Gerard & Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) dominate the national release from Chateauroux in The Netherlands against 37,571 pigeons

An impresive group of 37,571 pigeons from The Netherlands were released simultaneously, basketed by fanciers all across the country. The long awaited national one day long distance race from Châteauroux took place last weekend.

The grandmasters from Reeuwijk: Gerard & Bas Verkerk

The Verkerk pigeon family has been overwhelming many of their opponents at times, achieving an impressive number of top results, and silencing the critics with a 3rd – 4th – 5th – 9th – 13th – 14th – 23rd – 44th – 68th – 94th -96th - ... against 37,571pigeons.

National Chateauroux

Many fanciers across The Netherlands and abroad have been discussing the impressive overall results and the level of dominance displayed by the Verkerk pigeons in recent years. 

Fanciers have tried to find out why the pigeon family from Reeuwijk has been so overwhelmingly successful on a weekly basis. Some have claimed that the Verkerk pigeons are so strong only because they compete in provincial releases against weaker opponents, not in national releases. Well, the Verkerk pigeons have proven them wrong in the national race from Chateauroux. There was a simultaneous release for all Dutch pigeons in Chateauroux at 7:50am, and the pigeons of Gerard and Bas Verkerk put in a brilliant performance against no less than 37,571 pigeons.

They managed to outperform their opponents in a race over 617km with a rather disadvantageous wind direction. These are the overall results:

National - 37,571 pigeons:  3-4-5-9-13-14-23-44-68-94-96-130-167-170-175-... etc (70/103)
Sector 2 - 12,109 pigeons:  2-3-4-5-8-9-15-27-40-49-50-63-78-79-82-... etc (70/103)
Prov. 5  -  5,907 pigeons:  2-3-4-5-7-8-12-19-30-36-37-42-53-54-57-74-78-80-103-... (65/103)

Never before in the history of pigeon racing in The Netherlands has a fancier managed to have 6 pigeons in the top 14 against such a large field. The Verkerk fanciers deserve a lot of credit!

Side by side: Fantasy and Kiki-Kate

Two pigeons arrived home side by side at 7:16am, and the first pigeon to reach the loft was the widower hen Fantasy NL14-1059602. Fantasy was clocked at 7:16’20”, arriving home a mere second in front of her loft mate Kiki-Kate NL13-1239602. Fantasy is a full daughter of Flinstone x Replica (daughter Solange), and she is a pigeon with a solid reputation, having already won a 6th provincial against 11,506 pigeons from Vierzon (570km). Click here for the full pedigree of Fantasy.

The outstanding Fantasy: 3rd National Chateauroux 37,571 pigeons

Kiki-Kate had to settle for second, finishing one second behind her one year younger loft mate Fantasy. Still, she beat no less than 37,567 pigeons to finish in 4th place national Chateauroux. Kiki-Kate is a daughter of Atlantis x Feline (granddaughter Solange). Fanciers familiar with the pigeon breed of Verkerk will probably remember that Atlantis and Feline were also the parents of Lola-Lily NL13-1239488, winner of a 1st NPO Bourges against 9,742 opponents. Kiki-Kate is indeed a full sister and a great talent. She has a proven record, being the 5th fastest in the entire Province 5 South Holland against 32,967 pigeons from Pont St. Maxence (and 5th in rayon East Province 5 against 13,116 pigeons), and winning a 7th prize from Sens against 11,608 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of Kiki-Kate.

Kiki-Kate: 4th National Chateauroux 37,571 pigeons

The last of the three Verkerk pigeons that we take a closer look at is Volcano NL14-1059635. In contrast to the previous two pigeons, Volcano is a widower, and he managed to finish in 5th place national, just 10 seconds behind Fantasy. Volcano is a son of Goofy x Efendi (Efendi belongs to Mr. Dong and was purchased on PIPA). Click here for the full pedigree of Volcano.

