Guy Van der Auwera & Sons (Wuustwezel, BE) now win 1st Provincial Bourges after having won 1st and 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon

Guy Van der Auwera & Sons pretty much dominated last weekend's interprovincial race from Vierzon, winning a 1st, 2nd and 7th Interprovincial old birds. And he added a 1st Provincial from Bourges to his palmares last weekend. These excellent results are thanks to three super class pigeons: Gladiator (Geerinckx), de Kaasboer (Goovaerts) and Antonio (De Saer).

A team performance on 20 May

Every fancier knows that a weekend is not a complete success unless your entire racing team has performed well. Taking a closer look at the overall results of 20th of May, we can conclude that the Van der Auwera pigeons from the Kemp region had a great day overall, both in Vierzon and in the shorter middle distance race from Chevrainvilliers:

20/05/17 Vierzon Provincial  2,363 o.b.: 1-2-6-77-140-176-442-461-747 (9/12)
20/05/17 Vierzon Interprov.  8,177 o.b.: 1-2-7-157-290-376-1063-1116-1934 (9/12)
20/05/17 Chevrainvilliers    1,045 YLs:  2-6-14-19-31-45-70-89-95-97-144-146-153-185-
                                         187-197-199-212-231-257-258-287-323-326 (24/33)

This was an impressive performance from the entire team, which had been quite successful in previous weeks as well:

23/04/17 Noyon   430 p.: 2-3-18-19-21-33-38-47-50-65-68-84-87-89-98-106-107-111-115-125-
                         142 (21/36)
30/04/17 Noyon 2.225 p.: 12-12-38-39-43-70-72-74-75-76-79-80-140-143-159-163-202-207-258-261-
                         262-266-269-270-349-350-422-425-624-625-628-645-646-674-677 (35/50)
13/05/17 Chevrainvilliers 1,344 olds:   9-25-33-33-35-37-39-61-72-89-154-157-204-206-269-272-
                                        287-326-379-381-438 (21/45)
13/05/17 Chevrainvilliers 1,035 YLs:    8-14-16-17-34-76-106-107-158-163-200-282-302-303 (14/33)

A first prize for two consecutive weeks

The Van der Auwera pigeons are clearly in great shape; you can tell from their results in last week's demanding race from Bourges, which took place in sunny weather and high temperatures.  They win no less than 6 provincial top 100 prizes yearlings, including a 1st and 11th Provincial, as well as two provincial top 100 prizes in the old birds' race:

27/05/17 Bourges Provincial 3,538 yearlings:  1-10-33-34-56-65-160-190-230-231-463-763-
                                              953-1074-1092 (15/31)
27/05/17 Bourges Provincial 3,139 olds:       20-80-107-154-165 (5/11)

Birds of prey

Guy, a nutritional advisor and export manager for Vanrobaeys, has been struggling with the many birds of prey around the area. His old and one year old racing birds have to be kept inside from the final race of the season up until mid-March, which is why it takes a while for them to reach peak fitness.

Guy started the season with a racing team of 50 olds and yearlings, consisting of 25 cocks and 25 hens that train in the morning. Five of them got lost along the way, leaving Guy with 12 old birds in widowhood and 33 yearlings raced in total widowhood. He has an additional 120 young birds in his team as well.

Gladiator (Geerinckx), Kaasboer (Goovaerts/Van de Wouwer) and Young Antonio (De Saer)

Guy is rather cautious when it comes to letting his pigeons fly out, and he is equally careful about introducing other bloodlines into his existing breed. He demands only the very best in his breeding loft, which explains the presence of such prestigious names as Gladiator (Geerinckx) and Kaasboer (Goovaerts-Van de Wouwer), which feature in the pedigrees of both his 1st and 2nd Interprovincial. And he appears in the pedigree of Young Antonio (De Saer) as well; he is the sire of the 1st Provincial Bourges I yearlings.

1st Interprovincial Vierzon Black Hawk

Black Hawk lived up to his potential with a first prize from Vierzon. He had had some promising results in 2016 as well, including a 105th Nat. La Souterraine 9,580 p. (24th Zone 2,695 p.) and a 252nd Nat. Argenton 18,363 p. Black Hawk's nest brother Hawk had some good results as well, winning a 9th Nat. La Souterraine. 

The sire of BE15-6051416 Black Hawk is Black Suger. His sire Dominator comes from two direct descendants of top class breeder Kaasboer, and he is the grandfather of Jill, 1st Ace Pigeon YBs for The Netherlands in the PIPA rankings. His dam Black Diamantje is a granddaughter of 1st Nat. Bourges 2002 Shinji San. The dam of Black Hawk is Favourite Luc, a direct Geerinckx hen. Favourite Luc is a daughter of Luc (1st National Argenton) from her father's side, and a granddaughter of top class breeder Gladiator from her mother's side. Gladiator was 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon 2004 and 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Porto 2005, and the grandfather of a 1st Nat. Limoges 2009, a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon YBs Sprint 2016, a 1st Prov. Blois, a 1st Prov. Vierzon, etc. Click here for the full pedigree of Black Hawk.

2nd Interprovincial Vierzon Grey Tiger

BE14-6245801 Grey Tiger wins a 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon, showing that he gets stronger with age. He had a fairly unremarkable 2014 and 2015 season before taking his first top result in 2016: a 22nd Provincial 610 p. (128th Nat. 6,850 p.). And last weekend he added a second prize to his palmares.

Grey Tiger comes from two thoroughbred prize winners. His sire Early Grey won several top prizes in his racing career, including a 1st Noyon, 2nd Dourdan, 6th Noyon, etc. Early Grey's grandfather from his father's side is also the grandfather of the sire of Black Hawk from his father's side: the direct Kaasboer descendant Super 481 Kaasboer of Jozef Goovaerts. The dam of Grey Tiger is B-Special, a super class racing hen and winner of a 1st Zone Montluçon 3,494 p. and an 8th Zone Bourges 4,130 p. B-Special comes from Macho (2nd Prov. Châteauroux 2,611 p.) paired to a daughter of Gladiator, the world class breeder of Geerinckx. In other words, both Black Hawk and Grey Tiger are related to the Gladiator bloodline. Click here for the full pedigree of Grey Tiger.

1st Provincial Bourges Drew

The blue coloured hen BE16-6159226 Drew claimed a provincial win of 3,538 yearlings in a demanding race from Bourges on 27th of May. She is named after Drew Barrymore, one of the three Charlie's Angels. Her two sisters Cameron and Lucy (named after the other two Charlie's Angels) have had some remarkable results as well: Cameron won a 10th Provincial Bourges and a 2nd Chevrainvillliers 1,058 pigeons, and Lucy won a 3rd Noyon 430 p., a 6th Chevrainvilliers 1,058 p. and a 56th Provincial Bourges.

Drew's dam is Beauty Cools, a direct Rik Cools and a daughter of Koosje (1st Prov. Châteauroux, 4th Nat. Argenton and 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon). The sire is a direct Rudi De Saer called Young Antonio, a half brother of New Jens Junior (6th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2016) and a son of Antonio. Antonio won a 1st Nat. Souillac for Rudi, and he is a full brother of New Tours (1st Nat. Cahors) and a half brother of Close (4th Nat. Tulle). This is a family of prize winners indeed! Click here for a closer look at Drew's pedigree.

What's next

Last weekend's performance has left everyone longing for more: not just Guy, but also the two racing cocks that won a first and second prize. Will they be able to add another top result to their palmares, or would they rather rest on their laurels? We'll know in the next couple of weeks. One thing is clear: these pigeons have what it takes to win a few more top results in the near future.