘646-hen BE05-22046446. He won amongst other things:

In 2011:
01/5 Nanteuil    1.383 p. 5
28/5 Pithiviers    372 p. 1
11/6 Chateauroux   271 p. 21
         Intprov 2.411 p. 185
18/6 La Chatre     878 p. 5
         Intprov 2.857 p. 4
         Nat    15.780 p. 21
25/6 Montluçon     300 p. 1
         Intprov 2.598 p. 1
         S-Nat   6.185 p. 5
02/7 Argenton      685 p. 1
         Intprov 1.881 p. 1
         Nat    11.001 p. 11
In 2010:
01/5 Pithiviers    106 p. 8
15/5 Pithiviers    386 p. 1
22/5 Bourges       137 p. 4
         Intprov 2.501 p. 58
20/6 Montluçon     139 p. 6
         S-Nat   5.907 p. 135
24/7 Bourges       334 p. 15
         Intprov 3.010 p. 112
09/8 Argenton N. 7.358 p. 589

A full list of achievements can be found here.

Another full brother of ‘Junior’ and ‘Den 801’ is ‘King Joe’  BE09-2002880… and this excellent pigeon claimed victory in a provincial race : 1° Prov Blois 748 p (achievements can be found here).

The yearlings that gained the most important results for winning 3th place at the National Chamionship yearlings are... ‘Fado’ and ‘Messi’! In addition, ‘Fado’ managed to be 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB in 2001... He is one of a kind!

-‘Fado’ BE10-2013162

Son of ‘Brother Clif’ BE08-2171795 x ‘Witneusje’ BE09-2002899. In 2011, he won:

6° Nat. Ace Pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB 2011
07/5 Toury         131 p. 3
21/5 Pithiviers    464 p. 2
28/5 Bourges       212 p. 3
         Intprov 2.883 p. 8
04/6 Chateauroux   265 p. 9
         Intprov 2.545 p. 44
18/6 La Chatre   1.091 p. 5
         Intprov 3.362 p. 5
         Nat    21.180 p. 28
25/6 Montluçon     332 p. 25
         Intprov 3.107 p. 151
02/7 Argenton      353 p. 10
         Intprov 2.574 p. 19
         Nat    19.782 p. 617
23/7 Nevers        203 p. 1
         Intprov 1.557 p. 4
         S-Nat   3.720 p. 30
30/7 Bourges       287 p. 3
         Zone C  5.141 p. 69
         Nat    12.607 p. 319

A full list of achievements can be found here.

-‘Messi’ BE10-2013145

Son of ‘Gaby’ BE08-2171790 x ‘Benjaminke’ BE09-2002952. His results in 2011:

21/5 Pithiviers    464 p. 1
28/8 Bourges       212 p. 1
         Intprov 2.883 p. 1
         Nat    20.544 p. 165
04/6 Chateauroux   265 p. 4
         Zone C  5.564 p. 59
         Nat    25.263 p. 338
25/6 Montluçon     332 p. 16
         Intprov 3.107 p. 91
02/7 Argenton      353 p. 6
         Intprov 2.574 p. 11
         Nat    19.782 p. 285
23/7 Nevers        203 p. 15
         Intprov 1.557 p. 67

A full list of achievements can be found here.

Other gifted yearlings that have made a good impression in 2011, and who have both won a 1° interprovincial victory (home base in Drieslinter) are:

-‘De 083’ BE10-2013083: 1° Intprov La Chatre 3.362 p. en 5° Nat 21.180 p.! He is a son of the ‘Blauwe Wittenbuik 335/07’ (direct Gaby Vandenabeele as grandson of the world famous ‘Wittenbuik’) x ‘Dochter Zabel 202/07’ (which is thus a granddaughter of ‘Schone Vooruit’, de grandfather of 1° + 2° Nat Bourges 2000)! His achievements can be found here!

-‘Blauwe Kannibaal’ BE10-2013038: 1° Intprov Chateauroux 2.872 p.! He stems from ‘Kleine Kannibaal 605/07’ x ‘Zus Tornado 801/090’! His achievements can be found here.

In the lap of luxury

All previously mentioned pigeons clearly illustrate the wealth in the loft of Johny & Yves Jonckers at the moment! As many as 6 different pigeons have won a 1st prize ‘(inter)provincially’ in 2011… ‘Den 801’ even managed to do this twice… almost unbelievable! This does not only demonstrate the strength of the Joncker’s colony, it also shows the ‘top class’ that lies at the basis of achieving numerous important national titles, with the 1° Nat Champion ‘Extreme Long Distance’ KBDB 2011 as crowning achievement… as ‘best’ colony of the country at (inter)provincial and national classics of the ‘Grand Middle Distance’! And if we take a look at their results, this is definitely a correct statement!


Nog maals een van harte proficiat mene vriend . Ze zullen onderhand wel gaan beseffen welke klasse
er op u hok bevind.


Proficiat Johny en Magda

Beste vriend,

Schitterend seizoen zowel met oude- jaar- en jonge duiven.
Dik verdiende titel.

Aan het hele team vanwege Marcel

proficiat de goe komen vande goe maar gemoet durven investeren endat goed doen met kennis van zaken endat is iets anders zulle


Gefeliciteerd Johhny.Ik ben al op vele tophokken geweest maar zulke duiven heb ik nog niet veel gezien meestal krijg je enkele duiven te zien en dan loopt de kwaliteit al rap terug maar bij jou heb ik een volle mand topduiven gezien,zelden zo'n vliegploeg gezien!!!.Succes in 2012.

Gr Peter

Proficiat met het schitterende seizoen met dank aan Jan Sacreas voor de wekelijkse updates van de resultaten Smile
Gr. Rony

Proficiat, fantastisch seizoen !