Vulcano: 5th National Chateauroux 37,571 pigeons

And the race did not stop there for the Verkerk pigeons. The fourth pigeon to arrive home was none other than Lizzie NL14-1059330, which finished in 9th place national. She had already won a 3rd NPO Vierzon against 11,506 pigeons earlier this year, behind two loft mates. A full description of this prize winner and the list of achievements of team Verkerk can be found in a previously published article: click here to reread the article about their impressive results from Bourges 2015.

To conclude

The official old birds’ season 2015 is about to come to an end. The pigeons of Verkerk are now preparing for the interesting one day long distance classic from Ruffec (746km to Reeuwijk), and we think their opponents are looking forward to the end of the season. Gerard and Bas Verkerk have a strong team based around the outstanding hens Fantasy and Lizzie, which will be quite successful in the national championships. This team deserves a lot of credit, given the great passion and dedication with which the fanciers are running their pigeon loft. They have really silenced the critics last weekend.

This successful loft is based on a solid collection of top class pigeons that are taken great care of by Bas and Gerard Verkerk, who are known for thinking things through before making an important decision. They have managed to bring their pigeon family to a higher level. Congratulations!

Their success story is far from over... To be continued!


Hallo Gerard und Bas, Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch zu diesem neuen Erfolg.
Es wird bei euch von Woche zu Woche besser.
Vielen Dank dafür, dass ich eine Halbschwester zu "Fantasy" von euch bekommen konnte.

Nochmals viele Gruesse und weiterhin viel Erfolg
Reinhold Faust.

Hallo Bas,
hallo Gerard,

auch aus Bocholt herzliche Glückwünsche zu dem überragenden Erfolg. Wir haben in diesem Jahr mit der Nachzucht eurer Tauben super Erfolge erzielt. Die Nachzucht der Schwester von Fantasy bringt uns hoffentlich noch weiter nach vorne.

Für den Abschlussflug ab Ruffec wünschen wir viel Erfolg.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Bernhard und Stefan

Gefeliciteerd Gerard & Bas met wederom een fantastische uitslag.
Geen wonder als je de foto's van de duiven ziet ... zie de pootjes en de gladheid van het verenkleed ... alles wijst op super gezondheid !!
Klasse vogels in die toestand zetten dergelijke uitslagen neer !!
Veel succes verder.

Dear Gerard & Bas,
Congratulation for the super super results, great season for very good fanciers.
Best regards

Met voorsprong de beste op de dagfond in 2015!

gefeliciteerd super uitslag maar dat is bekend dat ze wereld uitslagen maken
dit is het beste eendaagse fond hok in heel nederland en zal nooit meer
geevenaard worden super en petje af zie de uitslag van ruffec al te gemoed

Fantastisch resultaat van het beste dagfondhok van Nederland!!! Mensen zullen altijd excuses blijven zoeken om de prestaties omlaag te krijgen, maar Nationaal zo domineren met een wind in het nadeel zegt toch meer dan genoeg!

Nogmaals van harte gefeliciteerd. Echt super!!!


Amazing result again !!!

Bravo !!! Wink

All the best,

Team Florea Sorin,


well done guys.keep up the good work.


What seems so strange is that no pigeon (?) on 37000 was returning his loft on the release day for a 600 km race ??

Congratulations to WorldChampions G & B Smile

Fantastic Performance once again. top Fanciers with Top Birds that win world wide.
Our Number One Breeding Hen " Merlin 49" is a Grand daughter of your iconic Olympic Survivor
She is Dam of
1st – 8164 b.
1st – 6370 b.
1st – 2262 b.
1st – 1950 b.
1st – 702 b.
1st – 671 b.
1st – 390 b.
2nd – 2574 b.
2nd – 650 b.
3rd – 1070 b.
4th – 1664 b.
4th – 820 b.
4th – 808 b.
5th – 2077 b.
5th – 4550 b.
5th – 1860 b.
5th – 1095 b.
5th – 717 b.
7th – 4733 b.
8th – 5193 b.
9th – 5193 b.
10th - 4935 b.

World class Verkerk Bloodlines
Well Done once again
GWP Macaloney