Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE) wins the fourth national first prize in his career thanks to Lucky Blue (BE05-2202296)

It was obviously not the 10 year old Lucky Blue that won the national first prize from Montluçon. The victory was won by her granddaughter, the 159-hen (BE13-2052159).

Lucky Blue 

Why would we discuss the winner's grandmother before taking a closer look at the national first prize winner herself? Well, Lucky Blue has had a considerable impact on the pigeon family of Jef Vanwinkel, and his reputation as a fancier. Jef would not have won the following prizes without his Lucky Blue:

1st + 8th nat. Montlucon (granddaughter)
1st nat. Argenton (daughter)
1st prov. Nevers (daughter)
1st prov. Salbris (daughter)
1st prov. Argenton (daughter)
2nd pre-Olympiad Pigeon 2014 Brno

It is often said that a loft cannot perform well if you take away its strongest pigeon. This is not entirely the case for Jef Vanwinkel: you can tell from the pedigree of his 159-hen that Jef has a few other irons in the fire as well.

The 159-hen: 1st nat. Montlucon 11,056 old birds

The 159-hen

We learned from previous reports that Jef divides his yearlings' collection over two lofts: one for those that have won at least one prize per 100 as young birds, and one for the less successful pigeons. The 159 had earned a place in the best loft, but that is not a guarantee of success. She won for instance an 8th Blois 1,559 p., a 6th Soissons 1,129 p. and an 84th Gueret 9,815 p. In other words, this national victory did not come as a surprise. The pedigree of 159-hen shows that she originates from several of Jef's main breeders, including Den Hollander (BE90-2105473), De Witten Engels (BE98-6396513) and Den Zilveren 371 (BE98-2181371). Den Zilveren 371 is worth taking a closer look at.

Click here for the pedigree of the 159-hen

Zilveren 371

Zilveren 371 is synonym to national victories, ace pigeons and championship titles. Jef has won more national top 100 prizes with his descendants (youngsters, grandchildren and now his great-grandchildren as well) than some fanciers would with an entire collection of breeders. We take a look at his most important prizes:

1st  nat. Montlucon 11,056 p.
1st  nat. Argenton 22,492 p.
2nd  nat. argenton 23,900 p.
2nd  nat. Gueret 3,415 p.
4th  nat. Argenton 4,735 p.
13th nat. La souterraine 17,017 p.
14th nat. Bourges 11,933 p.
15th nat. Gueret 2,636 p.
16th nat. Gueret 17,784 p.
17th nat. Argenton 3,501 p.
18th nat. Argenton 14,534 p.
20th nat. la Souterraine 16,665 p.

This is just one of the invaluable bloodlines in Jef's collection. His winning hen is also related to Blauwe Johny (BE01-2334908) from her mother's side. She is the dam of Purple Lady, 1st semi-nat. Ace Pigeon 2004 and of the 5th and 6th Olympiad Pigeon Portugal. This illustrates the level of quality in Jef's breeding loft.

Not satisfied

Jef has not really been satisfied with his season so far. "We have won a few top prizes but it was not yet good enough." Still, we think he has no reason to complain, having won a 51st and 54th Bourges 18,826 p., a 114th Chateauroux against 18,614 p., a 49th Gueret 12,516 p. and now a 1st Nat. Montlucon 11,056 pigeons. In addition, he has about 25% prizes per 10 and 50% prizes per four, which does not sound too bad at all. We know quite a few fanciers that have to be satisfied with less.


Proficiat Jef met je nationale overwinning.
Met erbovenop ook nog 8ste nationaal jaarse mag je terecht fier zijn op dit duivenweekend.
En het was werken deze keer met die N-wind, dan kunnen die van jou immer een tikje meer als de conditie snor zit.

Succes verder!
Patrick Vanoppen

Proficiat met deze mooie nationale overwinning !!

Jean en Gerry Conaert

Proficiat Liliane en Jef , een mooie zege met dit weer . Op naar de volgende , want dit is toch reeds je VIERDE .
Geniet er nog maar van .
Mia en Theo Elsen

Deze overwinning is je meer dan gegund Jef en co. Toffe pe die altijd in is voor een grap en een grol, maar ook ene die de duivensport durft te bekijken door de juiste bril....
Van harte gefeliciteerd en als 't past spoelen we dat wel door met wat we beiden graag drinken!!
Beste grtjes van de ket