Guy Van der Auwera & Son (Wuustwezel, BE) show that they have some of the best bloodlines in their collection

"Finding the best quality bloodlines is key", says Guy Van der Auwera. It took him a few years to get there, but with thee provincial first prizes to his name in 2017, he has clearly found what he was looking for.

Guy and Jordi Van der Auwera, winners of three provincial first prizes in 2017

That does not mean Guy was simply copying others in previous years but he did have to start all over after his best pigeons were stolen in 2003. He started working on a new pigeon breed through trail and error. The first top quality bloodline that he introduced was that of Van Hove Uytterhoeven. Along with this line came a group of youngsters of Schone Bliksem (son Bliksem GVDAB) and Koosje (1st Nat. Argenton and 1st Prov. Chateauroux) of Rik Cools. He also obtained descendants of Gladiator and De Luc (1st Nat. Argenton) from L,B&J Geerinckx, as well as a son of Rudi De Saer's Antonio (1st Nat. Souillac). Guy was also interested in Suer 481, a son of Kleine Blauwe (BE98-6535619), the number one stock breeder of Jef Goovaerts. This son, which Jef offered for sale in his total auction, had won a 1st Melun 2,029 p., a 1st Toury 1,573 p. (fastest prov. of 14,139 p.), a 1st Toury 1,113 p. (fastest of 6,596 p.), a 1st noyon 322 p. and a 1st Noyon 225 p. Besides buying Suer 481, Guy also obtained Daughter Chateauroux (BE06-6302558) in that same auction. 

The team really took off in 2017 with three provincial victories in three different categories: olds, yearlings and young birds:

1st and 2nd prov. Vierzon 2,363 olds  (1-2-6-77-140-176...(9/12))
1st prov. Bourges         3,435 YLs   (1-10-32-34-54-62-154-183-219-221...(15/31))
1st prov. Chateauroux     2,549 YBs   (1-13-50-149-153-176-232-238-247-266-289-304...(25/65))


Guy bred some talented new youngsters from his pair Super 481 x Daughter Chateauroux, which in turn bred new generations of youngsters that shared many of Kaasboer's qualities. One of them is Dominator (BE10-6220256) - click here for his pedigree. He was paired up to Black Diamantje (BE06-6052305) when he bred Black Sugar, a great racing bird that almost won four national top 100 prizes:

 23rd nat. Montluçon  7,809 p.
 56th nat. Argenton  22,384 p.
 78th nat. Bourges    5,333 p.
104th nat. Montluçon 22,875 p.

Black Sugar found a perfect match in Favourite Luc (BE13-6309562). She is a daughter of Luc (BE09-6326192), 1st Nat. Argenton, paired to a daughter of Gladiator (BE03-6460062), 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB and 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Porto. Black Sugar and Favourite Luc became the proud parents of Black Hawk (BE15-6051416), which claimed a provincial first prize from Vierzon (and 1st interprov. 8,105 p.). Click here for Black Hawk's full pedigree. We might as well call Black Sugar and Favourite Luc the La Souterraine pair, since three of their descendants have done great in this race:

24th nat. with Black Hawk
 9th nat. with Hawk 
​62nd nat. with Super Hawk

Deep Impact (BE11-6295933) is a full brother of Dominator with an equally impressive breeding palmares. He is the sire of Black Lady, winner of a 4th Nat. Bourges B1 and an 8th Nat. Montluçon B1. Another youngster, the 455/16, wins a 1st, 3rd and 8th prize, each time from Pont. The 299/16 wins a 9th/1,283 p. and a 5th/570 p. Pont. His direct descendants have in turn passed on their excellent qualities to their sons and daughters as well: the 672/15 (a grandchild) wins a 1st Duffel 1,064 p., a 2nd Duffel 2,355 p., a 1st Troyes 251 p., and a 2nd prov. Peronne 20,239 p. for Peter Van de Merwe, as such winning a title of 1st Ace Pigeon YBs The Netherlands in this PIPA ranking.

Charlie's Angels

In addition to the lines of Kaasboer and Gladiator, Guy has a valued breeding pair in his collection: Young Antonio (BE13-3080187) and Beauty Cools (BE14-3154211). Their daughters are named after the characters from the TV series Charlie's Angels:

  • Drew 226/16: 1st prov. Bourges 3,578 p.
  • Cameron 418/16: 10th prov. Bourges I 3.435 d., 40e nat. Bourges II 12,449 p.
  • Lucy 161/16: 6th/1058 p., 3rd/430 p., 56th Bourges 3,578 p.

Young Antonio is a son of Antonio (BE10-3020860), winner of a 1st Nat. Souillac 7,765 p., a 142nd Nat. Cahors 8,348 p., and a 204th Nat. Limoges 13,781 p. Antonio is a full brother of New Tours, winner of a 1st Nat. Cahors 7,136 p. The dam of Young Antonio is Black Lola (BE10-3155220), which is also the dam of New Jens Junior 678/14, 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB and 2nd Ace Pigeon of Belgium over 5 national races in the PIPA rankings. Click here for Young Antonio's full pedigree.

Beauty Cools is a grandchild of Rik Cools's Schone Bliksem from her father's side. The dam is Koosje (BE10-3020304), winner of a 1st Prov. Chateauroux and a 4th Nat. Argenton. She was also 3rd Ace Pigeon KBDB West Flanders. Click here for Beauty Cools's full pedigree.

International attention

The achievements of Guy Van der Auwera were picked up outside of Belgium as well, particularly in The Netherlands. The descendants of Guy's impressive breeding collection were sold to fanciers across the globe. Here is a brief look at the inernational results of a new generation of Dominators, Black Hawks and Angels:

Winner final Krakus OLR Poland
Winner 1/2 final OLR Costa del Sol
1st NPO Nanteuil 9,982 p. The Netherlands
1st NPO Sezanne 3,618 p. The Netherlands
1st NPO Ruffec 4,133 p. The Netherlands
1st Union Winburg 1,479 p. South Africa

This is just a small selection of top results - a complete list of achievements from the Van der Auwera's pigeons can be found here - but it gives us an idea of the level of dominance of this pigeon family on a global scale. Is this a new Belgian phenomenon?