GyoSport Romania - Crossing the technology border in Pigeon Racing

GyoSport pigeon racing sports club was officially launched at the beginning of 2010 being affiliated to the Romanian Pigeon Racing Federation (F.R.S.C.).

The club has 28 members and the activities take place within the sports club of Popesti-Leordeni a town very close to Bucharest, the capital Romania.
GyoSport has, for the moment, a maximum capacity of 30 members. The access to the club is based on the promotion and relegation of the members, according to their performances in the racing season.
The club’s headquarters in Popesti-Leordeni is very friendly and has optimal facilities like: meeting room,  computers, pigeon transportation car of the latest generation, bar, terrace and others. Also at GyoSport’s headquarters you can find a shop with high quality pigeon related products, all at affordable prices.
The latest technology in pigeon racing is one of the club’s strong points. The pigeon transportation car is one of the latest generation. The new acquisition, Mercedes, has a capacity of 1500 pigeons Some of its features are: ventilation adapted for every pigeon crate, automated water supply, separated feeding and adaptation compartments, detachable crates, central automated launch system, live video surveillance during transportation and launch.
For pigeon timing, the club owns an integrated, very professional Benzing timing system. If one of the club’s members doesn’t have such a timing system, this can be rented, at an affordable price, from the club.
The race results are obtained instantly, after downloading the race information from the timing clocks. This is possible thanks to the Benzing timing system. The rankings are automatically generated in Pidexx after the information download.
Together with the club’s launch, a complex internet platform was developed, The main purposes of the platform are managing the racing activities and offering information related to the club’s activity and members, including a section for live video monitoring of the activities. There are 11 cameras streaming live: 2 of them are located at the club’s headquarters, 2 are mounted on the pigeon transportation car and 7 are located at the lofts of the best club members. Besides monitoring, the cameras are connected to a high performance iGuard-Germany security system. The security system allows the storage of the video stream on a dedicated server together with the video monitoring feature.
The GyoSport Club promotes youth participation at the pigeon races, encouraging the passion for sport and leisure. Within GyoSport you can always find a friendly atmosphere where the hobby for pigeon racing mixes with the latest technology.


everything nice!,,, but why they not make larger group of fanciers, not just that 30 .. about the transportation its very nice conditions ..regards and good luck in races.

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