Heinz Meier (Rahden, DE): the life’s work of the German top class fancier Heinz Meier will be auctioned (Part 1)

This is sensational; it is the end of an era. The outstanding breeding and racing pigeons of the loft of Heinz & Erika Meier will all be offered for sale.

This article is about a breeding loft of exceptional quality that houses approximately 50 pairs and two outstanding racing lofts (Heinz Meier and Erika Meier) that have achieved amazing results in Germany. These two racing lofts might well be the very best German pigeon family ever to have existed.

Heinz Meier has been a famous name in the world of pigeon racing for many years. Unfortunately Heinz Meier died on 16 May 2010 at the age of 82. Was this the end of the Meier pigeon family? It wasn’t. The story continued for a while, both under his name and under the name of his wife Erika Meier, who is closely involved in pigeon racing as well. She continued to maintain the pigeon family until 2012. Now the Meier family has decided to auction the entire collection of fantastic Meier pigeons that originate from legendary pigeons from the past.  

The name of Heinz Meier is linked to an endless list of top results and great achievements. He has won nearly everything, from German Championships to National Ace Pigeon titles. Not to mention the numerous prizes in the championships of the union, the club and the region. He was nearly unbeatable at local level. In the final years before his death Heinz Meier had divided his racing team into two divisions. In Germany it is allowed to split your racing loft into different teams that are raced under different names. In this case Heinz raced with a team of cocks whereas his wife and companion Erika was responsible for the team of hens under her name. Of course the maintaining of the pigeons was in the hands of a few assistants.

About the loft itself

His loft leaves nothing to be desired. There is more than enough room to accommodate the pigeons. We could say that everything is perfectly organised and arranged and nothing is missing here. Any fancier who can raise a team of good quality pigeons in this loft will have a great time as a fancier.

The accommodation

The basis of the breed

It is important to have pigeons of outstanding quality if you ever want to make it to the very top. It is no surprise that the Meier pigeon family is based on some of the finest pigeons and bloodlines available today. In any case it all started with the pigeons of Schellens many years ago. This loft houses some amazing Schellens pigeons. Several brothers and sisters of the famous Nationaal I have played a key role in the Meier breed. They were crossed with pigeons of Clement Robben bred from the renowned breeding pair Bonny and Clyde. Pigeons of these two breeders have laid the basis for a success story that continued for several years. In recent years other famous pigeons were added from the lofts of Gerard Koopman, Günter Prange, Dirk Van Dyck and Jos Vercammen. All of these pigeons form the pillars of the astonishing Meier pigeon family.

Excellent results in Germany at national level:

2004: 2nd National Middle Distance Championship
           5th Regional Championship yearlings in the federation

2005: 5th Regional Championship yearlings in the federation

2006: 2nd Regional Championship yearlings in the federation
          16th National Allround Championship
          22th Ace hen in the federation

2007: 2nd National Allround Championship
         4th Regional Championship Yearlings in the federation
         6th, 13th and 30th Ace cock allround
         2nd, 8th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 22nd, 27th and 46th Ace hen allround

2008: 1st German Regional Championship
         2nd National Prize in the federation
         12th, 39th and 45th Ace Hen in the federation
         1st, 5th, 17th and 38th German Derby 2008 yearling hens

2009: 3rd German Championship Federation
         8th Ace Cock in the federation
         1st, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 28th and 46th Ace hen in the federation

2010: 2nd German Championship Federation
         1st, 2nd and 4th German Derby yearling hens
         6th national Ace Cock
        1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Ace Hen in the federation
        1st Yearling Championship in the federation
        1st Klinik-Cup

2011: 1st and 12th German Young Birds Championship

2012: 9th German Young Birds Championship Federation

Heinz Meier

2008: a first prize in the Deutschland Derby 2008 for yearling hens

The 09711-07-227 won twelve prizes in 13 races in 2008 and with a score of 399.04 points out of 400 she won a first prize in the Deutschland Derby 2008 for yearling hens. She was the very best yearling hen of Germany! That same 227 won 13 prizes in 13 races in the following year. 2011 was a great season as well, with 11 prizes in 13 races. This exceptional racing hen is also included in this auction. Not surprisingly, she has excellent origins as well. The dam is General (09711-03-676), a top class breeding pigeon that was bred from the bloodlines of the Karel Schellens pigeons. The dam of the 227 is an original Robben hen, an excellent breeder and mother of quite a lot of top class descendants. The parents of this hen are Clyde x Bonny. We return to this later.

2009: first Ace Hen of Germany!

