Gerard & Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) take the win in the provincial race from Nanteuil in Province 5

The pigeons from South Holland were released from Nanteuil on the 17th of May, and Gerard & Bas Verkerk showed their potential by claiming victory and by winning an additional three top 10 prizes against 31,442 pigeons.

Bas and Gerard Verkerk

The pigeon family of Gerard and Bas Verkerk is really getting in great shape for the one day long distance races NPO. Province 5 had scheduled a race from Nanteuil-le-Haudouin on Saturday 16 May but all pigeons in the Dutch provinces were kept in their baskets due to the bad weather. The convoy from South Holland with 31,442 pigeons eventually took off on Sunday 7:30am. A few hours later the 155 basketed Verkerk pigeons put in a magnificent performance, with no less than 111 pigeons in the results, including a 5th, 6th and 7th prize for father and son Verkerk. Before introducing you to the Verkerk fanciers, we take a closer look at the results of 2015 so far (in Province 5 Entente Gouwe Ijssel). It appears that they getting increasingly strong:

12 April Duffel           106 km  5064 p. 34-35-38-54-67-68-69-70-71-74-77-78-79-81-83-84-85-
                                          86-89-90-94-95-98-etc. (100/172)
18 April Asse Zelik       133 km  5671 p. 47-48-50-51-53-54-55-57-58-59-60-61-69-etc.(91/178)
25 April Quiévrain        195 km  5392 p. 1-16-17-23-33-34-35-40-42-46-etc.(65/164)
 2 May   Peronne          266 km  5435 p. 13-46-47-51-62-75-76-77-78-79-80-82-84-etc.(84/163)
 9 May   Pont St. Maxence 340 km  4843 p. 2-3-12-13-24-33-34-36-41-99-etc.(59/158)
17 May   Nanteuil         351 km  4421 p. 1-2-3-4-7-8-11-12-13-19-21-23-25-26-27-36-37-38-41-

Provincial Nanteuil-le-Haudouin

This was another great moment for Bas and his father Gerard Verkerk. The sky was patched with wondeful blue clouds as four pigeons suddenly arrived home at 11:29am. Three of them decided to make another round but the fourth pigeon, NL14-1059399 Dedication, landed on the board straight away, claiming a first prize not only in the Entente Gouwe Ijssel but in the entire province of South Holland.

NL14-1059399 Dedication, 1st Provincial Nanteuil-le-Haudouin 31,442 pigeons


The blue one year old hen Dedication originates from a select group of top quality birds, as is the case with any Verkerk pigeon. The sire of Dedication is a son of NL07-1786839 Blue Champ, which won the title of Best Cock in the national WHZB competition in 2009 for Chris Koring. Blue Champ was paired to NL04-2050252 Oprah, 3rd Best Hen WHZB 2006. The dam of Dedication is NL11-1741071 Eye Catcher, the fastest from Mantes-la-Jolie (20,506 p.) at provincial level and a sister of Olympic Solange. Her parents are NL00-1975952 Olympic Survivor, 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon 2003 in France, and NL06-4720774 Magic Amoré. Click here for the full pedigree of Dedication.

NL14-1059382 Zoon Donald x Solange, 5e Provinciaal Nanteuil Afdeling 5

5th Provincial Nanteuil

The eye catcher in the pedigree of NL14-1059382 Donald x Solange, winner of a 5th prize in the entire Province, is obviously the dam NL07-1817923 Olympic Solange. She is another daughter of Olympic Survivor and Magic Amoré, and she developed into an exceptional breeding hen in Reeuwijk after her career as a racing bird. Click here for the pedigree of NL14-1059382. The impressive palmares of Olympic Solange will be discussed later on in this article.

NL13-1239471, 6th Provincial Nanteuil-le-Haudouin 31,442 p.

Rembrandt x Almost too late

This is the stock pair from which the hen NL13-1239471 was bred, winner of a 6th prize in the overall results in Province 5, being the third Verkerk pigeon in the ranking. She is also a granddaughter of Olympic Solange. The dam of 471 is a daughter of the illustrious NL03-1168484 of Jan Ouwerkerk (Lekkerkerk, NL), which played a vital role in Jan's title of national champion one day long distance 2005. Click here for the pedigree of NL13-12394.

NL14-1059451, 7th Provincial Nanteuil le Houdouin 31,442 p.

Tyson x Mega Mindy

The fourth pigeons that managed to win a top 10 prize from Nanteuil in South Holland was the one year old blue band hen NL14-1059451. Her grandfather is NL03-1135475 Bulldozer, 6th Best Cock WHZB 2004 and 4th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2005. This champion won a 2nd Tours 4420 p., a 3rd Vierzon 5615 p. and a 7th Vierzon 21,984 p. One of the grandmothers of the 451 is NL07-1817969 Sienna, 9th Ace Pigeon WHZB 2008, winner of a 2nd Argenton 6595 p. Click here for the pedigree of NL14-1059451.

Olympic Solange

Olympic Solange

Olympic Solange is now the dam of the 5th provincial Nanteuil and the grandmother of the 6th provincial Nanteuil, which once again illustrates her value in the breeding loft. Her name can also be found in the pedigrees of the 1st Quievrain 5392 p. and the 5th Pont-St.-Maxence 13,116 p. earlier this season. As a racing bird, she managed to win several titles as well, partly thanks to her victory from Argenton against 6595 pigeons:

1st National Ace Pigeon NPO Middle Distance 2008
1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2008
1st Best Hen WHZB 2008
1st National Ace Pigeon Allround TBOTB 2008
Olympiad Pigeon Sports class Allround Dortmund 2009

To conclude

Gerard and Bas Verkerk have showed the true potential of their breed in the race from Nanteuil. Their opponents will need to be well prepared for the upcoming NPO races. We are excicted to see what the fanciers from Reeuwijk have in store for us in the coming few months.


proficiat gerard en bas

Dear Gerard & Bas,
Congratulation for the super start and Golden Solange.
Wish you all the best in the coming races.
Best regards

Ga zo door Gerard en Bas ! Proficiat !

Gr Diego

Hallo Gerard und Bas, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem schönen Erfolg.
Auch bei mir leisten die Nachzuchttiere von euch schöne Erfolge.
Auf den ersten 5 Wettflügen 2015 erringe ich über 60 % Preise.

Für Info's

Viele Grüße reinhold


In this heartfelt thanks to Bas, the great Verkerk pigeons let my pigeons team easily won victory in all competitions!!!

This year we've won the spring race four races comprehensive Ace pigeon. Integral coefficient obtained only half of runner-up.
All-Round Ace Champion pigeon pedigree: 75% of descent from G&S Verkerk and 25% of descent from Nico van Noordenne

In addition, we have just concluded public lofts competition, I dove for my team to win more than 5 million yuan in prize money and three cars.The winner of their descent from the three main Dutch lofts.

50% of descent from G&S Verkerk

25% of descent from Nico van Noordenne

25% of descent from Hugo Batenburg