Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) wins 1st Provincial Cahors

Things are going great for the long distance champion from Ingelmunster. One week after their national top result from Brive Joël adds another provincial first prize from Cahors to his palmares. This is a pigeon breed in peak form, and it shows in the results.

They had only just celebrated their outstanding result from Brive when the racing team from Ingelmunster put in another exceptional performance, winning a provincial first prize from Cahors. They had two early arrivals from Pau (Mont de Marsan- as well, resulting in turn in a 1st prize from Pau at club level.

Peak form

This string of results clearly shows that the Verschoot pigeons are in exceptional form, as they use their innate qualitities to win one prestigous win after another, even at national level. Last week they surprised us all with an outstanding result from Brive with their 1st and 2nd nominated, with full brothers Barry and Armando finishing in 9th and 10th National. Click here to reread our race report of Brive.

Their top form allowed them to achieve some great results, including their first major victory of 2017: a provincial first prize from Cahors. This first victory of 2017 was bound to happen one day: the Verschoot pigeons have shown over the weeks that they are still one of Belgium's best long distance breeds, excelling in the most demanding conditions, and in races with a velocity of 1200 m/min or less. There was a headwind from north to northeast in the race from Cahors as well, where the team's first nominated Nopri came in first place (1183 m/min). He is a talented long distance racing bird that originates from the invaluable As bloodline. Nopri had shown some promising results in the previous national races as well, winning a top result from Tours, Bourges and Chateauroux along the way.

-Nopri BE13-3003068

 1st  Prov Cahors           1,045 p. ’17 
22nd  Nat Cahors            5,639 p. ’17 (preliminary)
75th  Prov Bourges I        3,597 p. ’17
90th  Prov Chateauroux      3,369 p. ’17
309th Prov Tours            6,720 p. ’17
22nd  N.Zone La Souterraine 1,173 p. ’14
73rd  Prov Pontoise WVOU   12,624 p. ’13  
94th  Nat Libourne          5,024 p. ’15
101st Prov Chateauroux      3,078 p. ’15
222nd Nat Cahors            6,164 p. ’16
260th N.Zone Chateauroux    4,238 p. ’14
536th Nat Limoges           8,303 p. ’15
691st Nat Chateauroux      21,515 p. ’14
836th Nat Montluçon        19,298 p. ’14

Vader: Bijter BE08-3002204
A top class racing bird and winner of a 1st Bordeaux 146 p. and 1st Tulle 162 p. He is a direct son of the stock breeder of Verschoot, namely As BE04-3176937 (grandfather Cees: 1st Nat. Brive ‘13, grandfather of Agen: 1st Nat. Agen ’13 , and grandfather of Suzanne: 1st Nat. Pau ’16)  x Blauw 467 BE02-3016467 (a crossing of Georges Lidou x Eric Vermander). This makes Bijter a full brother of ‘Aske 1’ (the dam of Cees, 1st Nat. Brive in 2013) and a full brother of ‘Aske 2’: the dam of Suzanne, 1st Nat. Pau in 2016.
Dam: Jozefke BE11-3048649
A half sister of long distance champion Contador (5th Nat. Jarnac 4,167 p. ’16, 8th Nat. Brive 5,952 p. ’16, 19th Nat. La Souterraine 6,205 p. ’15, 32nd Nat. Brive 9,126 p. ’17). She is a daughter of one of the best breeders in this loft: Deprez BE05-3088024 x Christje BE10-3066778.
Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of Nopri

Bijter: a great racing bird and the sire of Nopri, winner of a 1st Prov. Cahors

Joël Verschoot also managed to clock two early pigeons from Pau with Sam and Max, who claimed a first prize at club level. We take a brief look at Sam and Max and their origins:
-Sam BE15-3006081: 1st Pau 184 p., 6th Prov. Pau 619 p., 49th Nat. Pau 2,151 p.
He is a son of Antoine BE11-3074700 (a crossing of Antoine Van Landuyt and Noël Lippens) x Kristi Bakka BE13-3074395, a direct Chris Debacker (from Gaby BE12-3088216, a grandson Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele x Valentina BE12-3098401: 5th Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs KBDB ’12). Click here for Sam's pedigree.

-Max BE15-3006101: 6th Pau 184 p., 28th Prov. Pau 619 p., 106th Nat. Pau 2,151 p.
Max is a direct son of Cees BE11-3048658 (winner of 1st Nat. Brive 8,337 p., and the sire of Fabiola One, 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Jarnac 4,559 p. ’16) x Alonne BE14-3004583 (a crossing of Rik Cools, Rudi Desaer and Gaby Vandenabeele). Click here for the pedigree of Max.

Another big win in the near future?

His pigeons are clearly in great form, and Joël can look toward the end of the long distance season in July with great confidence. July is the month in which he really managed to excel in recent years, reaping the rewards of his hard work, and of his exceptionally talented team of racing birds.
The team from Ingelmunster is not quite satisfied yet. Would they be able to take another big win in the next few weeks? The racing team is obviously in great form, and they are probably dreaming of a fourth national victory. We will be keeping an eye on them in the next couple of weeks for sure.