G. & S. Verkerk - Reeuwijk (NL) - new start, trusted class!

The transition of Gerard and Bas Verkerk to their new residence in Reeuwijk will have brought a huge wave of relief to many fanciers. “Momentarily not fighting against the almost unbeatable star formation...

…”  the general opinion was that ‘in 2010, but also in 2011 it is impossible for the Verkerks to fight the battle at full strength’. But Bas braced himself, brought the new load of young talent from the temporary loft and used the late races to test them out … the result was amazing; entirely ‘the Verkerk way’ .

At the beginning of 2011 the contours of the new pigeon paradise that Gerard and Bas have in mind are hardly visible … only the foundations betray the magnificent future accommodation. Municipal procedures and the bad winter weather means thing are taking longer than desired. “Our temporary loft is fortunately more than adequate. And that while the security costs more than the materials,” laughs Bas. “To be honest; we have never actually flown with the youngsters as constantly as this year. We never imagined it as the temporary loft consists of underlayment plates and a corrugated sheet roof. Much too hot in the summer …and yet the youngsters were apparently in their element .”

Very strong start 
Considering the results, Bas hits the nail on the head. On the 14th of August the first competition of 2010 was on the programme for this pigeon crazy family. Against all expectations, a marvellous result was directly booked from this Strombeek :

 region 2.247 pigeons:        2.-3.-5.-6.-7.-8.-10.-11.-12.-13.
district 5.108 pigeons:    6.-7.-9.-10.-11.-12.-14.-15.-16.-18.-22. etc.
In the second race from Nijvel the Verkerk team raged once again to a great number of top positions:
Region 2.360 pigeons:        7.-8.-9.-11.-12.-13.-14.-16.-17.-19.-20.-21.-22.-23.-etc.
district 4.853 pigeons:    10,-11.-12.-15.-16.-18.-19.-22.-23.-25.-26.-28.-30.-31 .-etc. 

Chain results as usual then; the highlight of a very short season was achieved by the NL10-1682171 ‘First Lady’… a young diamond which won the 11. prize from Nijvel against 4.853 pigeons and from Peronne (266 km) on the11th of September she even won the 1. prize in the district Gouwe&IJssel against 3.559 pigeons. In South Holland they had the fastest youngster (against roughly 10.000 pigeons) and against all the old birds and youngsters this inexperienced class pigeon managed to classify itself as 2. against 20.034 pigeons. ‘First Lady’ is a child of ‘The Aviator’, self a good racer out the wondrous ‘Bulldozer’ (6. Nat. cock WHZB 2004) x ‘Amorina’ (5. Nat. hen WHZB 2001). Her mother is ‘Solana’, yearling sister of the famous ‘Olympic Solange’, which in addition to claiming an Olympiad spot, also won no less than six (6!) 1. Nat. Ace pigeon titles in one year. A phenomenal record. She comes out ‘Olympic Survivor’ (Olympiad pigeon 2003) x ‘Magic Amoré (direct Koopman and magisterial breeder ).

Layout new lofts 

Another distinctive youngster is NL10-1682199 ‘New Sensation’, direct out the previously mentioned ‘Magic Amoré’, now coupled with ‘Sven’, self 10. Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB 2008 and a son of ‘Olympic Survivor’ … with this, ‘New Sensation’ has more or less the same blood lines as ‘First Lady’. That he also knew the ropes in the skies was proven by his classification as best youngster in the late races in the district … with 7 prizes in 7 races, from which 6x 1:10. The 11. Strombeek against 5.108 pigeons and 58. Nijvel against 4.853 pigeons are the most prominent positions .

