Geerdinck Philip, Hoogerheide (NL)

Philip Geerdink is one of the new stars in The Netherlands on the very long distance. His results on these races have been excellent since 1999. In spite of the theft in 2000 (15 cocks were stolen), the results has been on the same high level. This loft is based on the strong long distance racers from Jac van der Wegen (Steenbergen and now De Heen), the late Jac van Dijk (the man with the best birds from Lightenberg and Jan Ernest). Philip won 26 prizes in the top 100 national in four years time.
His best results in 2002: Barcelona (national 151-187…), Bordeaux (national 65-98…), Mont de Marsan (national 95…), Dax (national 31…) and Bergerac (national 33-57…).
Many championships were won in 2002. Philip Geerdink is one of the best fanciers in the famous national championship ‘Fondspiegel’.

He won:
6th ZLU Fondspiegel category 3 in 1999
3rd ZLU Fondspiegel category 3 in 2000
7th ZLU Fondspiegel category 3 in 2002
Philip Geerdink is a young ambitious fancier on the long distance. This is good for pigeon racing.

Beginning and strainbuilding
Philip helped his father in pigeon racing when he was only a little boy. Some years later he raced with his father in the partnership J. Geerdink and son (Bergen op Zoom). They entered the races 100 – 700 km. Philip started racing by his own in 1990 in Bergen op Zoom but switched to the long distance. (Not on the international ZLU races like Barcelona, Perpignan…) He got some excellent birds from his father mainly strain L. Stok x Jan Ernest. They had good results on races 700-900 km. Two birds from this period became the basic birds for the one-day-fond races today. It is ‘Rode Crack NL8976577/89’ which became 5th- 8th – and 12th Ace Pigeon ‘Gouden Crack West-Brabant ZNB’ from 1991-1993. This cock was bred by father Geerdink from the strain ‘Blinde’ (Jan Hermans), pure Janssens brothers (Arendonk). ‘Rode Crack’ matched to the hen ‘Zwartoogje’ (from S. Dusarduijn) are the parents of 6 excellent cocks on the one-day-fond races. The other basic cock is ‘Teen NL9051605/90’, a cock from the line ‘46’ Verbart. He was usually matched to another hen from the strain Staf Dusarduijn (Groede).
Philip moved to another house the town Hoogerheide in 1994. He started in this loft with new youngsters. The best racers were put on the breeding loft and he add some birds for the ZLU races Perpignan, Barcelona, Pau, Dax, Marseille. Philip went to the late Koos van Dijk. He had success with the birds from Lightenberg and J. Ernest. Philip got the best youngsters from his famous breeders and racers. He became his ‘Oude Koos’, ‘Perpignan II’ (15th national Perpignan 1999 as a yearling), and ‘Superke’ (‘35’ x Cees de Jongh-hen), the mother of ‘Perpignan (12th national Perpignan ’99), ‘Bordeaux’ (24th nat. Bordeaux ’99), ‘Lookalike’ (83rd nat. Bordeaux ’99) etc. Philip bought some more birds from Koos van Dijk at his auction after he died). But Philip went to Jac van der Wegen to buy some birds from his famous strain van der Wegen. He bought 8 youngsters from ‘Jonge Parel’, ‘Kleine Parel’, and ‘Dokus’…All these birds were crossed with the birds from J. Geerdink and K. van Dijk.
May I add that the birds from father J. Geerdink has been important. Some birds from his famous pair ‘4 E’ (van der Wegen x Ernest) and ‘Barcelona 43’ (4/4 on Barcelona with 46th + 70th national) x ‘St-Vincent hen’ (7 prizes on overnight races) are a successful crossbreeding of Nardus Stok x Jan Ernest x Staf Dusarduijn on the races. The results on the long distance races were not good from 1992 –1998 and Philip was beginning to have some doubt about the birds. But it all began in 1999. He had top prizes with the same birds and they still had the same success in 2002.

The 44 old cocks are raced on widowhood. He only has some yearlings cocks on the loft for one-day-fond on widowhood. Most of the yearling cocks do not get a hen; they are not raced on widowhood. This cocks are tossed and than raced on a few long distance races. They race two very long races (overnight races) by the end of the season. They never see a hen. Usually the results are not good at the beginning of the season but they have good results on these overnight races. Philip Geerdink learned this system from Wim Muller (NL) and I knew that Noël Peiren from Belgium uses the same method for his yearling cocks.
The old cocks are matched by the beginning of March. The cocks for the ZLU-races can not raise youngsters; the other can do this once. All cocks can raise youngsters after the season and the hens stay on the lofts till December (boxes closed). Philip has 20 pairs of breeders. He matches them in February. The youngsters are only raced by the end of the season on Creil (270 km).
He always feeds his birds the mixture ‘Superdiet’ by Mariman and ‘Superspecial’ by De Weerd. The products from Belgica-De Weerd are used for the medical site of the sport.

Top birds
Philip Geerdink is afraid of a new theft. He asked me not to publish any ringnumbers of the birds. I will respect his wish and will only publish the name of the pigeons.

