Gerard and Bas Verkerk dominate the NPO race from Vierzon from their new lofts. (4-5-10-23-31-49-52-86-98 etc. 14.964 p)

When the pigeons were first let out from their new loft on the 2nd of April, no-one could have guessed that 8 weeks later Gerard and Bas 8 would turn the 1st 1-day long distance race to their hand.

Taking into account the short training and late start it is clear that no-one can avoid the class of the Verkerk pigeon. Up to and including 2009 the successes piled up in Alphen aan den Rijn. In the autumn of 2010 they gave off their visiting card in the emergency lofts in Reeuwijk. Now, in the new lofts, they can speak of something really unique. Who can copy them, racing at the top from 3 different lofts in 3 years?

When the pigeons were 3 weeks into widowhood the spectacle broke loss from Mantes la Jolie. The week after (21 May) a bird of prey spoiled everything, as otherwise the 2nd would have flown the 1st from Nanteuil against more than 15.000 pigeons with teletext. The result now is also great.

On the 28th of May the 1st NPO-race Vierzon (570km) stood on the programme. From the motorway (from the east) 3 pigeons arrived and as it later turned out, 2 were for Gerard and Bas. The lead group clearly consisted of pigeons from Verkerk and those of their back neighbour (1km North east) De Bruijn .

Mr. TT won the 4th NPO against 14.964 pigeons. He is a son of Party Animal (half-brother Olympic Solange), which self won 4th NPO Chantilly against 16.824 pigeons. His mother is Magic Yi. A daughter of Magic Man x Yi Min (Koopman). Mr. TT has won a prize in 6 of the 7 races up to now.

Alexis won the 5th NPO. She is a daughter of Europa Cup Ace pigeon Allround Guardian. Her mother is Sienna, which in the top year 2008 was 12th National Ace pigeon extreme middle distance NPO with a.o. a 2nd NPO Argenton against 6.595 p (after Solange). She also won 6 from the 7x prize. 

After Alexis dived into the loft number 3 arrived. This was Jessie. She comes out the 7th National Blois against 67.000 p, called Federer. Her mother is the full sister of Sienna, called Sieka. She was also a topper in the extreme middle distance with 4x top 14 NPO. 6 from the 7 was also for her.

All three teletext pigeons were bred then from teletext pigeons. 

We would also like to draw attention to the 52nd NPO. This daughter of Icarus x Olympic Solange has up until now been the eye-catcher of the loft with 6 prizes also, wherefrom 4x 1:100. She is now called REPLICA.

16-4 Nijvel 22-3176 p

14-5 Mantes la Jolie 20-5222 p

21-5 Nanteuil 28-15.350 p

28-5 Vierzon 52-14.964 p

Because of the great interest in G&S Verkerk they decided in February to let the entire world enjoy the homecoming of their pigeons. Now that everything (hopefully) works you can register to see the images, times, speeds on the site of liveduiven. You then select the camera’s top left and the race on the right. 


Van harte gefeliciteerd, grote klasse !! Net een nieuw adres, nieuwe hokken, jaarlingen, en dan dan zo pakken ! respect ! zullen nog vele volgen

Proficiat met de uitslagen en die "LIVE DUIVEN" lijkt me ook echt FANTASTISCH !!!

(België loopt weer achter de feiten aan zo te zien)

Ongelofelijk, toen ik er een paar maanden geleden was het nog niet af en nu al zo'n top uitslag maken! En er zullen er vast nog meer volgen!

Super liefhebbers - super duiven - super hokken!!!

Gefeliciteerd jongens super!!

Great start from the new lofts


Congratulations. I wish you abundant success in the new coop.

Best Regards,
Oguz & Ugur UZUN

proficiat met de mooie resultaten! zo snel op een nieuw hok presteren... topklasse!

Toppy gefeliciteerd Shocked


Sterkste hok van nederland.

Ik zie jullie binnenkort wel verschijnen.

Mvg Pascal


Het is jullie gegund!

Johan Otten

If there was anyone that dominated this race it was Willum De Bruijn , he had 3 pigeons in front of Verkerks first one lets give credit where its due guys, Verkerks had a fantastic race but De Briujn had a better race .