Big plans
After such an overture at the new location it will not surprise anyone to hear that Bas has big plans for the coming year. “The foundations of the new stone loft are in place. It will be a splendid accommodation with aviaries for all the compartments. A dream place for us as pigeon fanciers, where we can enjoy our sport to the full. That prospect gives me strength. I am more driven than ever to prove that our strain of pigeons can also fight the highest National honour from here!” A tormented Bas Verkerk? That can only bring spectacle! Naturally supported by that fabulous group of breeders; those National Ace pigeons, Olympiad goers and other sensational racers, which foresee the new generations with super qualities. And despite the fact that Gerard and Bas could hardly basket in 2010, this basis still dominated in 2010 

“Because,” says Bas proudly, “we have built up an enormous list of references in 2010! Not just any old list may I say; top classifications in the NPO races and 1. prizes in big races… the 1. Nat. Ace pigeon in Belgium from the reputable Cureghem Center by Rik Hermans probably says it best … but there are many more.” (see below) Once again conclusive evidence that the Verkerk pedigree has developed into one of the leading pigeon pedigrees in the world. In 2011 the stars will shine as usual … a young group … an inexperienced group … but a classy group, will act from Reeuwijk at the highest level. The loft builders can leave the slates from the roof, because Bas and Gerard will only race them off anyway !”

A summary of the best references to support the words of Bas :

Rik Hermans (Belgium)

 1.  Nat. Ace pigeon youngsters Cureghem Center 2010
10. Nat. Gueret 13.885 pigeons
22. Nat. Argenton 22.442 pigeons
3.  Best youngster of Belgium over 2 National races 2010
12. Nat. La Souterraine 17.017 pigeons
12. Nat. Gueret 13.885 pigeons  

Jo & Florian Hendriks (NL)  

 1. NPO La Souterraine (an almost 7 minute lead), fastest Interprov. 8.625 pigeons
Other pigeons won 1. Charleville 1.062 pigeons, 1. Reims 1.097 pigeons, 1.
Marche 1.062 pigeons, 15. National Blois 33.000 pigeons  

Danny Hutchins (USA)        
1. Sierra ranch classic 225 miles-race

Yong Lin (NL)            
2. European Ace pigeon long distance Europa Cup 2010;
Candidate top 10 Nat. Ace pigeon long distance WHZB 2010
1. - 4.591 pigeons (4. NPO – 9.061 pigeons),
5. - 5.493 pigeons (15. NPO – 10.660pigeons),
7. - 3.365 pigeons (16. NPO – 7.259 pigeons.           
Other pigeons won 1. Creil 728 pigeons (8. NPO-west 17.256 pigeons), 1.
Ace pigeon all-round district, this pigeon achieved top in National competitions WHZB and  The Best of the Best.

Hermans-Hoekstra (NL)        
2. Nat. Chateauroux, sector 3

Verbree (NL)            
2. Nat. Orleans, province 7. Also 1. Northern Union zone 3.872 pigeons
earlier winner 1. Strombeek 4.430 pigeons and 1. Pommeroeul 2.483 pigeons 

Ton Snoek (NL)        
8. Nat. hen WHZB 2009.
Another pigeon won 1. prov. Laon 19.513 pigeons (5 minute lead)  2010

Mario Bambacht (NL)        
2. NPO Breteuil 9.500 pigeons

Burg & Waard (NL)        
1. Ablis NPO-East 7.826 pigeons
1. Nijvel 777 pigeons,
1. Ace pigeon youngsters region and 1. Ace pigeon Dutch Golden Classic
2010 (raced by Eskes )
Premier UK stud /Ed Sittner/

Brian Bolton (Belgium)        
1. Prov. Argenton and with other pigeons 2.-3.-4. provincial in other races 
A. Derksen and Son (NL)    
8. Nat. Orleans, province 9

Hatty & Adriaan Roest (NL)    
1. Sens 665 pigeons


Bas dat is weer grote klasse! Hopelijk zijn de hokken snel af zodat je alles weer op een hoopje kan spelen Wink

Hi Baz, The hen that won the Provincial for us from Argenton was also - 1st National Argenton (zone b) 7,132 birds.
When you get your loft finished i would like to visit!

Brian Bolton

Het blijft de beste!!!

Mvg Pascal

Dear Bas,
Congratulations by your fantastic results and Pigeons.
I visited you in Alphen and I could see the great quality of your pigeons. Tremendous winners !!!

I wish yours all the best in the new acomodation
I have no doubts you will be at top again

Good Luck

Juan Carlos