‘Kleine Dax’
This cock won 10 prizes on the overnight races
9de ZUF Dax 1556d ’99 - 29ste ZUF St-Vincent 1319d ’02 - 29ste ZUF Mont de Marsan 1452d ’02
33ste ZUF Dax 1343d ’00 - 95ste ZUF St-Vincent 1855d ’99
The father of this cock is ‘Benjamin’, last son of ’43 Barcelona’ (4/4 Barcelona with 46-70th Barcelona) x ‘St-Vincent-hen’. It’s a crossbreeding N. Stok x Granddaughter 55 Jan Ernest x Staf Dusarduijn.
The mother
is a daughter of the famous breeding pair ‘4 E’ from J. Geerdink, ‘Kras Romein’ from a grandson of ‘Barcelona’ A. van der Wegen/daughter ‘Wonder van Bergen (1-3rd national) x Donkere Ernest.

"De Jos"
1970ste international Barcelona 24.139p ’98 - 910de international Barcelona 28.095p ’99 - 1857ste international Barcelona 26.597p ’00 - 5740ste international Barcelona 25.760p ’01 235ste international Barcelona 26.928p ’02
He was bought at the loft Jos Jansen from Lepelstraat (NL).

"De Perpignan"
12de national Perpignan 6.857p ’99 - 41ste intern. Perpignan 17.574p ’99 - 74ste national Perpignan 7.195p ’00
144ste intern. Perpignan 18.426p ’00 - 99ste national Barcelona 7.568p ’00 - 194ste intern. Barcelona 26.597p ’00
404de national Barcelona 8.140p ’99 - 668ste intern. Barcelona 28.095p ’99
The sire is ‘Brother Indurain’, full brother of super bird ‘Indurain’ from Jac van der Wegen (Nieuw-Vossemeer). The dame is ‘Superke’, daughter of ‘Super 35’ from the late Koos van Dijk from Steenbergen. ‘De Perpignan’ was stolen on December 17th in 2000 from the loft Philip Geerdink.

"De Rogier"
11de national Bordeaux 5.608p ’00 - 30ste national Marseille 6.699p ’01 - 70ste intern. Marseille 13.615p ’01
37ste national Pau 2.772p ’01 - 76ste intern. Pau 7.841p ’01 - 5de national Mont Ventoux ‘03
This cock won 8 nice prizes on very long distance.
The sire is ‘De Fons’, cock from the line August Damen, Theo Ernest, Herman Brinkman and Giel Agtmaal.
The dame is from basic pair ‘4 E’, J. Geerdink.

"De Super 22"
8ste ZUF Bergerac 1.679p ’02 - 33ste national Bergerac 6.924p ’02 - 13de ZUF Bordeaux 1.558p ’99
52ste national Bordeaux 4.661p ’99 - 60ste ZUF St-Vincent 1.438p ’01 - 67ste ZUF Bordeaux 1.912p ’02
85ste ZUF Dax 1.299p ’01 - 427ste national Dax ZLU 9.404d ‘03
He is direct from the late Koos van Dijk (Steenbergen).

"Het Daxdoffertje" van 2000
170ste ZUF Bordeaux 1.912p ’02 - 31ste national Dax 5.617p ’02 - 388ste intern. Dax 14.507p ’02 - 50ste ZUF Dax 929p ’02 - 438ste intern. Dax 14.226p ’02 - 3de national Dax ZLU 9.405d ‘03 - 10de national Perpignan 5.890d ‘03
The sire ‘De La Sou’ is direct from Koos van Dijk and the dame is ‘Princes’, granddaughter of famous ‘Prins’ from A. van der Wegen.

"Klein Duimpje" van 2000
88ste nat. Bordeaux Afd. 5.478d ‘01 - 102de nat. Perpignan 5.890d ‘03 - 113de nat. Dax ZLU 9.404d ‘03
128ste nat. Bordeaux ZLU 4.626d ‘01

10de nat. St-Vincent ‘03 -

Championships 2001 and 2002

* 1st Champion overnight races in the club Hoogerheide in 1999-2000-2001-2002
- 2nd overnight Champion ZUF ’01
- 3rd overnight Champion ZUF ’02
- 9th Champion one-day-fond ZUF ’02
- 2nd General Champion ZLU Hoogerheide ’02
- 15th Champion overnight races Brabant 2000 ’01
- 8th Champion overnight races Brabant 2000 ’02
- 5th Champion overnight races not nominated ZNB ’01 and ‘02
- 2nd Champion National races FZN ’01
- 3rd Champion National races FZN ’02
- 8th General Champion FBZ ’02
- 5th intern. Champion long distance ‘De Duif’
- 6th ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 1999
- 3rd ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 2000
- 7th ZLU Fondspiegel cat. 3 2002

Results Geerdink F. in 2003

National Dax ZLU 9.405d: 3-113-320-378-427-536-644-720-893-1117 (10/12)
National St.-Vincent 20.296d:10-540-704-1053-1097 -1886…enz...(9/10)
National Mont Ventoux 5de (1/1) National
National Perpignan 5.890d:10-18-24-46-103-407-632 (7/8)

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