Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) aims for the top in one loft races worldwide with Birdy descendants

Jan Hooymans saw his chance to obtain OLR champion Birdy in the total auction of Mark Kitchenbrand. This racing hen is generally considered to be the best OLR pigeon of all times, and Jan Hooymans is determined to reach new heights with the help of Birdy's descendants.

Jan Hooymans has come up with another special partner for Birdy; this time it's New Harry

Birdy, best One Loft Race ace pigeon of all time

DV06503-07-900 Birdy, best OLR ace pigeon ever

To refresh your memory, we go back to the year 2007. The German based combination of Burkard Südhoff & Willi van Beers took part in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race with blue coloured racing hen DV06503-07-900. This hen, which was later called Birdy, came into prominence with a head-turning performance in 2007/2008. Across 24 official races Birdy claimed a top 32 prize no less than ten times. She started winning top prizes one after another from her very first training flight, which began with a 26th of 3821 pigeons, and ended with a 10th against 2,866 pigeons. This last result was won in a race over 552km, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees. Birdy's achievements eventually resulted in the following titles:

SAMDPR 2008 Knock-Out Competition Champion
Grand Average Ace Pigeon
Hot Spot Average Ace Pigeon

Birdy was transferred to the team of Mark Kitchenbrand right after the final.

Birdy's Race Results

This is the complete overview of Birdy's results in the SAMPDR competition

Birdy Family

Birdy's impressive level of performance is not a coincidence. Her grandfather from her father's side excelled in 1998, winning the title of 20th National Ace Pigeon of Germany. This grandfather was then paired to a daughter of Hardy Krüger's renowned breeding pair Carl Lewis (3rd National Ace Pigeon Germany 1992) x Naomi (granddaughter Carl Lewis), and together they bred DV06503-02-1687 Asvogel 1687. This Asvogel became 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon, before giving birth to Birdy. The dam of Birdy came from the collection of Louis van Loon, and was purchased by Willi van Beers.

In good hands

It was soon obvious that the Birdy family was in good hands with the Kitchenbrand family. The first six youngsters of Birdy have in turn bred several first prize winners, including a car winner in a one loft race. And the brothers and sisters of Birdy have shown to have great potential in the breeding loft as well. For instance, the 863 (a sister of Birdy) became the dam of Playboy, winner of a 1st National Poitiers (9325 p.). The 200 (a sister of Birdy) is the dam of Mark, which was the best pigeon in the national races of 2011, winning a 32nd National Bourges (13,673 p.) and a 35th National Poitiers (9325 p.).

Birdy meets Harry

Birdy has been paired to Harry, his son Beauty Harry and his grandson New Harry

When Mark Kitchenbrand announced that his pigeon family was to be offered for sale in 2015, Jan Hooymans knew that Birdy would be the pigeon that he needed to do well in the One Loft Races. No other pigeon had been quite as successful in the SAMDPR competition like Birdy. In addition, her breeding qualities had been quite exceptional as well. And so it happened; Birdy has been living in Jan Hooymans's breeding lofts since 2015. As you can see here, Jan Hooymans is particularly happy with Birdy in his collection. Jan does not have to worry about finding a suited partner: Birdy was paired to a number of youngsters of stock pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje, including Harry and James Bond. She has also been paired to Beauty Harry and New Harry, which come from the new Harry generation. Jan Hooymans will be competing in the one loft races with youngsters of several of these pairings, aiming for the top. We reckon some of these birds will be tested in the one day long distance races NPO as well.

In Hali's footsteps

Jan Hooymans was close to winning a first prize in the SAMDPR in 2017, eventually settling for third place in the final with racing bird Hali. Jan is determined to win that coveted first prize one day as well, and that is why he invested in Birdy.