This was an exceptional feat: the 09711-08-416 won the title of first Ace Hen of Germany with an unprecedented number of points. She was basketed for ten races that counted for the ace hen ranking and she gathered 976.11 out of 1000 points. In fact the Ace cock of Germany only managed to win 957.76 points! This is an impressive result. The 09711-08-416 has won 13 prizes in 13 races, yielding 1,256.56 ace points. Would it be possible for a pigeon to do even better? I doubt it. She had already won 10 prizes in 11 races in the season before. The 416 was immediately placed in the breeding loft after the 2009 racing season and she bred great descendants. This amazing hen is also included in the auction!

This is a very interesting bird so we discuss her origins in more detail. Her sire is the 09711-03-83, which is the son of the B 02-6508570 paired to NL 00-4728204. This B 02-6508570 is a son of Kannibaal, paired to a daughter of Rambo of Dirk and Louis Van Dyck. The NL 00-4728204 is a daughter of Kleine Dirk x Wonder Lady of Gerard Koopman. The dam of the Ace Hen 09711-08-416 is the 09711-01-181, which has also bred excellent descendants. She stems from the Sohn Argenton (09711-92-250) of Karel Schellens, paired to the NL 97-2253041, a daughter of the Beatrixdoffer x Mutter Gentil of Gerard Koopman. This is an impressive pedigree.

2010: simply amazing: first, second third and fifth Ace Hen of Germany

It is probably the first time that a single fancier has the three best racing hens of Germany. This was a dream come true. The first in the ranking is a one year old hen with ring number 09711-09-33. She won 13 prizes and she gathered 1,190.97 out of 1300 points in 2010. In the ace pigeon ranking she yielded 960.93 out of 1000 points in the ten flights that counted for the classification. She won points against large groups of pigeons regularly. She won eight top prizes as a young bird and she has excellent origins. Her sire is Goldstück NL 05-1936624, a Koopman bird bred from Lorris x Yi Min (bred from Gentil x Golden Lady). Yi Min is a full sister of top class breeder Kleine Dirk. The dam of Goldstück is Golden Lady B 96-6286060, which was bred from Kannibaal x Zuster Rambo. This is also the dam of Kleine Dirk but you probably knew that already. Let’s have a look at the origins of the dam of the 33 as well. The dam is the 09711-08-600 and she was bred from two exceptional pigeons: the Ass 09711-03-246 and the Tochter Bonny & Clyde B 97-5150636. The Ass won 13 prizes in 13 races in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

First Ace Hen of Germany in 2010

Let’s have a look at the second Ace Hen of Germany as well. This hen is also a one year old, with ring number 09711-09-451. She was only just beaten by her loft mate. She yielded 959.10 out of 1000 points and she won 13 prizes and 1,200.78 out of 1300 points in the overall ranking. She had already won eight prizes as a young bird. There is not a lot to be said about her pedigree: she is a full sister of the 33! This means that the first and second Ace Hens of Germany are two sisters. This is truly something special. I have seen both pigeons. Did I notice anything special? They were both perfect looking pigeons and they were beautiful.

Second Ace Hen of Germany in 2010

The third Ace Hen of Germany is the 09711-08-302. She has won 13 prizes in 13 races, collecting 1,207.22 points. In addition she had 950.23 out of 1000 points in the ace pigeon ranking. She is nearly a purebred Schellens pigeon and she originates mostly from the bloodline of the Nationaal 1.

Those were the first, second and third ace hens of Germany in 2010. As we said, the fifth place was also won by a pigeon of Heinz Meier: the 09711-09-467. She won 12 prizes and 1,062.89 ace points. She missed the fourth prize in the Ace Hens competition by only 0.72 points; her total score was 948.09. She did outstandingly well in the race from Brandenburg (265km) on 9 May 2010, with a first prize against 3,719 pigeons. One week later she won a second prize from Königs-Wusterhausen (326km) against 3,793 pigeons. The sire of the hen 467 is a cock of Prange; the dam is bred from a combination of Karel Schellens and a daughter of Kleine Dirk of Gerard Koopman.

This was a quick overview of the best racing hens of Germany in 2010. Could it be possible to breed even better pigeons? I think this is almost impossible. Three of these amazing racing hens will be auctioned on PIPA and today they are housed in the breeding loft. You are probably wondering which of the four hens will not be included in the auction. It is the third Ace Hen of 2010 that will be missing; unfortunately she died some time ago.

This was an overview of the greatest achievements of the Heinz Meier pigeon family. In part two we will go into further detail about Heinz Meier and Karel Schellens, Clement Robben, Dirk Van Dyck and Gerard Koopman.


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