Jean-Pascal Verspreet (Roucourt, BE) several years at the top!

Jean-Pascal Verspreet is a well know fancier from the province of Hainaut. He is one of the many members of the Verspreet family who joined the pigeon sport and his pigeons alos put him under the spotlights several times.

Bred and raised in a pigeon fancier family, Jean-Pascal Verspreet is into pigeons since his early age. However, he first focused on the motocross and he was pretty successful as he won numerous titles of champion, the most prestigious being the title of Belgium Champion. But after several injuries, he decided to come back on his first passion. It was in 1985. In 1991, he mooved to his actual adress in Roucourt where he quickly built some lofts. He then decided to race pigeons with high ambitions with the same philosophy he had when he was a motocross champion. Because it's one of the main quality of his character, a kind but direct person, motivated and stubborn to achieve his goals. No doubt, the competition is anchored inside him. He prooved it once again in 2014, a dark year for him as he started to develop serious health problems. Everything started with a brain stroke just before the start of the season 2014. Then, when he had recovered, the firm where he worked since several years closed definately. But 2014 is also the birth year of his fantastic 'Nenette', a hen who allowed him to enjoy perfectly his hobby after a difficult start of the year. She prooved the champ from Roucourt had still some time ahead. Finally, she ended the year witht the title of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB!

- 'Nenette' (BE14-1060464)

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Nenette'.

The future

Jean-Pascal faced once again some bad health problems recently. That's why the last few years of racing were really calm. During the last season, he found a perfect solution as he decided to race under partnership with another fancier. The 2017 generation was bred in his lofts in Roucourt before being given to his friend to take part in the competition. Unfortunately, the partnership ended several weeks later, without even having the time to take part in the competition. From now on, he sees his hobby with another view. He wants to keep on racing but without stress, too harmful for his current shape. It's hard for him to keep on living like this but it is what it is. But it doesn't mean that he will continue the pigeon sport without any ambition. As a proof, Jean-Pascal bought recently a few pigeons from Etienne Meirlaen and he hopes they will be successful in the long distance races. Anyway, we wish him a lot of good things and to enjoy the times spent with his family.