Jean Pachla (Harbonnières, FR) wins the 1st national Saint Vincent in France

Friday, release day of the international race of Saint Vincent, four pigeons managed to be clocked before the end of the first flying day. Three were clocked in France, in the department of the Picardie and another in Haute-Normandie, two very close departments. The first announcement on PIPA was put at 21h43'05 by Jean Pachla.

With his 982.21 m/m, everybody knew that it was a top pigeon and he was only beaten early in the second day by the german Karl-Heinz Koers, a fancier who already won Pau International in 2010.

Jean Pachla is not an unknown fancier. In 2012 from Perpignan (783 km), he won the national victory in the hen's result (7th National). In 2011, again from Perpignan, he won the 8th national prize. The same year, he also won the national victory from Wedemarck. His balance is quite simple: during the three last years of racing, he managed to win three national victories, who can achieve more?

Jean was born in 1956 and was directly hit by the pigeon bug thanks to his father. In 1978, at the age of 22 years, he started with his own pigeon loft in the sprint competitions. After he had won a few championships, he decided to focus on the middle & long distance competitions. In 2007, he started to basket his pigeons for the international races. He was directly successful as from the race of San Sebastian, he found two pigeons into his loft at 5h49, while he was coming back from a party. Despite the fact that he missed their arrival, the pigeons classified themselves at the 13th & 14th international prize. Since this race, he understood he could become a top fancier. He decided to focus on the most prestigious championships of the north of France: Champion CCP clubs CALC 2008, 2009 & 2010.  In 2011, he was crowned as provincial champion of the long distance, with his two first nominated in 2 races. In 2011, he also won the national victory from Wedemarck. In 2012, he won the national victory from Perpignan hens and now in 2013: 1st National Saint Vincent. In fact, since he decided to race the long distance, Jean Pachla has never had a hard year.

Jean has five pigeon lofts he made himself and they are simple and functional. Before the season, he decided to close the front opening of his loft. But the form never came and following the advice of an old fancier, he opened them back up. Two weeks later, everything was going well: he won the 2nd & the 3rd from La Souterraine (480 km). His colony is formed by 8 breeding pairs, almost 80 racers (cocks + hens) and more or less 80 youngsters.

Jean Pachla own a few pigeon breeds. We mostly find the pigeons of his father whose pigeon loft was based on the pigeons of the late Joseph Debacker from Fricourt who bred the famous Cattrysse strain from Moere. In 1992, Jean bought some pigeons at the sale of the late Pol Tossens from Warsage. All these Tossens pigeons were bred from extra special racers and when they were crossed with the old strain, it was a direct hit. Jean also said that he had bought a lot of pigeons with famous pedigrees but he wasn't really successful with these. On this subject, he added: " I think that each pigeon fancier is racing pigeons able to fly at 1500m/min but this year, it is another story".
He wanted to let us know that he owns a true ''golden breeding pair''. They are the parents of the 1st National Saint Vincent, of the 1st National Perpignan hens 2012 and of the 1st National Wedemarck 2011! No more, no lesss! The cock is a retired racer who managed to win prizes from Toulouse, Saint Vincent and Wedemarck, a direct son of the 13th International San Sebastian 2007. In his veins, we find the blood of Tossens and Cattrysse via Joseph Debacker. His mother also won prizes from Saint Vincent, Toulouse and Vitoria, and she is a grand-daughter of the 14th International San Sebastian 2007. She also has the Tossens & Cattrysse blood. Click here to check the pedigree of the Saint Vincent winner

The winner of Saint Vincent, 233303/2010, christened 'Le Fou, is, after his owner, a superb athlete with a lot of character. He likes to fight with his colleagues in the loft. It is a latebred from September 2010. In 2011, he won 1/944 Saint Maure (340 km), 31/2330 Blois (271 km), 16/1052 Guéret (415 km), 123/1302 Blois (271 km), 42/845 Limoges (452 km). In 2012, he added to his performance list 227/3194 Bergerac (580 km), 131/1449 Toulouse (702 km) and an early prize from Libourne (591 km). In 2013, he was entered three times for Andrezel (140 km), then Marsac (540 km) and a last time from Blois (271 km) on the 30th of June. As you can see, his victory is not a surprise! His national victory in so hard race is now crowning his fantastic performance list!

Jean races his pigeons on total widowhood. 40 cocks and 40 hens are composing the racing team. The racers are coupled around the 15th of March to breed two youngsters. Around the 10th of May, if the weather is good, Jean Pachla enters his pigeons for the first races. The pigeons who flew Pau were basketed four times for Andrezel (140 km), then for Marsac (560 km) and a last time for Blois (270 km). So, a total of 6 races for 1,390 kilometers. In general, the yearlings are entered in only one long distance race while the pigeons of two years fly two races. When they are aged of three years, they have a program of three races. They are basketed for a long distance race each 3 weeks but between two long distance race, they also fly a sprint race. During the week, they are flying once a day and they are never forced to train. The pigeons are fed with a mixture from Ledoux. Jean thinks they are really good. He also give vitamins and minerals. Before the season & after the breeding, Jean Pachla treats them against worms, coccidiosiis and trichomoniasis. During the season, they are treated against trichomoniasis every three weeks.

Great performances, superb pigeon strain combined with a good pigeon fancier and here is the result, a wonderful victory from Saint Vincent. The PIPA team would like to congratulate you on this awesome victory. We wish you a lot of luck for the rest of the season.